NRA Wins Against Illegal San Francisco Public Housing Gun Ban

As reported, the NRA has prevailed over the San Francisco Housing Authority’s illegal ban on gun ownership for those living in public housing.  Previously, San Francisco Housing Authority had a lease provision banning guns in the public housing residences, but has agreed to remove the provisions and admit that such provisions are not lawful, in order to settle the lawsuit filed by the NRA.

Elderly Man Can’t Catch a Break (from Home Invaders or the Police)

As reported, Kenneth Plummer is an 82 year old WWII veteran who lives in Fayette County, PA. In December, a criminal forced his way into Plummer’s home and tried to rob him.  In the scuffle that ensued, Plummer was able to grab a knife and stab the criminal in the stomach, driving the criminal off and saving his life.  This week, the elderly man again suffered a home invasion robbery, with 3 men breaking in to his kitchen.  Plummer was … Continued

Examples of Armed Self Defense

I often end up searching through the archives to find a particularly relevant armed self defense example to mention when writing a new article.  Until now, I didn’t have a single page where all of of the self defense stories that I’ve written about could be found, which meant that I was wasting time tracking them down.  So, I created a new Self Defense Example tag page, where all such stories can be conveniently found.

“Keyboards Should be Licensed”

I just wanted to take a moment to point out a great article over at Walls Of the City, entitled “keyboards should be licensed” :).  The article deals with an uninformed journalist who is bent on vilifying so-called assault weapons.

“Rape Free Zone”

I’ve previously talked about how “gun free zones” just lead to situations where victims are defenseless, since homicidal (and often suicidal) criminals don’t care about a law that says they can’t have a gun, or the consequences of their crime spree.  Indeed, this has been the case in every school shooting in the US.  There is even a humorous video clip that makes fun of the fact that criminals won’t stop committing their crime upon learning that they are in … Continued

Store Clerk Fatally Shoots Robber that Tried to Kill Him

As reported, 18 year old Raymond Martinez, a reputed gang member bent on committing robbery, entered the Grand Market store in Tuscon, Arizona with an accomplice.   Martinez drew his handgun and fired a shot at the employee, wounding him.  The surprised employee drew his own gun and fatally shot Martinez in the chest, ending the robbery and saving his own life.  The accomplice fled, only to soon be caught by police, and the store clerk was treated for non life … Continued

A Defensive Pistol Instructor’s Advice on Firearms Training (in response to the BART shooting)

On New Years Day 2009, there was a police shooting in which a Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) police officer shot and killed Oscar Grant III who was face down on the ground, unarmed, and surrounded by multiple police officers.  Witnesses and cell phone video footage appear to indicate that the shooting was not justified (although remember, innocent until proven guilty).  The (former) BART police officer, Johannes Mehserle, has been criminally charged, and the family of the deceased man has … Continued

Person Shot for Laughing at Another’s Misfortune

As reported, a group of friend was standing outside in Evanston, IL when a man who was walking by slipped and fell on the ice. The friends began laughing at the man for his misfortune. The man who fell on the ice didn’t find it to be funny in the slightest. He drew a gun and fired one shot, which struck one of the laughing individuals in the ankle. The victim was treated at a local hospital and released, while … Continued

Bakery Owner’s Wife Shot by Disappointed Robber

As reported, Lucy’s Sweet Surrender is the last remaining Hungarian bakery on Buckeye Road in Cleveland, Ohio. It is well known for its delicious treats, and loved by neighborhood residents who lament the closing of the other Hungarian bakeries. Now the owner is considering closing shop due to brazen armed robbery that left his wife, Marika Feigenbaum, shot and pistol whipped. Marika was in the bakery when an armed robber entered and demanded that she open the safe and give … Continued

Anti Gun Lie that Top them All Video Clip

I’ve previously discussed various overt and subtle cases of anti gun groups putting out misinformation, with the hope that uninformed voters will be scared into supporting gun control.  I’ve also talked about anti gun politicians who make baseless anti gun statements, all the while showing a lack of knowledge about the guns they are trying to ban.  However I’ve found a new example that tops them all:

Career Criminal Shot in Self Defense

As reported, Donald Nigel Jones was a 29 year old convicted felon, who had had committed dozens of robberies.  After serving about eight years in prison and then being paroled, Jones set out to rob the Belmont Beverage liquor store in Fort Wayne, Indiana – a store that he had previously robbed nearly a decade ago.  However this time, the clerk was armed and fatally shot Jones, putting a permanent end to his life of crime.  Unfortunately, the clerk was … Continued

Gunshot Detecting Cameras

As reported, the city of Beloit will soon have ShotSpotter surveillance cameras, which are designed to detect gunfire and explosions in near real time.  The idea is that such monitoring will enable police to better combat crime – but as a resident of the Chicago area who has seen such cameras in action, I’m skeptical.

Rep. Carolyn McCarthy Lashes Out at Pro-Gun Senator Gillibrand

Kirsten Gillibrand has been appointed to fill the New York senate seat vacated by Hillary Clinton. Gillibrand, a Democrat, is a supporter of gun rights who has a 100% positive rating from the NRA.  This infuriates fellow Democrat Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy, who is strongly opposed to gun rights.  Congresswoman McCarthy lashed out at Gillibrand during an interview:

Another European Left Defenseless

As reported, Sarah Richardson, a 26 year old woman from the UK was married to Edward Richardson, who was 40 year old. Their marriage fell apart, and Sarah moved back in with her parents. In the early months of 2008, Sarah changed her marital status to “single” on Facebook, and this enraged Edward. He sent her text messages, but she wanted nothing further to do with him. So, Edward broke into her parents’ home, and cornered Sarah in her bedroom. … Continued

US Department of Justice: Fight Back Against Rapists

In a 2005 report commissioned by the National Institute of Justice, researchers examined a variety of sexual assaults and other physical assaults against women. The researchers found that potential rape victims who resisted their attackers physically and verbally significantly reduced the probability that a rape would be completed and did not significantly increase the risk of serious injury. A separate study found that even when a rape was completed, women who used some form of resistance had better mental health … Continued

Another Tragedy in a “Gun Free Zone”

As reported, two preschool children and one adult have been killed, and another 13 people have been injured during a brutal stabbing attack at a Dendermonde, Belgium nursery.  The attacker, whose face was painted, tricked an employee into letting him in to the nursery, at which point he stabbed three infants.  Then he went to another floor the nursery, and stabbed even more people, before escaping on a bicycle.  10 surviving children were brought to a local hospital in need … Continued

Rosanna Pulido : A Pro-Gun-Rights Replacement for Rahm Emanuel

Rahm Emanuel is an anti gun politician who recently became Barack Obama‘s chief of staff.  He was previously the the US Congressman for Illinois’ 5th congressional district – a congressional seat that is now vacant.  The seat will soon be filled through an election, with the primary occurring on March 3, 2009, and the general election on April 7, 2009.  Getting a pro gun rights individual elected would be a nice change, especially since the president is anti gun, and … Continued

More Anti-Gun Misinformation

Anti gun rights people will often use misinformation to advance their arguments.  Sometimes the misinformation takes the form of an overt untruth, while other times it is more subtle.  A recent news story from the Hartford Courant in Connecticut seems to fit into that second category of anti gun misinformation:

The Wrong Kind of Boycott

I recently read a comment on The War on Guns, in which an individual advocates a boycott of Illinois-based gun manufacturers, due to the rather strict anti gun laws in that state.  He argues that buying from those manufacturers supplies tax money to the state of Illinois, which he accuses of “enslaving you and your children.”  While I (obviously) disagree with Illinois gun control laws, and do everything in my power to change those laws, I don’t think that boycotting … Continued

Not Defending Oneself is Selfish and Inconsiderate

Some of my relatives are extremely anti gun.  They disapprove of my choice to own guns suitable for self defense, and don’t wish to own gun themselves.  One of my relatives has even said that she would not want to use a gun to defend herself, even if the only alternative were death at the hands of a home invading criminal.  While I respect her right to decide whether to defend herself or not, I do find that decision to … Continued

Vigilantism versus Self Defense

Some of the anti gun and anti self defense people tend to confuse being a vigilante with defending oneself.  There really is no connection between the two, as vigilantism is a crime, while self defense is a basic human right.

Burglar Flees From Armed Home Owner

As reported, a Westville, FL resident called the police after hearing sounds of a break-in at his rural home.  The man hid in a closet, as the criminal entered the room.  The man then emerged from the closet, and told the criminal that he had a gun.  The ski-mask-wearing criminal then fled, using an S-10 pickup truck as his getaway vehicle.  A man matching the description of the criminal was later seen casing another house in the area.

Cameras are No Replacement for Self Defense

San Fransisco has installed high tech (and expensive) camera to monitor many areas of the city.  A long awaited study on the effectiveness of the cameras has been completed, and the result is that the cameras did nothing to reduce violent crime:

Another Mass Shooting in Chicago

As reported, six people where shot at a house party in Chicago, following a verbal altercation.  The shooting occurred on Chicago’s South side at 1:30am yesterday.  Fortunately, all 6 of the victims are expected to live (although their lives will almost certainly be permanently effected by their injuries).

Armed Woman Defends Herself Against 3 Home Invaders

As reported, a woman from Dumfries, VA was not feeling well, and ended up staying home sick from work.  Her home security alarm suddenly went off, and she found 3 men breaking in to her home.  Luckily for this woman, she was a gun owner, and the three criminals fled upon seeing her.  Amazingly, one of the criminals returned a moment later.  The woman shot the criminal in self defense, and the criminal was taken to the hospital with life-threatening … Continued

Angry Vehicle Owner Opens Fire on Repossession Team

As reported, a team of three Professional Recovery Services employees went to repossess a pair of vehicles from an address in Hoffman Estates, IL. They found only one vehicle, an Isuzu SUV, and hitched it to their tow truck. An employee went to door of the house to notify the owner of the repossession, but no one answered. Moments later, a man came out of the house, and slipped on the ice. When the employee asked the man if he … Continued

Yet Another Anti Gun Mayor Arrested

Gary Becker, the mayor of Racine, WI is a member of the anti gun rights group “Mayors Against Illegal Guns.”  The 51 year old married man, who is a father of two children, was arrested for allegedly trying to meet an underage girl for sex. An Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force member is said to have posed online as a minor, and caught Becker in a sting operation.  Becker was arrested at a mall, where he allegedly though he … Continued

Poor Parenting (before and after a shooting)

As reported, a 4 year old boy became upset when a 17 year old stepped on his foot.  The 4 year old left the room in an angry manner, saying that he was going to get a gun, but his relatives thought he was joking.  He walked to a bedroom in the home, and took a 20 gauge single-shot shotgun out from a closet.  He then took a single birdshot shell from a drawer, and loaded it into the chamber.  … Continued

Chicago’s Handgun Ban Continues to Fail

As reported, multiple Chicago public school students were injured by shattered glass, after a criminal opened fire on their bus.  Luckily, none of the students were hit by bullets, although two of the students had to be taken to the hospital.  Gun control advocates will use this as yet another opportunity to argue for more gun control laws, despite the fact that this near miss shows the pointlessness of such laws:

Indiana Man Fatally Shoots Robber in Self Defense

As reported, a 38 year old man and his girlfriend were exiting their vehicle in the parking lot of McTaverns bar, on the 7400 block of Indianapolis Boulevard in Hammond, IN, when two people attempted to rob the couple. The man grabbed his handgun from from his vehicle, and fatally shot Kenneth Denson, 17, of the 600 block of East 131st Street in Chicago. The other suspect fled in a car, only to crash and be apprehended by the police, … Continued

DNA Leads to Arrest of Deadly Home Invasion Suspect

As reported, the man accused of killing Joe Wido during a violent home invasion was arrested, thanks to DNA left on a mask from the crime scene. 26 year old Francis Sicola, a convicted felon from North Carolina, was reportedly arrested last Friday, which would have been the murder victim’s birthday.

British Gun Control Leaves Another Victim Defenseless – and his fiancee in mourning

As reported, Craig Hodson-Walker, 29, was fatally shot in the chest, while and his father was shot in the leg, by armed robbers who attacked a post office in Fairfield, Worcestershire. His fiancée, Lisa Bundy, who got engaged to Craig at Christmas after a 10-year relationship, described Craig as her “soulmate,” and says that his murder has left her life destroyed.

Some Gun and Doctor Humor

In response to the article where I discussed my doctor’s desire to know whether I was a gun owner, I received this rather humorous information by email:

Man Arrested for Attempting to Board Airplane With Homemade Gun

As reported, a man allegedly attempted to carry a loaded homemade firearm onto an aircraft at O’Hare international airport in Chicago. Rodolfo Duarte, 27, of the 6300 block of West 37th Street in Berwyn, was arrested and will first appear in court on January 15th. The police describe the homemade weapon as having been ready to fire, with a round in the chamber and at least one other round outside the chamber.  This follows on the heels of another airport … Continued

Clerk Fired for Defending Self Against Robber

As reported, a clerk at a Mac’s convenience store, located in Ontario, Canada, was fired after using his own knife to successfully scare off a knife wielding robber. Sean Sportun, director of loss prevention and security for Mac‘s Convenience Stores, watched the surveillance camera footage and decided (from the safety of his office) that the armed robber wasn’t “wasn‘t particularly aggressive” and that the employee shouldn’t have defended himself.

Home Invasion and Rape Victim: Ordeal was worse than the Holocaust

An 85 year old woman in Rossmoor, California stated that the home invasion and brutal rape she suffered two years ago was a worse experience than the holocaust.  Coming from most people, such a statement might seem like hyperbole, but this woman experienced the holocaust first hand, and is eminently qualified to make such a comparison:

Some Karmic Justice – Pirates Drown and Lose Ransom Money

A while back, I wrote about the problem of modern day piracy, and how it shows the need for armed self defense at sea.  Some of pirates that captured the Sirius Star, and received a $3 million ransom to release the ship and its crew, have suffered a well-deserved misfortune:

Concealed Carry Self Defense Caught on Video

The video clip shown below is from a Columbus, Ohio motel’s security camera.  An armed robber entered the motel and threatened the people with a gun, while demanding money.  One of the clerks at the motel had a concealed carry permit, and was able to shoot the robber three times.  None of the innocent people were harmed, and the robber was first taken to the hospital, and then eventually to a jail cell.  This armed robbery had a much happier … Continued

British Youth Gang Stabs Small Dog to Death, then Slashes Dog’s Disabled Owner with a Knife

As reported, a disabled British mother of three saw her Yorkshire terrier laying dead in a pool of blood outside her home.  Using her crutches, she went outside, where four young criminals were waiting.  The criminals, who had just killed her dog, forced her back into her home and attacked her with a knife.  She suffered numerous cuts, and had to be hospitalized.  The criminals appear to have done this purely for the sake of being violent, as no property … Continued

93 Year Old Man Shoots Home Invader in Self Defense

Over the last week in particular, I’ve discussed cases of elderly citizens who have been able to defend themselves with guns, instead of being victimized by younger and physically stronger criminals.  Up until now, the oldest person I’ve mentioned using a gun for self defense was a 91 year old gentleman, who used a gun to defend himself and his 90 year old wife from a pair of armed home invaders.  However a newer self defense case from the news … Continued

Rockford, IL Police: Give the Armed Robbers your Money

As reported, the city of Rockford, Illinois has seen a string of violent armed robberies over the last week, which included 2 victims being shot and 3 being pistol whipped.  In Rockford’s local newspaper, the police have instructed citizens to not resist:

Armed Elderly Woman Holds Home Invader at Gunpoint Until Police Arrive

As reported, a 70 year old woman from South Bend, Indiana called 911 to report that someone was breaking in to her home.  She grabbed her .38 caliber revolver, and after the criminal crawled in through a window, she held him at gunpoint.  After about 5 minutes, police arrived and arrested 28-year-old Cyrus Brown on preliminary charges of burglary, resisting arrest, and intimidation.

Police Officer Attacked After Taser Fails to Stop Criminal Video Clip

A naked man was attempting to break in to a daycare center, and the police were called.  A police officer arrives, and uses her Taser to subdue to the man.  After a couple shocks from the Taser, the naked man is able to get up and tackle the cop, almost grabbing her gun.  Luckily, additional cops soon showed up and were able to arrest the man.  As I’ve said before, there is no substitute for a gun.

The Embodiment of Recklessness

As reported, a New Albany, Indiana man allegedly went outside with his AR-15 and fired at least a dozen rounds into the air, to celebrate the new year.  At least 3 bullets reportedly entered a nearby house, striking a 13 year old girl in the leg, and hitting households appliances.  Troy Brown, the alleged shooter, was reportedly charged with criminal recklessness resulting in bodily injury, which is a felony.  My thoughts are below: