Reminder: Please Take the Gun Ban Phone Poll

I’ve previously discussed the phone poll that is being run in Cook County, IL in order to justify a draconian gun ban.  This poll is still active, and you do not need to be a resident of Cook County to take the poll:

More Chicago Politicians Who Needlessly Have Taxpayer-Funded Bodyguards

I’ve previously discussed how Chicago’s anti gun rights politicians spend millions in taxpayer money on bodyguards for themselves at at time when ordinary Chicago citizens are dying faster than US soldiers in Iraq. The Sun-Times now reports that Chicago City Treasurer Stephanie Neely and Chicago Alderman Edward M. Burke, still have police officers permanently assigned to chauffeur and protect them, despite the fact that these individuals have no particular reason to fear for their safety.  Instead, having police officers assigned … Continued

Carjacker Beaten by Hero with a Frozen Turkey

As reported, a criminal who had just robbed a gas station was looking to steal a getaway vehicle.  The criminal came upon a 53-year-old woman walking near her car, and began beating her, causing serious injuries.  A man who had just purchased a frozen turkey for Thanksgiving rushed over, and

Man Negligently Shoots Self in front of Family on Thanksgiving

As reported, a 30 year old man from Chicago Heights, IL  was with his family on thanksgiving when he decided to place a loaded gun to his head.  William Agee, thinking that the safety was on, pulled the trigger.  It turns out the safety wasn’t on, and Mr. Agee ended up killing himself.  My thoughts on this entirely preventable tragedy are below:

There is No Substitute for a Gun

A visitor to this site recently left a comment suggesting that Mace, pepper spray, or some other less lethal self defense tool would work just as well as a gun, and that using a gun for self defense against a violent criminal is wrong.  I find both of those assertions to be untrue.  While Tasers, pepper spray, and other self defense tools have their place, none of them can match the ability of a gun to stop a criminal before … Continued

More Proof that Handgun Bans Don’t Work

I recently stumbled across a 7 year old article in the BBC, which showed a 40% increase in handgun related crime in the 2 years after the UK’s handgun ban was passed.  This crime increase continues to this day.

Unreasonable: Illegal Immigrant Shoots Negligent Cop, Widow Sues Gun Store

As reported, Houston Police officer Rodney Johnson arrested Mexican illegal immigrant and convicted child sexual abuser Juan Leonardo Quintero, but failed to properly frisk Leonardo for weapons, missing a 9mm pistol.  Juan Leonardo Quintero then fatally shot officer Johnson from the back seat of Johnson’s squad car (and was sentenced to life in prison for this crime).  Joslyn Johnson, the widow of the slain officer, is now suing the gun store from which the pistol was purchased, despite the fact … Continued

Remember: There Are Still Elections Coming Up

With the November 4th general elections over, some people don’t realize that there are still elections coming up in some parts of the country.  Please be sure to check in your area to see whether there are any local elections coming up.  For example, the people in Louisiana’s 4th Congressional District have an election coming up on December 6th, in which a strong supporter of the Second Amendment is running:

Winnetka, IL Handgun Ban Repealed

As reported, the village of Winnetka, Illinois has repealed is 20-year-old ban on handguns, thanks to the NRA and 3 law abiding citizens who fought to restore their right to have handguns for self defense:

Modern Day Pirates Show the Need for Armed Self Defense

Piracy at sea remains an ongoing problem, as this week’s hijacking of the MV Sirius Star (a supertanker that was carrying $100 million worth of crude oil) shows. This is a problem that the world’s navies have have been unable to solve in either the age of sail powered ships or today.  Whether at sea or in one’s home, self defense is often the only viable option, as seconds count and neither the police nor navy warships can be everywhere … Continued

Armed Civilians Saving Cops’ Lives

A visitor to this website emailed me a link to a great article on  The article discusses cases where armed citizens have saved the lives of police officers:

Barber Shop Owner Shoots Armed Robber Who Threatened his Young Child

As reported: a man who appeared to be a new customer walked in to Llord Baron Cross’s “Cross Cutz” barber shop, in Philadelphia.  The man, 19 year old Hakeem Birch, turned out to be an armed robber, who drew a gun and demanded money.  The owner put his hands up, and then gave the armed robber all of the money he had.  The robber wasn’t satisfied, and threatened to harm the owners 9 year old son, who was in a … Continued

Mexico’s Largest Gun Bust Video Clip

Mexican law enforcement recently completed the largest gun bust in their history.  The view clip below shows what was captured, ranging from pistols, to rifles, to grenade launchers.  A tip of the hat to Say Uncle.

Irrational Fear Over Pictures of Guns

As I mentioned last week, my girlfriend created a gun cake at work.  It turns out that when she walked in to work with the pictures of guns printed on paper, two of her coworkers expressed fear and concern over the pictures.  How a picture of a gun can be scary is beyond me, but apparently this is nothing new:

Obama’s Gun Control Plans

Although Obama is not yet president, he has wasted no time laying out his gun control agenda on his new website,  These include a new ban on so-called assault weapons, making frivolous lawsuits against gun manufacturers easier, trying to close the non-existent “gun show loophole”, and mandating unreliable “child-proof” guns.

“Negroes With Guns”

“Negroes with Guns” is an interesting book that anti gun rights people like Jessie Jackson really should read:

Man Grabs Gun from Home Invader and Shoots in Self Defense

As reported, Anthony Velez, a Tampa, Florida man was at home in his apartment when two home invaders broke in.  The criminals tied the man up, and robbed his home.  Fearing that he was about to be murdered by the criminals, he managed to break free, grab their gun, and fatally shoot one of the criminals in self defense.  The surviving criminal then ran away.

How Often Guns Should Be Cleaned

Following up on the article in which I addressed the fact that sometimes it is not wise to clean a gun, this article addresses my recommendations as to how frequently a gun should be cleaned.

Gun Cake

My girlfriend is in culinary school, and works for a bakery.  Usually, her work bears no relation to guns… Until recently, that is:

“You Might Be a Gun Nut If…”

Since the election results mean that this is not an uplifting time for gun rights advocates, perhaps this entertaining post will lighten the mood.

Concealed Carry Ballot Referendum Results in Illinois

As the ISRA reports, 14 counties in Illinois had a non-binding CCW referendum on the ballot yesterday. The question on the ballots was generally worded like: Shall the General Assembly enact legislation to permit the carrying of concealed firearms? While non-binding, these resolutions mark an important step in the path to concealed carry in Illinois – which is one of only 2 states left without some concealed carry right.  Here are the results from those 14 Illinois counties:

Stock up on Guns and Magazines Now (before the next “Assault Weapon” ban)

Barack Obama will be the next president of the United States.  The Democrats control both the House and the Senate.  Obama has repeatedly called for a new and permanent ban on so called “assault weapons” – the type of guns best suited for self defense purposes.  Now is a good time to purchase guns and magazines.

Election Day 2008

When it comes to this election, there is little I can say that has not already been said.  Remember to vote, for the success our democracy depends upon citizen involvement in politics. Don’t forget to read the NRA’s candidate endorsements, read the ISRA’s candidate ratings, and vote pro gun rights.

Unarmed Criminals Do Horrendous Things

As reported, kidnappers in Mexico grabbed a 5-year-old boy named Javier Morena from street market, in order to hold him for ransom.  However the kidnappers killed the boy by injecting acid into his heart, before they even issued a ransom demand.

Woman Shoots Rapist Who Came Back to Rape Her for a Second Time

As reported, a rape victim shot and killed an attacker in Cape Girardeau, MO when he broke into her home to rape her for a second time this week. The 57-year-old woman shot 47-year-old Ronnie W. Preyer, a registered sex offender, in the chest with a shotgun after he cut the power to her apartment and then broke through her locked basement door. Preyer had previously broken into the woman’s home, punched her in the face, and then raped her … Continued