Armed Clerk Scares Away Would-be Robber

As reported, Dominic Mathew’s Food Pantry store was robbed several times in the past, including one robber where the criminal held a gun to his neck.  Wishing to defend himself, he got a handgun.  Last Tuesday, a robber came into his Iowa store wearing a hoodie, with a gun in hand.  Upon seeing Mathew’s gun, the would-be robber lowered his gun and ran out the door.  No shots were fired, and the robbery was averted.

Armed Robberies and a Case of Self Defense in Oak Park, IL

Over the last year, I’ve discussed dozens of armed robberies in Oak Park, where criminals ignore the handgun ban and prey on disarmed victims.  The last week was sadly no different, although I am happy to report that there was a case of self defense.

My Response to an Underhanded Anti Gun Editorial

Last week, Inside Nova ran an anti gun editorial, The article ignores facts and statistics, and instead attempts to blame guns and gun owners for the already illegal actions of one person, then calls for a gun ban.  The author of that article pushes reason to the side, and tries to scare readers into accepting his or her viewpoint, all while misrepresenting the facts.  These anti gun assertions, and my responses, are below:

Second Amendment Freedom Rally Tomorrow in Chicago!

Below is an announcement from the ISRA, about the Second Amendment Freedom Rally.  It takes place Friday, June 26,2009 in downtown Chicago.  I really encourage everyone to attend.  Sadly, I won’t be there, since I now live in Iowa and can’t take the day off from work.

Obama’s Latest Anti-Gun Nominee

As I’ve discussed before, President Obama is about as anti gun as it gets.  He was endorsed by the Brady Campaign, and chose gun rights opponent Joe Biden to be his vice president.  He then nominated anti gun individuals such as Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano to key positions within his administration.  This trend continues with his latest State Department nominee, Harold Hongju Koh, who supports gun control on a global scale.  Below is the Gun Owners of America action … Continued

Shotgun Saves Homeowner and 3 Others from Violent Home Invaders

As reported, a Mesa, AZ home was invaded by a pair of armed and violent criminals.  The criminals demanded money, and rounded up the four residents of the house, moving them into one room.  The homeowner managed to grab his shotgun, and fatally shot one of the criminals.  The homeowner also managed to shoot and wound another criminal, who fled and was later apprehended by police at a local hospital.  The residents were unharmed.

The Importance of Stopping Violent Criminals Early in their Careers

When I discuss cases where armed citizens stop violent criminals, my main focus is on how having a gun allowed those citizens to save themselves from that criminal.  However there is another benefit to stopping criminals, which is often harder to show, but remains just as real:

Guns, Drugs, and Mexico

For the last few months, I’ve been meaning to write an article discussing the drug-related violence in Mexico, but hadn’t gotten around to doing so.  My goal was to debunk the myth that US guns and gun owners are to blame for the violence in Mexico, and to discuss the inherent problems with our war on drugs.  However a recent article on does an excellent job doing both, so I’ll encourage everyone to read that article.

Liquor Store Clerk Shoots Violent Robber in Self Defense

As reported, a liquor store clerk was given a cell phone, and a .40 caliber Glock pistol by his son.  These gifts were given by the son out of concern for his father’s safety.  These two gifts ended up saving the clerk’s life.  On Monday, the clerk was in his store when an armed robber entered, waved a knife in his face, then tried to stab him in the chest.  The cell phone blocked the knife, likely saving the clerk’s … Continued

Guns and Race in Iowa

As I mentioned about a year ago, many of my friends and family expressed concerns for my safety when they learned that I frequented Chicago-area gun stores and ranges.  They worried that gun owners were racist, and would open fire on me for being an African American.  Such concerns were totally unfounded, and I experienced not a shred of racism from gun store/range owners, employees, or customers.  Instead, I found my fellow Chicago-area gun enthusiasts to be kind, helpful, and … Continued

Bakery Robber Fatally Shot in Self Defense

As reported, an robber entered the Cinderella Bakery in San Antonio, Texas, threatening the life of the owner.  The owner’s son heard the owner scream, and he came from the back of the Bakery with a gun.  The owner’s son shot the robber at least twice, and the robber took off running.  Police were called, and conducted a search for the robber.  They found the criminal a few blocks away, and called for an ambulance.  The robber died shortly thereafter … Continued

Sarasota Armed Robber Shot in Self Defense

As reported, a Sarasota, Florida man drove to his house, and stepped out of his vehicle to unlock his fence, when a black pickup truck pulled up behind him.  A criminal, who was armed with a shotgun, stepped out of the truck and ordered the man to lay on the ground.  The man acted as though he was complying with the criminal’s demands, but then grabbed his concealed handgun.  The man opened fire on the armed criminal, striking him in … Continued

More British Injustice

I’ve written several articles in the past about how criminals have the upper hand in Britain.  First, British gun bans ensure that only criminals are armed.  Then, those citizens who do manage to defend themselves against violent criminals are convicted of murder, and then sued by a surviving criminal.  However a recent case from the UK is so outrageous that I thought it was a joke at first:

Help Launch Illinois’ Newest Gun Rights Group

The Illinois State Rifle Association has released the action alert shown below, encouraging those who support gun rights to help out a brand new political action committee (PAC).  The mission of this PAC is to “elect those who support the 2nd Amendment, and work even harder to un-elect those who do not.” I encourage everyone, whether you live in the state of Illinois or not, to help out.

Misrepresenting Gun Statistics

When researching a self defense gun use case on a major news outlet’s website, I noticed a statistical graph discussing gun related deaths.  It is entitled “Who’s At Risk,” and states that it “Compares Firearms-Related Deaths Among Men, Women, Blacks And Whites in 2000.”  I see serious misrepresentation of fact in this graph:

Arizona Liquor Store Robber Shot in Self Defense

As reported, a pair of armed robbers came to a Phoenix, AZ liquor store, with one waiting outside while the other entered.  A robber, who was armed with a knife, handed the clerk what appears to have been a note demanding money.  The clerk pretended to be unable to read the note, at which point the robber walked through the gate that separates the clerk from customers, and pulled out a knife.  The clerk then shot the robber in self … Continued

Another Elderly British Citizen Left Defenseless, Tortured to Death in his Own Home

As reported, 75 year old Reginald Baker was a retired British man, whose physical strength was limited.  His small home was filled with family photos, and collectible models of military vehicles.  His home had been broken into once, and a burglar stole over £2,300 of his retirement savings. Fearing a repeated break-in, Reginald decided to store his money securely at the local post office, and had police install a security camera at his home. A few weeks after that first … Continued

ISRA Range Open House

Below is a notice from the ISRA, discussing their 7th Annual Range Open House, which is on June 27, 2009.  All law abiding citizens are invited, including those who do not own a firearm and wish to shoot for the first time under the supervision of qualified instructors:

Long Island Store Owner Takes Pity on Violent Robber

As reported, a Long Island store owner was working the register on May 21, 2009, when a bat wielding robber entered, and started swinging.  The robber yelled for the store owner to hand over money, at which point the store owner pulled out his shotgun.  The robber immediately dropped to his knees and began begging for forgiveness, blaming the bad economy for his decision to rob the store.  The store owner forgave the robber, and even handed him $40 plus … Continued

A Particularly Evil Armed Robbery in Oak Park

The “gun free” village of Oak Park, IL has seen plenty of armed robberies, as criminals laugh at the decades-old handgun ban.  Most of these robberies involve criminals threatening the lives of innocent people, while taking their money or car.  However during a recent robbery, the armed criminal took something much more precious:

The World’s Most Incompetent Armed Robber

As reported, an armed robber entered a Port Royal, VA bank and demanded money while threatening the life of a teller.  After receiving several thousand dollars, the robber fled back to his vehicle, dropping $100 bill along the way.  When he got to his vehicle, he realized that he had locked the keys inside, and tried to break open a window using a piece of wood.  The robber succeeded only at drawing the attention of two auto shop workers, whose … Continued

Preliminary Concealed Carry Observations

As I happily mentioned a few days ago, I now live in Iowa, and have a concealed carry permit.  One of the holsters that I ordered arrived, and I’ve been carrying.  Some of my preliminary observations are below:

A Follow-up on the Self Defense Shooting of Pharmacy Robber Antwun Parker

I’ve recently discussed the self defense shooting of Antwun Parker, who was part of an armed robber team that attacked an Oklahoma City pharmacy.  I’ve also discussed how the dead armed robber’s family wrongfully blamed the pharmacy worker who acted in self defense.  That pharmacy worker, Jerome Ersland has since been charged with murder for defending himself.  More information on this situation, and my thoughts about it, are below: