Obama’s Security Hypocrisy

Barack Obama is an ardently anti-gun politician, and voted to allow the prosecution of citizens who defended themselves with guns in their own homes.  Given that fact, it is interesting how recent news events show Obama takes his own security very seriously, at the expense of his neighbors and ordinary citizens:

UK Criminal Jailed for Supplying Machine Guns To Gangs

As reported, a man who ran an illegal arms factory converting replica submachine guns into lethal weapons was today sentenced to life imprisonment, with a minimum term of 11 years. I’m glad to see the British police have stopped a man who was intentionally helping equip gangs with automatic weapons, but this also shows that gun control laws just don’t work:

Gun Cleaning Solvent, Protectant, and Oil Review

The question of which gun cleaning solvent, protectant, and lubricant to use is one that comes rather often.  This article addresses my thoughts and recommendations insofar as gun solvents/oils/protectants are concerned:

Joe Biden’s Anti Gun Rights Record

Joe Biden, the running mate of Barack Obama, is one of the most anti gun rights politicians in Government, although Biden falsely tries to pass himself off as pro gun:

Sarah Palin On Gun Rights

Sarah Palin, the current governor of Alaska, was just selected by John McCain to be his vice presidential running mate.  Unlike Obama’s VP running mate (Joe Biden), Sarah Palin is a strong supporter of the right to keep and bear arms:

The “Minimum Needs” Gun Control Tactic

When discussing gun ownership rights and laws, I’ve heard some people argue in favor of magazine capacity restrictions, features of ordinary firearms, and limits on the number of guns one can own, (incorrectly) asserting that such restrictions won’t harm law abiding citizens.  I’ve previously discussed, from a technical standpoint, why such restrictions would not affect criminals, and would leave law abiding citizens confused about the law, and with guns that are less safe and less suitable for self defense.  This … Continued

Obama’s Anti Gun Rights Record

I was preparing to write an article discussing Barack Obama’s extensive anti gun rights record, but found this excellent post on the subject.  Simply put, Obama, like Joe Biden, is as anti-gun as it gets.

Attend the 2008 Gun Rights Policy Conference

The 2008 Gun Rights Policy Conference (GRPC) will be held in Phoenix, Arizona, on September 26, 27, and 28, at the Sheraton Crescent hotel. The theme of this year’s conference is “Elect Freedom!”

The Right To Keep And Bear Arms Extends Far Beyond The Constitution

Due to my profession, I tend to focus on the right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the Second Amendment of the United States constitution. However it is important to note that the right to keep and bear arms for self defense was a preexisting right that is guaranteed by the Second Amendment. In other words, the Second Amendment is simply an acknowledgment of the right to own a gun, and a command that the Government not infringe … Continued

Canadian Justice: Shoot A Home Invader in Your Home and Be Prosecuted

I noticed a truly disturbing article in the news today, involving a Canadian whose home was invaded. This citizen shot and killed one of the armed home invaders, who had broken in and held him captive at gunpoint. He is now being charged with manslaughter for defending himself within his own home:

Racism, The NRA, And Gun Owners

The short answer: The NRA is not racist, otherwise I and many of my fellow black gun owners would not be members.  Read on for the longer answer.

911 Home Invasion Phone Call Video Clip

This is the audio from an actual 911 call made by a woman whose stalker broke into her home.  She called 911 and locked herself in her bedroom – with her handgun.  Incredibly, the 911 operator tells her “not to do anything too rash” to the stalker who just broke into her home and is approaching her!  After he attacks her physically and she repeatedly cries for the attacker to stop, she fatally shoots him in self defense. Minutes later, … Continued

“Please Respect My Gun Ownership Rights”

I recently debated the issue of gun rights with a relative of mine who is decidedly anti gun.  She has never fired a gun, and has no desire to do so.  She is afraid of guns in and of themselves, rather than being concerned about the actions of criminals.  I though I would post a particularly salient portion of the discussion, as I can best remember it:

Bob Barr and the Gun Ban

George Dance as written a a great article addressing Libertarian presidental candidate Bob Barr and his support of gun control laws.  I must say I’m quite dissapointed to learn the extent of Barr’s gun control legislative history.  Read the article here.

Why People Own Multiple Guns

I’ve seen people who don’t own guns react with surprise or concern upon hearing that I, or another law abiding citizen, own several firearms.  This article provides information about why people often own multiple guns, and how owning multiple guns is not “bad”:

New Gun Blog Syndication Site: FirearmsBlogs.com

The firearms related syndication website FirearmsBlogs.com was started earlier this week.  It features content from a variety of pro gun rights blogs – including LearnAboutGuns.com.  As of the time I wrote this post, the included pro gun websites were: AKeyboardAndA.45 ArmedAndSafe ArmsAndTheLaw.com Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog GunDebateCritic GunPundit.com JunkGun.com LearnAboutGuns.com ResistanceIsFutile! Rustmeister’sAlehouse SayUncle.com SharpAsAMarble SnowflakesInHell TheBredaFallacy TheRealGunGuys.com TheWarOnGuns.com

Senator Kay Bailey On Gun Rights Video Clip

Senator Kat Bailey does and excellent job explaining why the Second Amendment protects and individual right to keep and bear arms, independent of service in the militia.

A Must-Read Article on “Assault Weapons” and “Saturday Night Specials”

Gary Reed has written a great article addressing the use of terms such as “assault weapon” and “Saturday night special.”  Here is one of the more humerus quotes: “Hometown Herald – A pair of assault thugs stole a Ford Saturday Night Special Crew Cab and drove it through the front door of the Saturday Nyte Special 99 Cent Store. They attacked the ATM with an assault crowbar, but the shop owner drove them off with a small self-defense assaultin’ pepperbox … Continued

Woman Shot By Unintentional Discharge From Cop’s Gun

As reported, a 37-year-old Cleveland, Ohio woman was shot in the pelvis inside her home Monday night when a Highland Hills officer’s gun was unintentionally discharged.  The injured woman, Richetta Ballou of East 73rd Street, was flown by helicopter to Huron Hospital, where she underwent surgery. Charles Golsten, 24, was reportedly attempting to adjust an off-duty holster holding a .22 caliber gun when it was fired.

The Purpose of the Second Amendment Video Clip

This video clip is one of the most compelling personal accounts about guns and self defense that I have ever seen. Texas state representative Dr. Suzanna Gratia-Hupp’s parents were killed by an insane gunman while her gun was out in the car – left there because of the laws restricting concealed carry at that time. She gives some very moving and bold testimony about the REAL purpose of the Second Amendment: Self defense, and how the gun control laws only … Continued

85 Year Old Woman Holds Burglar at Gunpoint, Makes Him Call the Police

As Fox News reports, an 85 year old woman from Point Mariod, PA was at home when a burglar broke in to her home at about 3pm.  Leda Smith went to her bedroom, got her handgun, and held the 17 year old male intruder at gunpoint.  She then made him pick up the phone and call the police, who arrived and arrested him.

Metal Storm Video Clip

This video clip shows a variety of fully automatic firearms from Metal Storm Ltd, a research company that specializes in electronically fired, stacked projectile weapon technology.  The cartridges are lined up one after the other in gun’s barrel, and fired by an electrical signal.  The rate of fire can exceed 1,000,000 rounds per minute.  My favorite is actually a Metal Storm handgun, which fires 3 rounds in rapid succession – before the gun recoils from the first round!

A Response to Senator Ulysses Currie’s Anti Gun Rights Statements

In a community newspaper, Maryland State Senator Ulysses Currie called the Supreme Court “blind to [the] consequences” of the recent District of Columbia. v. Heller decision, in which gun ownership for self defense was determined to be an individual right, independent of militia service.  Senator Currie, who is not an attorney himself, starts out by criticizing the legal rulings of our country’s highest court.  He then proceeds to suggest that the Second Amendment should be ignored by courts and legislatures, … Continued

Britain Needs Gun Rights – BritainNeedsGuns.co.uk

As I’ve previously mentioned, crime in England has skyrocketed since their passage of strict gun control laws.  The criminals still shoot innocent citizens, and gun smugglers bring illegal guns into the UK just as illegal drugs are imported.  The criminals who are willing to commit violent crimes such as murder are just as willing to violate a relatively minor gun control law.  Tired of seeing law abiding citizens at the mercy of criminals, Graham Showell decided to do something:

Gun Registration Bears No Relationship to Crime Prevention

Some residents of Morton Grove, which recently repealed its handgun ban, are now calling for gun registration requirements.  I’ve also heard other people tout gun registration as some sort of cure to the actions of criminals.  Allow me to explain why gun registration bears no relationship to crime prevention, and is instead a wrongful infringement of the 2nd Amendment individual right to keep and bear arms for self defense:

Pointlessness Of Magazine Capacity Restrictions Video Clip

The video clip below shows how quickly a magazine can be reloaded, even by those who are relatively new to firearms (such as these cadets). Further proof that the “assault weapons” bans are ineffective and simply another way to whittle down the Second Amendment.

How To Prevent All Gun Related Crime Video Clip

This satirical video clip has the solution for preventing murder, armed robbery, rape, home invasions, school shootings, racist attackers, and psychopathic killers.  Personally, I’ll stick with having a shotgun for home defense.

Teaching Children to Shoot at a Young Age

I’ve seen that some people, most of whom have never fired a gun, are opposed to parents teaching their children to fire guns.  I disagree, and feel that children who are interested in firearms should be taught to shoot under responsible adult supervision, once they are mature enough to do so safely.

A Psychiatrist Examines The Anti-Gun Mentality

Below is a rather interesting scholarly journal article, written by psychiatrist Sarah Thompson, MD. In the article, Dr. Thompson addresses hoplophobia, the mental disorder which describes irrational fear of guns, and the mentality surrounding this issue.  It is an interesting read:

Brady Campaign Lies #2 Video Clip

In this video clip, the Brady Campaign is shown spreading misinformation about Florida’s “stand your ground law” which allows law abiding citizens to defend themselves against life threatening attack by criminals.

Glock Complete Disassembly and Reassembly for Cleaning Video Clip

This video clip demonstrates the steps to completely disassemble and reassemble a Glock pistol, which is good to know for detailed cleaning.  Note that it is not necessary to dismantle a pistol to this great of a degree for the cleaning that should be done after every firing.

Evanston, IL Handgun Ban Repealed

As the Chicago Tribune reports, the city of Evanston, Illinois has repealed its handgun ban.  Evanston is now the 3rd suburb of Chicago to repeal its handgun ban, following Wilmette and Morton Grove.  Only Oak Park, IL and Chicago, IL still have handgun bans, and the NRA‘s lawsuits will hopefully soon cause those unconstitutional bans to be struck down.

Brady Campaign Lies #1 Video Clip

In this video clip, Paul Helmke (president of the Brady Campaign) disavows the 1994 “assault weapons” ban on the Lars Larson show, then appears on national television days later and urges for a reinstated assault weapons ban.

Right To Carry Video Clip

This video clip discusses the history of “shall issue” concealed carry laws in the United States, and has interviews with people whose lives were saved by the right to carry a concealed firearm.  The myth that concealed carry will lead to O.K. Corral style shootouts in the streets is also demonstrated to be false.