Cell Phone Store Robber Shot in Self Defense

As reported, two armed men attempted to rob a cell phone store in Texas.  The store owner grabbed his gun, and chased the criminals from his place of business.  One of the men fled in a car, while the other turned back toward the store owner.  The store owner fired in self defense, hitting the robber in the leg.  The robber then attempted to flee across a street, at which point he was fatally hit by a car.  The store … Continued

Help Stop 2 Anti Gun Bills in Illinois

Below is an ISRA action alert concerning House Bill 12 and House Bill 845, which are two anti gun measures that will be voted upon this week.  As we’ve seen recently, taking just a minute to stand up for gun rights can make all the difference, so I would encourage everyone to do their part.

Homeowner Defends Self Against Knife-Wielding Home Invader

As reported, an Oklahoma City man was catching up on some sleep in the afternoon when his burglar alarm went off.  He awoke to find a criminal in his home, armed with a knife.  The criminal order the man to turn off the burglar alarm, and to give him money.  The homeowner said that there might be some money in a bedroom, and the criminal held the knife against the man as they walked to that bedroom.  Acting as though … Continued

Woman Set on Fire by Abusive Ex: MD Senator Opposes Concealed Carry for Such Victims

In 2005, Yvette Cade, a woman who stands 4’11” tall, was stalked by a violent ex.  She had an order of protection against her stalker, but the order was dismissed by the judge.  The stalker showed up at Yvette’s workplace in 2005, and threw a gasoline mixture on her, after having said that he wished to “fry [Yvette] like Crisco grease.”  She ran away, but the stalker was able to catch up to her, stomped on her with his boot, … Continued

Anti Gun Legislator Shot Armed Criminal in Self Defense

Although this story is a nearly 2 years old, I couldn’t help but make note of it:  Back in July of 2007, Texas State Representative Borris Miles was fixing a leak on the second floor of a Houston, TX house that he was building.  He heard a noise downstairs, and upon investigation found two men stealing copper from from the house.  He confronted the thieving criminals, only to have one of them throw a pocket knife at him.  He shot … Continued

Stabbing of Children up 72% in England Over the Last Decade

As reported, the number of children in the UK hospitalized with knife attack wounds is up 72% compared to 10 years ago (around when that country’s strict gun control laws were enacted).  In other words, not only did gun related crime rise after the gun ban, but so did knife related crime:

Armed Little Rock Man Defends Wife from Armed and Violent Robber

As reported, an armed robber was shot by a would-be victim outside a Little Rock, Arkansas Wal-Mart.  The criminal approached the couple as they walked to their car, brandished a silver revolver, and tried to grab the woman’s purse.  A struggle ensued, and the husband drew his gun (for which he had a concealed carry permit) and pointed it at the robber.  The husband repeatedly told the robber to stop and leave, however the criminal persisted, and the husband shot … Continued

“Intentional Incompetence”

I would like to take this opportunity to point out a great post at Hecate’s Crossroad, which discusses a particularly negligent shooting.  Basically, a husband who thought his gun was empty pointed it at his wife as they “practiced” clearing their house of home invaders, and then pulled the trigger, causing her (completely preventable) death.  Of course, the anti gun crowd sees this as an opportunity to blame guns, rather than a case of two humans failing to follow the … Continued

Another 911 Failure

In the video clip below, a Nashville, TN woman calls 911 to say that a violent ex-boyfriend is breaking into her home with a knife.  Despite multiple calls to 911 for help that spanned over 3 hours, the cops didn’t show up.  The 911 dispatcher even says “I really just don’t give a shit what happens to you” on tape.  The woman is only able to get help after 3 hours when she calls the Mayor’s office.

Pharmacy Clerk with Concealed Carry Shoots Armed Robber

As reported, a knife wielding robber entered the Windsor Pharmacy in Bristol Township, NJ and threatened a clerk while demanding oxycontin pills. A struggle with one clerk ensued, at which point a second clerk who had a concealed carry permit drew his handgun and shot the robber in the arm and chest, saving both himself and his coworker. The robber was taken to a local hospital for treatment, and will survive to be tried for his crime.

Home Invader Held at Shotgun Point Until Police Arrive

As reported, a criminal went to the back door of a Georgetown, KY home at 2 AM and knocked.  When no one answered the door, the criminal kicked in a window and made his way inside the home.  The home owner was waiting for him – with a shotgun.  The criminal was held at gunpoint, until the police arrived and arrested him.

“Tightening gun controls is pointless”

In the wake of last week’s mass shooting in Germany, anti gun groups on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean have predictably used this tragedy to argue for more gun laws, despite the fact that the killer broke a great many laws already, would not have been deterred by one more law, and was able to succeed in his rampage only because his victims were disarmed.  A well written article explaining the pointlessness of gun control appeared in the Times … Continued

School Anti Gun Indoctrination Called Off – Thanks to Your Emails & Phone Calls

Earlier this week, I mentioned how a high school in Lombard, IL decided to have an anti gun speaker come to an 11th grade English class, while simultaneously deciding to exclude anyone from the pro gun rights side.  Thanks to your emails and phone calls to the school expressing disagreement with this planned anti gun indoctrination session, the school has decided to cancel the anti gun speaker:

“5 Horrifying Tales Of 911 Incompetence”

A recent article on Cracked.com gives 5 examples of terrible incompetence on the part of 911 operators and police.  These include a case where the 911 operator takes time to scold the caller about using profanity rather than sending help, and where the police officer on the way to save a woman from a knife weilding, home invading ex-boyfriend is diverted to a traffic stop instead.  Sadly, cases of 911 failing to save a citizen due to incompetence, not answering … Continued

Armed Woman Saves Herself and Her Family from Home Invaders

As reported, two criminals broke into a home and waited for the residents to return.  The home owner came back to his house, at which point the men robbed him and took him at gunpoint to the home of his girlfriend.  She answered the door, only to find the armed criminals holding a gun to her boyfriend.  The criminals forced their way into the girlfriend’s home, pistol whipped her, and ordered everyone in the home to get on the ground.  … Continued

The Onion on Hollow Point Bullets

One of my favorite websites is The Onion – a satirical “news” website/newspaper.  Unfortunately their latest video clip is something that I don’t find to be quite as funny as the rest of their work:

Anti Gun Indoctrination in a Lombard, IL School

UPDATE: The school and teacher decided to cancel this anti gun indoctrination session in response to readers of this website who emailed and called to express their disagreement.  More information can be seen here. Over the last several days, I’ve exchanged emails with Amanda Razeq, an 11th grade English teacher at College Preparatory School of America, which is a high school in Lombard, Illinois.  Ms. Razeq emailed me to ask if I would be willing to come and speak to … Continued

How Criminals Serve No Prison Time for Illegally Carrying a Gun: Concurrent Sentences

A while back, I was debating gun rights with a relative of mine.  This relative (who is a doctor, not a lawyer) opined that the Illinois law that makes it a felony to carry a concealed weapon allows criminals to be put away for longer prison terms then if they were only to be convicted of the underlying crime (e.g. robbery).  The fact is that most criminals receive concurrent, rather than consecutive, prison terms, meaning that they usually don’t spend … Continued

Armed Citizens Chases Away 2 Home Invaders

As reported, an Oshtemo Township man was at his home last Monday afternoon when two criminals broke in.  The armed home owner fired two shots, which apparently missed the criminals, but sent them running for their car.  Police were able to arrest one of the suspects, an 18 year old man, and are searching for the other suspect.  The home owner was not injured.

Parade versus Criminal Charges: An Example

A while back, a reader of this website mentioned the tendency of newspapers to report that charges won’t be filed when a crime victim uses a gun to defend themselves against a violent criminal.  His point was that the news media is showing anti gun, anti self defense bias by suggesting that even the most justified cases of self defense are somehow wrongful.  A recent case of self defense and the corresponding news story really showcase this problem:

Report on Gun Related Laws Pending in Illinois

The NRA has put together a nice report on proposed Illinois laws that effect gun rights.  It is critical that those of us who live in IL contact our elected officials and make our voices heard, as our gun rights are in jeopardy.  Those who live outside of Illinois should also recognize that the anti gun laws pending in Illinois could soon come to your state too, as anti gun laws can spread like wildfire.

Keep Your Distance When Using a Gun in Self Defense

In movies and on the TV, it is common to see gun users get very close to the bad guy, often placing the gun against the bad guy’s body.  While I hope that neither I nor anyone who reads this article ever has to use a gun in self defense, properly using the gun in such a situation is vital.  Those who defend themselves using a gun should keep their distance from the criminal for a few reasons:

Career Criminal Shot While Trying to Break into Semi Truck Sleeper Cab

As reported, a semi truck driver in Tennessee was sleeping in his truck’s sleeper cab when James Edward Hodges, Jr., a man with a lengthy criminal record, tried to break in.  Hodges first used a rock to break the sleeper cab’s window, and then tried to climb in, at which point the truck driver opened fire in self defense.  Hodges, who had previous convictions for burglary, thefts, driving under the influence, drug charges, aggravated assault, failures to appear in court, … Continued

Armed Robber Shot in Buttocks by Armed Citizen

As reported, an armed robber in Opelika, Alabama approached a citizen and demanded money, while threatening that citizen’s life.  The citizen drew his own handgun, and opened fire on the armed criminal, striking him in the buttocks.  The would-be victim was unharmed, and the armed robber was taken to the East Alabama Medical Center, were he is being treated (and detained).

Armed Pizza Delivery Man Defends Himself Against Ambush Robbers

As reported, four criminals ordered pizza to a house with the intent of robbing whomever delivered it. None of the four lived at the house and the homeowner did not realize his home was being used for a robbery. A Pizza Hut delivery man, 43-year-old Christopher Miller, showed up at the home at 10:30pm found and 17-year-old Paul Sturgill was standing on the sidewalk waiting to ambush him. Soon after Miller got out of the car, two other men ran … Continued

My Thoughts on an Unarmed Robbery in Oak Park

As reported, a 29 year old man from Chicago has been charged in connection with the February 3, 2009 robbery of an elderly and handicapped person in Oak Park, IL. Police allege that Ray Griffin, a 29 year old man who resides at 928 North Monticello in Chicago, followed the disabled and elderly woman out of a store and to her home on the 700 block of South Humphrey in Oak Park. Police say that Griffin then asked the woman … Continued

A Negligent Shooting that was Good for Society

As I’ve said before, following the rules of gun safety is the duty of every responsible gun owner.  It is only when these rules are not followed that negligent shootings occur.  While most negligent shootings are sad situations, here is one such shooting that seems to have been quite good for society:

911 Fails to Answer – Armed Son-In-Law Saves Woman from Home Invader

As reported, a woman who lives just west of Fort Worth in Texas heard an intruder enter her home during the night.  She called 911 several times, but go not answer.  She then called her daughter, who, along with her armed husband, raced to the woman’s home.  The woman’s armed son-in-law was able to hold the home invader at gunpoint and save his mother-in-law.  After renewed and repeated attempts at calling 911, the family was finally able to get through … Continued

Gun Control Doesn’t Keep Guns Out of Criminals’ Hands: Three Chicago-area Examples

Gun control advocates believe that infringing the right of law abiding citizens to own a gun for self defense or sporting purposes will somehow prevent criminals from having a gun and using it to commit a crime.  The fact is that criminals ignore the laws that tell them not to have a gun, just as they ignore the rest of society’s laws.  A few recent examples from the Chicago area illustrate this point:

Ohio Apartment Renter Fatally Shoots Armed Home Invader in Self Defense

As reported, a pair of armed robbers broke into an apartment in Roselawn, Ohio around 10:00am on Wednesday and threatened the resident’s life. The apartment renter was able to grab his self defense gun and fatally shoot one of the home invading criminals, who has been identified an 19 year old Gerald Womble.  The other criminal was scared away.

Chicago Man Shot for Not Having Money to Give to Armed Robber

As reported, a Chicago man was shot in the thigh after an armed robber was angered by his lack of money. At 10:30PM on Wednesday, a 30 year old man was walking to a friend’s house on the 6200 block of South Francisco Avenue when an armed robber came up behind him and demanded money. The man replied that he had no money, at which point the gunman shot him in the back of his right thigh and then fled.

Another Terrorist Attack Stopped by an Armed Citizen

As reported, a terrorist in Israel used a construction vehicle to ram a bus and a police car, injuring multiple people.  The police car was then flipped over by the terrorist, who proceeded to try and crush car with the construction vehicle’s front shovel.  Luckily, an armed taxi driver was able to draw his pistol and fire four shots, which wounded the terrorist before he could kill the cops.  A police officer later appeared and fatally shot the terrorist with … Continued

Criminal Shot While Trying to Rob Chicago Area Gun Store

As reported, a man attempted to rob Mike Schrank’s Smoke ‘N Gun, a gun store located in the Chicago suburb of Waukegan.  After the robber went behind the counter and got physical with the clerk, the clerk shot the robber twice in the chest and once in the leg.  Police arrived to find the criminal alive, and held at gunpoint by the clerk.  On a sadder note, the clerk somehow shot himself once in the hand, but will recover from … Continued

Professor Calls Police on Peaceful Pro Gun Rights Student

As reported, Central Connecticut State University student John Wahlberg took the Communications 140 class, in which he was required to give an oral presentation on a “relevant issue in the media.”   For the topic of his presentation, he chose the the benefits of concealed carry when it comes to stopping school shooters.  The presentation was non-threatening and did not involved any real or fake guns.  The professor, Paula Anderson, apparently felt that there was some “perceived risk” and went to … Continued

Oak Park’s Solution to the Armed Robbery Spree: Whistles

About once a week I discuss the village of Oak Park, IL, which has a handgun ban that keeps law abiding people defenseless, while failing to stop criminals from having guns.  In the midst of an armed robbery spree that has lasted over a year, Oak Park officials are now suggesting that residents carry a whistle, and to blow it in the event that a crime occurs.  My thoughts on this program are below:

Anti Gun Mother Opposes Gun Safety Education for Children

The NRA provides a coloring book for young children, which simply teaches them to not touch guns and to get an adult’s help if they find a gun.  The program does not promote or glorify guns, gun rights or the NRA in any way, and does not teach children about how to use a gun at all.  However one anti gun parent is opposed to this type of safety education, and is also upset that the NRA is the one … Continued

Lilburn, GA Homeowner Shoots Home Invader in Self Defense

As reported, two criminals picked a house on the 3500 block of Bob Hannah Drive in unincorporated Liburn, GA to invade at about 5:15pm.  They repeatedly knocked on the door, and the home owner who could tell something wasn’t right got out his gun.  The men then kicked in the front door and proceeded to enter, at which point the home owner opened fire in self defense.  One of the home invading criminals was fatally wounded, and the other fled.  … Continued

Another Unreasonable Attempt to Equate Guns and Cars

A recent letter to the editor in the Post-Journal by Kevin P. Bimper suggests that there should be mandatory registration, insurance, inspection, etc. for guns, because in Mr. Bimper’s opinion, guns are like cars. I disagree with both his reasoning and conclusions: