As reported, two criminals broke into a home and waited for the residents to return.  The home owner came back to his house, at which point the men robbed him and took him at gunpoint to the home of his girlfriend.  She answered the door, only to find the armed criminals holding a gun to her boyfriend.  The criminals forced their way into the girlfriend’s home, pistol whipped her, and ordered everyone in the home to get on the ground.  The girlfriend’s mother began screaming in fear, and the criminals threw her to the ground as well.  The girlfriend ran for her gun, grabbed it, pointed it at a criminal, and told him to leave.  The boyfriend grabbed for one of the armed criminals’ guns, and the girlfriend shot that criminal in the leg, forcing him to let go of the gun.  The boyfriend was also able to grab the other criminal’s gun during the struggle.  The first criminal, who was shot and on the ground, refused to stop digging in his pocket as if reaching for another gun.  The girlfriend fired another shot in self defense, which fatally wounded that criminal.  The surviving criminal, and an accomplice who didn’t directly participate in the home invasions, have been arrested and charged with multiple counts of home invasion, burglary, armed robbery, kidnapping, and conspiracy to commit those aforementioned crimes.

Once again, guns save lives.  I shudder to think what these two kidnapping and home invading criminals would have done to these innocent people had the girlfriend not been wise enough to have a gun for home defense, and the presence of mind to use it.