Selecting a Shotgun Barrel Length

Different shotgun activities require different barrel lengths. This article addresses the recommended barrel lengths for various purposes, and the pros and cons of these barrel lengths.

Anti-Gun Indoctrination Happens from an Early Age

I have noticed that there is insidious anti-gun indoctrination experienced by many people, and that it happens from an early age.  I believe this to be a serious problem, not just for the future of the 2nd Amendment, but for society’s ability to solve its social problems, such as violence.  I’ve seen this anti gun indoctrination from first and experience, through the attitudes of many otherwise reasonable people, and from the news.  Allow me to elaborate:

Join the NRA and save $10

Joining the NRA is a great way to help protect our 2nd amendment right to keep and bear arms. Normally, a 1 year membership is $35, but you can join here for $25 – That is a $10 discount.

Springfield 1911 Pistol Review

The Springfield 1911 is a semiautomatic pistol that has achieved near legendary status in the eyes of many people. This is due in no small part to its design and reliability. Although I prefer modern polymer framed pistols such as the Springfield XD, I also appreciate the Springfield 1911. My review of the 1911 is below.

Gun Control Makes Knowing and Obeying the Law Exceptionally Difficult – If Not Impossible

Gun control laws, especially the bans on so called “assault weapons“, tend to be highly technical in nature.  Such laws include arbitrary limitations on the length of barrels, the number of round a magazine can store, cosmetic features of the gun, etc.  This leaves the average law abiding citizen unaware that they might be violating the law, until they are  arrested.  Worse yet, some laws are rather vague, leaving even the most diligent and well educated citizen unable to determine … Continued

Would-be Robber Shot by Store Clerk

The NK Beverage Pit and its employees have been victims of armed robbery before. Last year, Karla Vigil was working alone one morning when she was robbed at gunpoint. This time, the would be robber wasn’t so lucky.

Getting Used to Recoil: It just takes practice

In response to my articles on selecting a gun for home defense, taking a friend shooting for the first time, and facts about recoil, I have been asked how one can get used to the recoil generated by more powerful guns. Getting used to recoil is not too challenging, as this article explains.

Personal Responsibility is Lacking in Our Society

Personal responsibility seems to be something that our society is lacking these days, especially insofar as guns are concerned.  Rather than blaming negligent adults who didn’t store their gun in a safe and responsible manner when a small child shoots his or her self, we blame guns.  Rather than blaming the adults who did not follow the basics of gun safety and unintentionally shoot themselves, guns are the scapegoat.  Instead of blaming criminals, we pass gun control laws that the … Continued

Streamlight TLR 2 Tactical Light & Laser Review

The Streamlight TLR-2 is a combination tactical light and laser, which mounts on the accessory rails of handguns, shotguns, and rifles. My review of this well built tactical accessory is below:

Non-Western Countries Blame Guns For Their Social Problems Too

The Sun Times reports that rural Indian villagers burned hundreds of toy guns in protest of the civil unrest and militant groups that have killed over 5,000 people in the last decade.  The violence perpetrated by these militants and criminals is tragic, but blaming guns is irrational, pointless, and won’t solve the Indian’s problem with violence.

Anti Gun Groups Try Fear Tactics

As the Daily Herald reports, well funded anti-gun groups in Illinois are trying fear tactics to retaliate against a state law maker who didn’t jump on their anti-gun bandwagon.

Yet Another Handgun Shooting In Oak Park – Despite the Handgun Ban

I’ve previously mentioned the recent handgun crimes in Oak Park, Illinois, which is a suburb of Chicago that has a handgun ban (which the criminals ignore).  Most of these recent crimes have only involved robbery at gunpoint, and pistol whipping.  Today, a man stopped for a traffic light at the intersection of Austin and Roosevelt in Oak Park was shot, after exchanging unknown words with the gunman.  The man was listed in serious condition as of Thursday evening.  The Tribune … Continued

Fact: Criminals use “Assault Weapons” in less than 1% of All Gun Crimes

I have previously discussed how the bans on so called “assault weapons” only ban cosmetic and safety features of guns that are not true military style guns anyway, while not reducing crime or even being rationally related to crime.  Now I’ll address the fact that criminals simply don’t tend to use these so called “assault weapons”, which makes banning them even more pointless.

Influential Chicago Alderman to Craft Gun Amnesty for Himself

Chicago Alderman Richard Mell owns a variety of shotguns, rifles, and pistols, but forgot to re-register them, which makes the handguns permanently illegal and unregisterable under Chicago law.  Since he wants to keep his handguns, he is proposing a 1 month registration amnesty period.  The catch?  It would only apply to people who happened to have failed to re-register in the same time frame as him.  Chicago’s Mayor Daley endorses this plan, which is designed to benefit an influential alderman, … Continued

Selecting a Defensive Pistol Caliber

Few topics are as hotly debated as the question of “which caliber”. This article addresses my thoughts on the topic for semi-automatic (autoloading) pistols, intended for self defense use.

Boycott Citibank for Discriminating Against Lawful Firearms Dealers

As was reported a while ago, Citibank is continuing to discriminate against law abiding firearms dealers.  Citi has a policy of “not maintaining accounts for businesses that deal in weapons”, even when the transactions are completely above the board and lawful.

Even More Gun Crime in Oak Park

As mentioned last week, robbers in Oak Park were ignoring the handgun ban.  This has continued for yet another week, with a robber pistol whipping a man as he was robbed, as the Wednesday Journal reported.

College Campus Concealed Carry Bill Dies in Arizona

The Arizona Republic reports that Arizona Senate Bill 1214, which would have allowed law abiding college and university students to carry a concealed firearm for their protection, has been killed in the state senate.

Boycott Pizza Hut For Firing an Employee Who Lawfully Defended Himself

As KCCI Channel 8 reported, James Spiers, a Pizza Hut driver who had a concealed handgun permit, lawfully carried his concealed weapon while making a delivery.  The driver was attacked by an armed criminal and fired his gun in self defense, saving his life and injuring the robber (who is now in jail).  Pizza hut first suspended, then fired this law abiding citizen who used his lawfully carried gun to defend himself.  Why?  Because Pizza Hut has a policy against … Continued

If We Treated Other Basic Right Like We Treat the 2nd Amendment…

Recently, I have heard politicians talking about what they consider to be “reasonable restrictions” on gun rights. These restrictions are often anything but reasonable, so I thought it would be a good exercise to compare what society would be like if we treated other fundamental rights the same way that the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution’s right to keep and bear arms is treated

Shooting is a Great Sport for Everyone – Even those with Disabilities

Shooting is a great sport for everyone.  I say that not just because it is fun, but because it does not have to have the same physical requirements as many other sports.  This allows a lot of people to participate and excel at shooting, even if they could not do the same in other sports.  Shooting is also great for the most physically fit among us, who are seeking a new challenge.

Making Guns Taboo Won’t Reduce Violence

In the US and the UK, there are attempts by anti gun groups to make the ownership of guns seen as taboo, from both a legal and moral perspective. These attempts at eliminating “gun culture” are doomed to backfire, as history and human nature teach use. Allow me to explain:

Hartford, CT Tries to Actually Deal With Crime Instead of Just Blaming Guns

The Courant reports that Hartford, CT is facing a wave of violent crime, similar to that which Chicago has recently experienced.  But unlike Chicago, Hartford is taking steps that will actually reduce crime, rather than just calling for more ineffective gun control laws and giving the police machine guns:

Racial Tolerance at the Chicago Area Gun Stores and Gun Ranges

As stated in my biographical and demographical information, I am an African American male, in my mid twenties.  Because of this, some of my friends have questioned whether it is wise of me to go to gun stores and ranges.  These friends were concerned that, due to my race, I would face discrimination or violence in these gun-related locations.  Since I have heard so many people voice this concern to to me, I thought I would describe my experiences as … Continued

Why Some People Fear Guns – and Solutions for such Fears

I’ve noticed that many people who aren’t familiar with guns tend to fear them.  I’m not referring to the fear of a criminal pointing a gun at them, but rather a fear of owing a gun themselves.  Recently I asked coworkers and other people who have such a fear of guns why guns scare them. This article lists the answers I’ve been given, along with solutions for such irrational fears of guns.

How-to Store a Pump Action Gun in a Safe Yet Ready to Use Manner

Pump action shotguns and rifles are well suited to home defense, due to their reliability. An added benefit of pump action is that it makes storing the firearm in a relatively safe yet ready to use fashion easier. While this practice is likely obvious to those experienced with pump action firearms, it may not be as obvious for those more familiar with other action types, or those new to firearms. This article describes how to store a pump action firearm … Continued

Remington 7600 Pump Action Rifle Review

The Remington 7600 is a pump action rifle, available in a variety of calibers. Its action is similar to that of the Remington 870 series shotgun, making this rifle easy to transition to for those familiar with pump action shotguns. The pump action nature of this rifle also exempts it from some of the more stringent gun bans, which is (sadly) something that must be considered by some law abiding gun owners these days. My review of the Remington 7600 … Continued

The Effects of Porting a Shotgun Barrel

Porting, which refers to the addition of holes near the end of a shotgun’s barrel, can be a good addition to your home defense or sporting shotgun.  There are some drawbacks as well, and this article addresses both.

FN Herstal Tactical Police Shotgun Review

FN Herstal makes a variety of tactical shotguns which are designed for the rigors of police use, but are available to ordinary citizens. These shotguns are durable, reliable, and highly recommended by this author. My review of the FN Herstal pump action tactical police shotgun is below:

Violent Crime Increases 6 Percent in Chicago

Violent crime in Chicago is up 6 percent in the first four months of  2008, compared to the first 4 months in 2007, as the Chicago Tribune reports.  Murder is also up by 9%:

Ruger 10/22 Long Rifle Review

The Ruger 10/22 is a great gun for target practice. It is inexpensive but of high quality, and the ammunition it fires, .22 long rifle (.22LR), is just a few cents per cartridge. My review of the Ruger 10/22 is below.

Crimson Trace LaserGrip Laser Sight Review

The Crimson Trace LaserGrip is a great addition to any pistol or revolver (and is actually available for a staggeringly high number of handguns). Although my favorite laser sight system is the LaserMax, the Crimson Trace LaserGrip is a solid product, and the price savings over the LaserMax make it a great choice. My review of the LaserGrips is below.