Make Sure Your Gun Fits You Well

Having a gun that is comfortable for the user to hold and fire is important.  A gun that doesn’t fit the user will be unpleasant to shoot, and accuracy will suffer.  This article addresses such considerations when selecting a gun:

The (Hypocritical) Bias Against Hunting

I’ve noticed a rather hypocritical bias against hunting, and though I would take a moment to address it, from the perspective of someone who has never gone hunting but respects the hunting rights of others:

Bans vs. Regulations – sometimes there is no clear difference

It is a well understood principle that as a right becomes more difficult to (lawfully) exercise, fewer people will (lawfully)exercise that right.  This holds true for guns, and many of the so-called “reasonable restrictions” on guns actually amount to de facto gun bans:

Chicago Reduces Police Protection as Crime Rises

As I’ve previously mentioned, the murder rate in Chicago is up 18% this year.  Instead of hiring additional police, or at least maintaining the same number of police, Chicago has intentionally allowed hundreds of vacancies to remain unfilled in the police department to cut costs:

Obama Tries To Pass Himself off as Pro Gun – the ISRA sets the record straight

Barack Obama and Joe Biden are likey the two most anti gun candidates in presidential history, and they know that this may cost them the election. They are therefore attempting to confuse gun owners by (untruthfully) casting themselves as pro gun.  Biden did it last week, and now Obama is at it, making the utterly untrue statement that “Illinois sportsmen know him as an advocate for their rights”.  The ISRA has set the record straight:

This Week’s Armed Robberies in Oak Park – which occurred despite the handgun ban

As I previously mentioned, armed robbery in Oak Park, IL is up over 250% this year,  Instead of stepping up police patrols to protect residents, Oak Park is cutting back on police protection and wasting money trying to uphold their pointless handgun ban.  Since criminals like easy targets (such as unarmed Oak Park residents), the armed robberies continue:

The Importance of Unity on the Pro Gun Rights Front

I recently read about a few vocal gun owners that have become disillusioned with the NRA, and are suggesting that people join other pro gun organizations instead of the NRA.  Basically, their complaints are that the NRA is overly concerned about raising money for itself, or that it does not do enough to protect the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.  I happen to disagree with these complaints, however there is a much bigger issue at play – … Continued

Individuals vs. Statistics: Anti Gun Groups Engage in Flawed Profiling

I’ve noticed an interesting anti gun argument that (incorrectly) assumes gun owners are more likely to be killed by their own gun than to stop a criminal in their home, then assumes that such an (incorrect) statistic applies to each and every gun owner.  This is one of the more flawed anti gun arguments I’ve heard, so I thought I would take a moment to discuss the flaws with such reasoning:

An Unintentional Shooting Death In Chicago

As reported, A 16 year old male was ordered held Monday on involuntary manslaughter and weapons charges in the unintentional death of his friend, 16 year old Arthur Tyler, who was fatally shot in Chicago’s South Side Englewood neighborhood around 2:30am on Sunday. The teenager who is charged allegedly told police he unintentionally shot Tyler as they were playing with a shotgun he believed was unloaded.  My thoughts on this entirely preventable shooting are below:

RFID Tags in Guns: Another Bad Idea

I read an interesting blog post discussing a proposed New Jersey law that would require each gun sold to contain a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip with the owners personal information.  Tagging guns with RFID chips is a rather bad idea, as discussed below:

Son Uses Shotgun to Defend Mother Against Armed Home Invader

As reported, Thomas Thompson alleged broke into a Vero Beach, FL home on 74th Avenue, by prying open the front window and popping out the screen.  Once inside, police say Thomspon used two knives to threaten a mother of 2, Joanne Hornsby, who was laying in her bed.  She screamed, and her sons, Austin and Roger, ages 19 and 20, rushed to their mother’s aid. The youngest son, Austin, pulled out a shotgun and killed the armed home invader in self … Continued

Joe Biden Tries To Pass Himself Off as Pro Gun

I’ve previously discussed how Joe Biden, the running mate of Barack Obama, is one of the most anti gun rights politicians in America.  Biden has called gun owners mentally unstable simply because they wish to own a gun (see this video clip), and has pushed for a variety of draconian gun bans.  Joe Biden is also highly rated by the leading anti gun rights groups.  Now, Biden is trying to pass himself off as a pro gun rights guy in … Continued

Armed Robbers Steal $35,000 Worth of Jewelry in Oak Park – despite the handgun ban

As reported, a Chicago rapper and producer who thought he was scouting our some new talent was instead robbed of $35,000 in jewelry. The man was lured to a stairwell in an Oak Park apartment building on the 200 block of Washington Blvd and surprised by a man who displayed a silver semi automatic pistol. When the producer turned around, the another man pulled out a black 9mm handgun and robbed the man of his jewelry.  As with the countless … Continued

Chicago Mayor Daley Denies Protection to Boot Workers After Shooting, Keeps his Own Bodyguards

As I mentioned before, a city of Chicago vehicle booter was recently shot while performing his duties.  This is not the first time that such a shooting has occurred.  Mayor Daley has rejected calls to either have the employees work in teams of two, or to provide police protection to these workers.  Instead, the Chicago police act as 24 hour bodyguards to Daley and other politicians, and do so at tax payer expense.

Why Childproof “Smart Guns” are a Bad Idea

For quite a while, there has talk about developing and then mandating so-called “smart guns”; that is guns that use an electronic system to prevent anyone but their owner from firing them. This idea is touted as a way to prevent criminals or children from misusing firearms, but in reality it will result in guns that are less reliable for self defense, and considerably more expensive.

D.C. Second Amendment Enforcement Act Passes House, Moves to Senate

As reported, the U.S. House of Representatives voted today to approve the National Rifle Association (NRA)-backed “Second Amendment Enforcement Act” in an overwhelming bi-partisan vote of 266-152. The Act, passed as an amendment to H.R. 6842, will overturn the District of Columbia’s gun control restrictions that defy the recent Supreme Court ruling by continuing to limit D.C. residents’ right to self-defense.

Sarah Palin: Myth vs. Fact

There are quite a few untrue rumors still floating around about Sarah Palin, the pro gun rights Governor of Alaska whom McCain selected as his runing mate.  FactCheck, which is known for its impartiality, has a nice article that clears things up.

Illinois State Police Unlawfully Delaying Firearms Owner Identification (FOID) Cards

I received an email today from a gentleman named Mick, who mentioned a rather serious problem going on in Illinois with respect to FOID card issuance.  Mick and several other people he knows have waited over 60 days to get their FOID cards, despite the fact that the law requires the FOID be issued or denied within 30 days.  I also personally know of a person whose FOID application has been pending for more than the 30 day waiting period … Continued

“Junk Guns” are in the Eye of the Beholder

I’ve previously discussed the racist history of junk gun laws; however this article is intended to point out the fact that “Junk Gun” is a subjective term, and is simply one more way for anti gun rights groups to erode the Second Amendment right to gun ownership.  Banning inexpensive guns is not rationally related to safety, and only serves to prevent poorer people from having a gun for self defense:

Chicago City Worker Shot While Putting Boot On Car – despite the handgun ban

As reported, a City of Chicago worker who was putting boot on an older Buick coupe was reportedly shot in the back by the car’s owner. The Department of Revenue worker was listed in serious condition at Northwestern Memorial Hospital after the shooting. The 35-year-old revenue worker was booting the car when a man who claimed to be the owner attacked him with a stick, ran away down an alley, and then he re-emerged with a .22 caliber pistol.

Gun Waiting Periods

In many areas, anti gun rights politicians and organizations have mandated waiting periods before a gun can be purchased.  They argue that his will provide time for an angry person to “cool off” so that they don’t go buy a gun and commit a crime, and that this time is needed to run a background check.  These arguments may seem persuasive at first, but are in fact rather weak and poorly reasoned; failing to prevent crime and instead leaving citizens … Continued

A Particularly Sad Gun Theft

Four-time Olympic medalist Kim Rhode’s cherished shotgun has been stolen. Rhode’s specially fitted, 12 gauge over under MX-12 Perazzi was taken by thieves who broke into her father’s parked truck as she and her mother stopped to do some shopping. The shotgun was hidden under a blanket in the back seat of the truck. Making matters worse, Kim Rhodes must not try to qualify for the 2009 USA Shooting World Cup team in international skeet with a substitute shotgun, instead … Continued

Bullet Weight vs. Velocity – striking the right balance is important

A rather contentious issue in the area of self defense is that of proper bullet weight/velocity – I would guess that this is second only to the “which caliber” or “which gun” question.  On one side is the idea that a lighter weight but faster moving bullet is superior, while others contend that a slower moving but heaver bullet is the better option.  This article addresses my thoughts on the issue:

Followup on an Unsolved Home Invasion Murder Video Clip

Police are still looking for the people who broke into a Wyandotte County home in April and shot and killed a man. Jeffery J. Rogers, 25, was shot to death early on April 9 at a home near 84th Street and Tauromee Avenue. Police said they think the killers came as a group, possibly four or five people. This type of tragic situation is why I have a gun for self defense.

Legislative Liability: A novel solution for the infringement of basic rights

All too often basic rights are infringed by legislators at the local, state, or national level. These legislators pass laws that fly in the face of basic rights, preventing citizens from enjoying such rights until a court strikes them down. Since legislative bodies can pass laws with relative ease and virtually no cost to their individual members, it is easy for a situation to arise in which basic rights are severely and repeatedly restricted, with little recourse for the citizens. … Continued

“Arms” Includes More Than Firearms

Throughout most of the gun rights struggle, and especially In the wake of D.C. v. Heller, the focus of the right to keep and bear arms has been primarily on firearms.  That certainly makes sense, given the supremacy of guns in the arena of self defense.  However it is worth noting that there are other “arms” besides “firearms”, and the Second Amendment would seem to encompass many of these other arms too.

It is Not About Hunting

When gun rights are debated, I see entirely too much emphasis placed on hunting and “sportsmen”, rather than on self defense:

A Very Unusual Home Invasion

When I mention home invasions as a reason to have a gun, I’m usually thinking of home invasions such as this or this.  However there was a quite unusual home invasion, in which dinner ingredients were the weapon used by the perpetrator:

Another Way to Ban Guns: Make Everyone a Convicted Felon

The Gun Control Act of 1968, a US Federal law, prohibits convicted felons from possessing firearms.  The problem is that more and more non-violent crimes are now classified as felonies, which means that an ever increasing portion of the population is now prohibited from possessing guns:

Gun Rights Fit in With Liberal Ideals

Although anti gun rights laws are often associated with Democratic or liberal politicians, the idea of gun rights actually fit in with liberal values.

Oak Park, IL Cuts Police Protection and Keeps Handgun Ban as Armed Robberies Continue

The village of Oak Park, IL is one of only a few municipalities in the United States which still has a ban on the ownership of handguns for self defense, despite the Supreme Court’s ruling in D.C. v Heller.  In spite of the decades long handgun ban, there are weekly (and sometimes daily) armed robberies in Oak Park, along with the occasional shooting.  Oak Park is also short on cash, but has decided to become embroiled in a lengthy and … Continued

Glock 17 (Chambered for 9MM) Review

I generally prefer polymer framed pistols such the Springfield XD, and those manufactured by Glock. This is my review of the Glock 17, which is one of Glock’s more popular 9MM pistols.

Couple Fights off Two Home Invaders Armed with a Shotgun

Two suspects, one armed with a shotgun, reportedly kicked in the door of a Blue Mound home around 12:30 a.m. Wednesday and confronted a woman inside, according to police. The woman (Kellie Hoehn) and her husband (Keith Hoehn) managed to fight off the home invaders, disarm them, and shoot them with their own shotgun. One home invader, Dakota Benoit, 21, collapsed in the street and died at the scene, according to police.  The other suspect, John Pierson, 25, allegedly ran … Continued

Washington State Concealed Carry Permits Up 43%

As reported, the number of concealed carry permit holders in Washington state is up 43% between 2003 and 2007, with more than a quarter million residents now carrying.  Despite the dire warnings issued by the anti gun rights lobby, Washington has not turned into a shooting gallery were people trade gunfire over parking spots: