Remington 11-87 Semi-Automatic Shotgun Review

The Remington 11-87 is a gas operated, semi-automatic (autoloading) shotgun. I own an 11-87, and decided to write a review, which is shown below.

Remington 11-87

The Remington 11-87, which is sometimes incorrectly referred to as the Remington 1187 or the Remington 11/87, is a gas operated semi-automatic (also called “autoloading” or “self loading”) shotgun. When the shotgun is fired, some of the high pressure gases from the burning gun powder are used to drive a piston toward the rear of the gun. This ejects the spent shell and chambers a fresh shell. This operation will reduce the recoil felt by the user, since the recoil energy is more spread out over time than with pump action or fixed breach shotguns. On the down side, such shotguns rely upon the shell in the chamber firing and the gas operated system working correctly in order for a fresh shell to be loaded. This makes auto loading shotguns less reliable than their pump action counterparts, which is why the 11-87 is a gun I use for trapshooting, rather than home defense.

Build Quality
The Remington 11-87 is a high quality firearm. The parts fit together well, as I have experienced during disassembly and reassembly. The wood stock on my 11-87 looks great, as does the finish on the metal parts. This shotgun lives up to my expectations of quality.

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I have yet to experience any failures to fire or failures to feed, but since I mainly use this shotgun for trapshooting, I rarely have it feed multiple rounds. Like all firearms, keeping it clean is essential to ensure reliable operation. I’ve found that most of the people who complain about a lack of reliability on any autoloading shotgun often fail to properly clean the gun, or have reassembled it improperly. I purchased this shotgun for trapshooting, where reliability is not quite as important is it is for self defense. As much as I like autoloading shotguns, for home defense I continue to recommend a pump action shotgun, such as the Remington 870.

The 11-87 is a very popular and widely used shotgun. There are many accessories available for the 11-87, both in stores and for sale online. A wide variety of barrels can be purchased for just about every purpose imaginable, ranging from trapshooting, to hunting, to home defense. Scopes, laser sights, ghost ring sights, pistol grips, stocks, and more are available too. Thanks to the high build quality, these parts are readily interchangeable by the user.

If you’re looking for a reliable autoloading shotgun, the 11-87 may be right for you. The price is reasonable, the reliability is great for an autoloader, and the build quality is high. A variety of barrels and accessories make this shotgun well suited to most any purpose, although I would still recommend a pump action shotgun for self defense or home defense.

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