Armed Robbery Failure

SayUncle found an armed robbery news story that is rather interesting, and had a nice outcome:

Man Shot in Back While Trying to Run Away From Armed Robber

As reported, 22 year old Ben Aenchbacher was returning home from work at about 8:00pm. An armed robber was waiting in the driveway, and forced Ben Aenchbacher into his home at gunpoint, then demanded money. Ben ran from the robber, who chased after him and opened fire. Ben was hit once in the back,

Jessie Jackson is at it Again

There have been over 500 murders in Chicago this year, a great many of which were committed by criminals who ignored the decades old handgun ban (plus the laws against carrying a loaded gun and committing murder).  Rather than recognizing that more gun laws won’t stop the violence, and that the true causes of crime must be addressed, Jessie Jackson Sr. took this opportunity to push for more pointless gun laws – which would only disarm law abiding citizens and … Continued

Falling Chair Mistaken for Gunfire at Chicago Shopping Mall

As reported, Chicago police responded to a call of gunfire at the Ford City Mall on Chicago’s south side.  It turns out that a chair fell over, and a panicking shopper called 911 to report that someone had opened fire in the mall:

The Problem of Backdoor Gun Registration

Anti gun rights groups push for gun registration because such registration allows the government to know who owns guns, so that they can later be wrongfully confiscated.  Recent events in Tennessee, along with other trends, show that gun owners are at risk not only from overt gun registration requirements – but back door registration schemes too:

The Most Biased Anti Gun Rights Interview I’ve Ever Seen

Scott Vogel is the Communications Director for the “Freedom States Alliance,” a (misnamed) anti gun group dedicated to disarming the law abiding citizens of the United States.  In his interview on, he made a great many untrue statements regarding gun rights.  However it is the one-sided, anti gun rights, interview questions that really drew my attention.  I address the incredibly biased “interview” questions below:

“Gun Availability, Crime, Freedom & Liberty”

An excellent reader comment in the Florida Time-Union responds to those who blame guns or a particular ethic group for inner city violence.  The article points out that blaming guns is intellectually lazy, and that blaming one ethnic group for gun-related crime is also misguided and has no basis in fact.

Gun Control is Degrading

I’ve noticed that many of the gun control arguments have some rather degrading and sexist/racist undertones. A few such examples:

Santa May Open Fire (Another Reason to Always Carry a Gun for Self Defense)

Some anti gun individuals will complain when a law abiding citizen exercises his or her right to carry a gun to a soccer game or other social event, arguing that guns have no place at such social gatherings.  Yesterday’s events in a suburb of Los Angeles help point out the flaws with such an argument:

A Thank You

I just wanted to take a moment to say “thanks” to various people, as today seemed like a good day to do so:

Another Hate Crime in which a Gun Could Have Saved the Victim

As reported, a woman in the San Francisco area was jumped by four men, taunted for being a lesbian, repeatedly raped, and left naked outside an abandoned apartment building.  The 28-year-old victim was attacked after she got out of her car, which bore a rainbow gay pride sticker.

Fake Guns

I was looking through my server logs when I noticed that several people had arrived at after searching for phrases such as “can i carry a fake gun” or “Illinois fake gun law.”  It would seem that these individuals were looking for information on the ramifications of carrying a fake gun.  Let me unequivocally say that it is a bad idea to carry a fake gun:

“12 Things You Don’t Want to Be Caught Doing in Foreign Lands”

Traveler’s Notebook ran an interesting article discussing things that are generally legal in the United States, but severely punished in various other countries.  For example, consuming alcohol Saudi Arabia can earn a person a public lashing, while slaughtering cows in India can land a person in prison for 5 years.  Number 12 on that list, however, dealt with the United States – and was particularly interesting:

Self Defense Shooting in Oak Park – despite the handgun ban

I write about Oak Park, IL a lot, because it is one of the few municipalities left in the United States with a ban on handgun ownership – a ban which criminals ignore as they rob, pistol whip, and shoot Oak Park’s defenseless citizens.  However there is good news this week, as one of the armed robbers who have been plaguing Oak Park was shot in self defense by a would-be victim:

Creative Infringement of a Right is Still Infringement

Since the Supreme Court held gun ownership to be an individual constitutional right in D.C. v Heller, anti gun groups have redoubled their efforts to find new and creative ways of preventing law abiding people from enjoying the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.  These people miss the point, as finding a creative way to violate a right is just as wrongful (and unconstitutional) as directly violating the right:

How Gun Control Failed India

A few weeks ago, terrorists in Mumbai, India set out to kill as many people as they could, mainly by using guns.  India has some strict gun control laws, however such laws obviously don’t deter people who are bent on killing as many people as they can before dying.

Chicago to Hold Gun Ban Planning Conference

As reported, Chicago’s Mayor Daley stated that he will host a conference in January of 2009, with the goal of finding new way to restrict gun rights, despite the Supreme Court’s pro gun rights holding in D.C. v. Heller.  The conference will include anti gun politicians from around the country, and people who have been harmed by a criminal and wish to blame guns.

The Need for Concealed Carry – Without A Permit

I’ve previously discussed the benefits of concealed carry, and how concealed carry permit holders can defend themselves against criminals, instead of being victims.  However the problem with concealed carry permits is that the permit process can be abused by the government.

Another Sad Story of the Police Failing to Save a Citizen

As reported, 21 year old Brittany Zimmerman was a University of Wisconsin college student who planned to become a doctor.  She lived in an off-campus apartment with her fiancée , Jordan Gonnering.  Brittany was home alone when a criminal, believed to be a stranger, broke in to her home through the door.  She grabbed the phone, and called 911, but

My Doctor Wanted to Know if I’m a Gun Owner

One of my hobbies is scuba diving.  As a responsible scuba diver, I make especially sure to stay current on my tetanus vaccinations, due to the heightened risk of puncture injuries on sharp objects (there are lots of sharp and rusty object in and around the water, and spending time in water makes one’s skin temporarily softer and easier to accidentally cut/puncture).  Since I was due for a tetanus booster, I scheduled an appointment at a doctor’s office that is … Continued

World Map of Gun Crime

CNN has provided a nice world map of gun related crime.  What is interesting is that the gun related crime doesn’t seem to be strongly correlated with lawful gun ownership.  For example

“The Founders’ Second Amendment”

There remains a lot of confusion about what the Second Amendment meant to the founders’ of the United States, despite the Supreme Court’s clear statement that it protects the individual right to keep and bear arms, independent of service in the militia.  Some of this confusion is the result of intentional misinformation on the part of anti-gun groups, while other aspecs of the confusion can be attributed to differences in the language between the English of today and the founders’ … Continued

Delivery Man Uses Pizza in Self Defense

As reported, Eric Devictoria, a pizza delivery man in Florida, was confronted by an armed robber.  Devictoria was unarmed, but he did have a hot pepperoni pizza, which he threw in the armed robber’s face.  The temporarily blinded robber fired one shot, which missed the delivery man, who was able to escape unharmed.  Police later arrested 3 people suspected of participating in the armed robbery.

Paranoia versus Reasonable Concerns

A while back, I was discussing gun rights with a friend, when the issue of paranoia versus reasonable concerns came up.  This friend suggested that gun ownership for home defense was not needed, due to the relatively low risk of a home invasion, and that therefore only a paranoid person would feel the need to own a gun.  Politicians have also made similar remarks.  I, of course, disagree, and believe that gun ownership is a wise and prudent choice:

“Study” by Anti Gun Mayors Suggests Gun Control Reduces Crime

A “study” commissioned by anti gun group Mayors Against Illegal Guns suggests that gun control leads to crime reductions.  When I heard this claim, I was rather surprised, given the fact that the most violent areas have the most restrictions on gun ownership, while areas with fewer gun restrictions have less crime.  I was preparing to write an in-depth discussion of the flaws with this rather biased study, but John Lott has already done a great job addressing the issue.  … Continued

Two Presidential Pardons Which Should be Granted

I’m generally not a fan of presidential pardons, due to the fact that they can be abused so readily.  However there are cases where our justice system fails, innocent people suffer, and a pardon can help set things right.  It is hard to find better examples of individuals who deserve a pardon more than Border Patrol Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Antonio Compean.

Another Way to Ban Guns: Make Everyone Inelligible to Own a Gun

The NRA recently ran an excellent article discussing a newer gun control tactic, which attempts to ban owners, rather than banning guns.  This approach has existed in Canada for quite some time, and is now moving to states such as New York.  You can read the article below:

Clerk Fatally Shoots Armed Robber in Self Defense

As reported, two masked criminals entered Big Bob’s Liquors just before 10:00pm.  One one of the criminals drew a handgun and pointed it at one of the two clerks, threatening his life.  The other clerk drew his handgun, for which he had a concealed carry permit, and fatally shot the armed robber.  The second robber fled, and a police search is reportedly underway.

Google Allows Hard Liqueur Related Ads, While Continuing to Ban Gun Related Ads

Google has updated its AdWords policy to allow the advertisement of spiked drinks, and other indirect means of promoting hard liquor.  Sadly, the ban on promoting lawful gun ownership for self defense purposes remains.  Google apparantly changed its hard liqueur policy in response to feedback, so perhaps if law abiding gun owners contact Google, thier anti gun policy may change as well.

Woman Sues Police for Failing to Protect Her

As I’ve previously discussed, it is a long since settled principle of American law that the police are not liable for failing to protect a citizen – even when the police are grossly negligent.  However a particularly tragic case in North Carolina has the potential to change this rule of law:

Robber Shoots Deli Owner For Not Having Enough Money

As reported, two masked and armed men burst into the Star Deli in St. Petersburg, Flordia.  One of the gunmen stood lookout while the other ordered the owner to empty the cash register.  Despite the owners full cooperation, the gunman wasn’t satisfied with

Another Reason Gun Bans Will Never Work – Illegal Arms Market Video Clip

The video clip below shows an illegal arms market in Pakistan, where firearms and ammunition are actually manufactured and then sold.  Those who think that banning guns will work should keep in mind that the people in this gun market are able to produce machine guns and ammunition using technology that is quite primitive by American standards.

Ballistics by the Inch

Those who are curious how barrel length affects the muzzle velocity of bullet should take a look at  Basically, a few guys fired thousands of rounds of ammunition from barrels of various lengths, measured the muzzle velocity, and put the information online

Concealed Carry Rights Come to US National Parks

Over the summer, the Department of the Interior asked for comments regarding a proposal to allow concealed carry in national parks.  Despite opposition, the Department of the Interior announced that concealed carry will be made legal in national parks, allowing law abiding citizens to defend themselves and their families, should the need arise:

Worst Idea I’ve Heard in a While: Releasing Concealed Carry Permit Holders’ Personal Information

Newspapers in various states have decided to seek the names, addresses, and other personal information about concealed carry permit holders in order to publish that information in their papers, on the theory that the public is entitled to know this information.  The newspapers’ actual agenda is rather straightforward – cause difficulty for concealed carry permit holders, in order to deter people from exercising their Second Amendment rights.  My thoughts on the matter are below:

Shooting Blamed On Dog

As reported, Dale G. Barkstrom, a 28 year old man from Crystal Lake, IL was charged with attempted murder after his girlfriend was shot in the face while the two were in bed together.  Barkstrom’s reported defense is that the shooting was unintentional.  He reportedly claims that his gun was on his bed, when his dog knocked the gun to the floor, and that it “went off” when he picked the gun back up and placed it on the bed:

Concealed Carry (CCW)

I live in Illinois, which is one of only 2 states that has a complete ban on the carrying of a concealed firearm for self defense.  That means that while the criminals in Chicago are armed, I am unarmed.  It also means that many of my fellow Illinois residents are unaware of the benefits of concealed carry.  This article is designed to briefly explain what concealed carry is about, explain why concealed carry is a good thing, and to debunk … Continued

This Week’s Crime in “Gun Free” Oak Park, IL

As I’ve mentioned before, Oak Park, IL has a handgun ban.  People such as Frank Vozak, who chairs Oak Park’s health board, erroneously think that that handgun ban somehow makes Oak Park “gun free.” Just as having a law against murder doesn’t make the state of Illinois “murder free,” Oak Park’s handgun ban doesn’t prevent criminals from having handguns or committing crimes.  The crime reports for this week (and just about every other week) make that fact abundantly clear:

Revolver Tattoo

A friend of mine is a tattoo artist, and created this tattoo for a client of his.  While I’m more of a pistol fan, I thought I would post a picture: