Oklahoma City Home Invader Shot in Self Defense

As reported, 29 year old Ronald Penn and an accomplice broke into a house on the 2200 block of SW 57.  The home owner had just returned home for lunch, and fearing for his safety from the criminals, drew the concealed pistol that he was lawfully carrying.  The home owner fatally shot Penn, and his accomplice fled.  The home owner and his wife were unharmed, and police are searching for the accomplice.

The “Made in Montana” Gun Law

The state of Montana recently passed the Firearms Freedom Act, which allows firearms and ammunition manufactured and sold for use only within the state to be exempt from Federal regulation.  Such guns and ammo would be stamped “Made in Montana.”  The legal theory here is that the the Federal government has the power to regulate interstate commerce in firearms, but not purely intrastate commerce – meaning that there must be some crossing of state lines before the Federal government has … Continued

I Now Have a Concealed Carry Permit :)

As I mentioned last week, I recently moved to Iowa.  Aside from getting the job I really wanted, I was also looking forward to living in a state that allows concealed carry.  As soon as I had some free time after the move, I went to my Sheriff’s office and applied for a concealed carry permit.  The Sheriff processed my application the next business day, and I am happy to say that I now have an Iowa concealed carry permit.  … Continued

Ruger PC4 Review

Below is my review of the Ruger PC4, which is a carbine rifle chambered for .40 S&W:

Knife Rights

I’ve previously discussed how the Second Amendment appears to protect many arms other than guns.  In that spirit, I would like to point out a website that I found last week: KnifeRights.org.  Basically, the goal of Knife Rights is to build an effective advocacy group that will defend knife rights against unreasonable restrictions, similar to how the NRA defends gun rights.  While I generally prefer firearms over edged weapons for self defense, I strongly believe in the importance of defending … Continued

Home Owner Shoots Home Invader in the Eye

As reported, three home invaders kicked in a door on the 11900 block of Madison Oak in Harris County, TX.  The home owner shot one of the robbers in the eye, and all three criminals fled.  The home owner was unharmed.  Police apprehended 3 suspects, including one with an eye injury, when they arrived at a nearby hospital.  Police believe that these same suspects may have been involved in another home invasion nearby, where criminals kicked in a door, fatally … Continued

Violent Armed Robber’s Family Blames the Victim for Defending Himself

Last week, I discussed how pharmacy worker Jerome Ensland courageously saved himself and the other innocent people in the pharmacy from armed robber Antwun Parker.  Now, the family of that dead armed robber is speaking out, claiming that the robber was a sweet and innocent person, and that the pharmacy worker was wrong to defend himself.  These statements, and my responses, are below:

Ammunition Shortage

Since Obama‘s election, there has been a nation wide ammunition shortage.  The Chicago-area gun stores where I bought ammo raised their prices about 25%, and would only sell me 3 boxes at a time, but they always had ammo to sell.  I’ve read about more severe shortages in blogs, and seen discussions about it on various forums, but until recently I didn’t really experience the shortage myself.  That changed yesterday:

Chicago Gun Control Continues to Fail: 8 People Shot in 80 Minutes

It is no secret that Chicago is a violence-plagued city, that takes turns with the District of Columbia as America’s “murder capitol.”  It is also no secret that Chicago’s handgun ban fails to disarm criminals, while serving only to ensure that crime victims are defenseless.  A recent series of shootings in Chicago underscores this point:

“Banana Gun” Robber Foiled

As reported, a 17 year old allegedly entered an internet cafe in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, with a banana under his shirt.  The teenager is then said to have pretended that the banana was a gun, while demanding money.  The cafe’s owner and customers tackled the would-be robber, and called the police.  However before the police arrived, the teenager is said to have eaten the banana, causing police to jokingly suggest that he also be charged with destroying evidence.  The banana’s … Continued

“Gun Free” Oak Park: 3 Armed Robberies in 3 Days

For quite a while, I wrote weekly articles about the “gun free” village of Oak Park, IL, which still has a handgun ban that criminals routinely ignore as they commit armed robberies and shootings.  Over the last month or so, I haven’t mentioned Oak Park very often, simply because I had more interesting matters to write about, and limited time to spend blogging. However, as a recent article from the Chicago Tribune shows, the robberies have continued:

Pharmacy Worker Shoots Robber in Self Defense

As reported, an armed robber and two accomplices attempted to rob the Reliable Discount Pharmacy in Oklahoma City.  A pharmacy employee fatally shot the violent criminal in self defense, and police arrested one suspected accomplice about a block from the pharmacy.  A third accomplice is being sought by police.  None of the pharmacy employees or customers were harmed.  A man who was at the pharmacy with his wife and daughter told reporters that the pharmacy was robbed a few years … Continued

I’m Moving…

I just finished law school, and accepted a job in Iowa, so I’m moving today and tomorrow.  On the plus side, I just got the job that I really wanted, found a house that I like, and will live in a state that allows concealed carry.  On the down side, I won’t be posting anything new to LearnAboutGuns.com or answering emails until about Friday…

A Sad Chicago Murder Showing the Need for Concealed Carry and the Ineffectiveness of Gun Control

Michael Norton was a 55 year old man, who ran a convenience store on Chicago’s West side.  He ran the store for about 35 years, and was a fixture in the neighborhood. He was known for helping his tenants and others in the neighborhood. He sponsored some of them at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, and was well liked. Back in 1991, a pair of armed criminals threatened his life and tried to rob his store.  Norton fatally shot one robber in … Continued

D.C. Attorney General Espouses Unreasonable Anti-Gun Fears

Peter Nickles, the Attorney General for the District of Columbia, recently stated said that presidential and other motorcades will be exposed to high-powered arms fire if D.C. is prevented by congress from continuing to violate citizens’ gun rights, which it is doing in spite of the D.C. v. Heller Supreme Court case..  This idea is an unfounded departure from reality, as I discuss below.

Armed Detroit Woman Fends Off Home Invaders

As reported, a man noticed that his neighbor’s home was being broken in to by a trio of criminals at 5AM.  The man called the home owner’s cell phone to warn him of the impending home invasion.  The home owner was not at home, however his wife was, and so he in turn called his wife to warn her.  She grabbed a gun, and opened fire on the criminals as they climbed the stairs, missing but causing them to flee.  … Continued

Robber Shot in Foot by Armed Citizen

As reported, a pair of criminals attempted to rob a victim in Wilkes-Barre, PA, while armed with a metal pipe.  The victim complied, and handed over his wallet.  Despite the victim’s cooperation, the criminal with the metal pipe continued to advance on the victim, who then drew his lawfully concealed pistol, and shot the robber in the foot.  The shot robber was treated at a local hospital, and and both robbers were arrested.

Another Case of Anti Gun Hypocrisy: T.I.

The attempt at depriving law abiding citizens of their constitutional right to keep and bear arms is often led by hypocritical people, who wish to have guns for their own defense, while denying that right to others.  A recent example of such hypocrisy involves T.I., a rapper who has violated gun laws (and other laws) for years, and is now sponsoring an anti gun rally, right before he goes to prison for violating gun control laws himself.

A Follow-up Response to David Rosman’s Anti Gun Editorial

A while back, David Rosman wrote an anti gun editorial for the Columbia Missourian.  A reader of that editorial disagreed, and provided a link to LearnAboutGuns.com to show the effectiveness of so-called “assault weapons” for self defense purposes.  I then noticed this incoming link in my server logs, read Mr. Rosman’s article, and wrote my own rebuttal.  I recently received an email from David Rosman, in which he provided a link to his rebuttal to my rebuttal.  My response is … Continued

Armed South African Citizen Defends Himself and His Wife Against 4 Robbers

As reported, a South African man was walking down the street with his wife when four criminals approached.  Two of the criminals were armed with firearms.  The 4 men tried to rob the couple, at which point the armed citizen drew his self defense gun and open fire, wounding one robber in the buttocks, and another robber in the cheek.  All four criminals fled, and were soon arrested.  The two criminals who were shot were taken to the hospital under … Continued

Attend the McDonald v. Chicago Oral Argument on May 26, 2009

In the  D.C. v. Heller case, the Supreme Court struck down the ban on handguns in the District of Columbia, as that ban violated the Second Amendment.  One of the issues left unresolved in that case was whether the Second Amendment applied against state and local governments, or just the federal government.  The McDonald v. Chicago case may answer that question with respect to the Chicago and Oak Park handgun bans.

NRA Alert: Florida Concealed Carry Funds Being Stolen

Below is an NRA action alert concerning the attempt by Florida legislators to wrongfully take funds from the firearms licensing trust fund, which will effect anyone who holds a resident or non-resident Florida concealed carry permit. Regardless of your state of residence, please read the alert below, and act today.

Home Invasion Victim Shoots Violent Attacker in Self Defense

As reported, 37 year old Charles Goff III broke into a man’s house in Gilbert, Arizona, after becoming angry that the man was dating his ex-wife.  Goff, who had a history of violent behavior, and whose ex-wife had requested an order of protection, held the victim at gunpoint for about four hours.  During this time, Goff sent text messages to his ex-wife, attempting to lure her to the victim’s home.  The victim was eventually able to get his self defense … Continued

An Example of a Gun-Ban-Ignoring Criminal

Gun control advocates like to believe that passing laws banning guns will keep those guns out of the hands of criminals.  This idea defies logic, since by definition criminals are people who don’t obey the law.  A recent case from Oakland, CA makes this point rather clear:

My Thoughts on the BedBunker Gun Safe

For the last couple of months, a spammer has been sending me unsolicited emails with links to the BedBunker gun safe, suggesting that I discuss their product on this website.  I’m more than glad to do so now, although I get the feeling that this review is not what that spammer was hoping for: 

Armed Bicycle Rider Defends Self Against Multiple Attackers

As reported, a Racine, WI man was riding his bicycle when four teenage attackers knocked him to the ground.  The man grabbed his openly carried pistol from his holster, pointed it at the sky, and yelled “gun!”  The attackers then fled, leaving the man with only minor injuries from being knocked off his bike.

An Unusually Happy Ending to a Violent Armed Robbery

As reported, a car mechanic was lured behind a high school by a pair of robbers who posed as customers in need of a mechanic.  After the victim was behind the high school, one of the robbers drew his gun, pointed it at the victim’s head, and then pulled the trigger.  Lucky, the robber’s gun failed to fire, and the victim was unharmed.  The robbers then took the victim’s money, and promptly began fighting with each other as to how … Continued

Armed Student Shoots Home Invaders, Saving 10 Lives

As reported, a university student was having a birthday party with 10 friends in College Park, GA, when a pair of armed home invaders broke in through a patio door.  The criminals demanded that everyone hand over their cell phone and wallets.  Next, the home invaders separated the men from the women, preparing to rape the women.  At this time, the two men confirmed with each other that they had enough bullets to kill everyone when they were done.  At … Continued

Cash-N-Dash Robber Fatally Shot in Self Defense

As reported, a pair of robbers entered a Cash-N-Dash in Mobile County, Alabama.  An employee (or possibly the owner) was threatened by the robbers, at which point he opened fire on the criminals.  One of the criminals was fatally wounded, and died after running about 60 yards from the store’s front door.  The other alleged robber was apprehended by police, and is being held without bail on a first-degree robbery charge.

Deconstructing Million Mom March Propaganda

The Million Mom March is an anti gun organization that is closely affiliated with the Brady Campaign.  They advance their anti gun rights agenda through the unfair indoctrination of young children who will soon be voters, and their propaganda laden website.  A visitor to LearnAboutGuns.com sent me an email asking me to address some of their anti gun statements point by point, and I’m happy to oblige:

BP Gas Station Robber Shot in Self Defense

As reported, an armed robber entered the BP gas station located at 1959 17th Avenue in Columbus, Ohio.  He then threatened the clerk while demanding money.  The clerk grabbed his self defense gun from behind the counter, and shot the robber.  After being shot, the robber fled, only to collapse outside the gas station.  The robber was taken to a nearby hospital in serious condition.  Neither the clerk nor any customers were harmed.

Another Anti Self Defense News Article

Recently, a pair of criminals tried to steal a man’s SUV and then run him over with it.  The criminals refused to stop driving towards the owner, and he used his gun to defend himself, saving his life and killing one of the criminals in the process. Reporting on this story, CNN’s anti gun and anti self defense bias is apparent:

An Update on the Seattle, WA Gun Ban

Last summer, I wrote an article about Seattle Mayor Greg Nickles plan to ban guns on city property, after a criminal shot two people. A reader of this website sent me an email with a status update on this proposed ban:

Second Amendment Forum in Wheaton, IL on Tuesday

Below is an action alert from the ISRA, discussing a Second Amendment forum which will take place in Wheaton, IL on Tuesday, May 5th 2009 at 7:00PM.   This open forum is being sponsored by pro gun rights organizers, in response to a recent anti gun forum in Wheaton, where only those opposed to gun rights were able to speak.

Baseball Bat Wielding Home Invader Shot in Self Defense

As reported, an 18 year old man armed himself with an aluminum baseball bat went to an apartment in Fort Worth, looking for a person that he didn’t like.  The bat wielding man pounded on the patio door, and ordered the would-be victim to come out.  The would-be victim’s roommate opened a door to see what was going on, and the bat-toting man forced his way inside the apartment, advancing on the man whom he dislike.  The would-be victim fired … Continued

Contradictory Complaints about Self Defense Gun Uses

Those opposed to gun rights often have contradictory arguments.  One such example centers around self defense gun uses, with anti gun individuals complaining when an armed citizen fatally shoots a criminal, and also complaining when the armed citizen doesn’t shoot the criminal at all.

Grocery Store Burglar Shot in Self Defense

As reported, a 21 year old man, along with an accomplice, broke into an Idaho grocery store through a fan duct.  A grocery store employee was working on a computer upstairs in the grocery store, and went to investigate the noise.  One of the burglars rushed toward the employee, who shot the burglar in the leg.   The burglar continued to advance on the employee, at which point the employee fatally shot the burglar in the chest.  The accomplice then fled.

Concealed Carry Saves Armed Citizen from Road Rage

As reported, a Kingsport, TN concealed carry permit holder was driving home when a car in front of him started weaving back and forth, blocking the road.  The driver of that car then stopped his car in the middle of the road, exited his vehicle, and began yelling at the concealed carry permit holder.  The angry man tried to enter the concealed carry permit holder’s car, at which point he drew his gun in self defense.  Seeing the gun was … Continued

Armed Guards Stop Pirate Attack

As reported, Somali pirates attempted to hijack the Melody, an Italian cruise ship carrying about 1500 passengers and crew.  The pirates opened fire with machine rifles as they attacked during the night.  The Israeli security team returned fire with pistols and water hoses, repelling the pirates.  None of the ship’s passengers or crew where harmed, and the cruise ship escaped.  The pirates were later apprehended by the Seychelles coast guard.