East St. Louis Home Invader Shot in Self Defense

As reported, 18 year old Michael Holmes III and another person attempted to break in to a home.  The home was being rehabbed by its  owner, so that the owner, his wife, and their child could move in to the house.  The owner, a Navy service member, was working inside the house when the two men are said to have forced their way in.  The homeowner opened fire in self defense, killing Holmes.  The other suspect then fled, but was … Continued

Another Meritless Anti Self Defense Argument (that is all to common in Chicago)

Criminals in Chicago violate the ineffective and misguided handgun ban on a daily basis.  Often times, those criminals are aiming for a rival gang member or other criminal, but end up shooting an innocent child.  That appears to be what happened Saturday afternoon at a South Side block party, where a 2 year old child was shot by a criminal.  One of the anti gun readers of the news website where the shooting was reported had the following to say, … Continued

Having Cops Nearby is No Guarantee of Safety

Yesterday, I discussed one of the rather rare cases when police were able to intervene and save a victim.  However today I would like to stress that such cases are indeed rare, and that is why I belive so strongly in the value of armed self defense.  All too often, the police fail to answer 911 calls, or fail to arrive in time to save the victim, despite repeated requests for help.  In other cases, the police may arrive at … Continued

Favoring the Criminal at the Expense of the Innocent

As reported, Paul Stolarz was a 45 year old homeless man who lived in Chicago.  He had a history of arrests for minor crimes, and had previously spent a couple days in jail.  On Thursday afternoon, he brandished a knife in the Chicago loop.  Cops were called, and they ordered him to stop and drop the knife.  Stolarz refused, and the cops pepper sprayed him.  Not stopped by the pepper spay, Stolarz ran and then grabbed an 80 year old … Continued

Concealed Carry Permit Holder Shoots Detroit Armed Robber in Self Defense

As reported, Detroit police say that at about 5AM, behind the apartment building at 1670 Oakman, an armed robber came up behind a man and put a gun to that man’s head.  The man had a concealed carry permit, and drew his self defense gun.  The robber and his would-be victim exchanged gunshot, and the robber was critically injured.  The would-be victim suffered only a minor injury to the head (it is unclear whether this injury was from a bullet, … Continued

Long Term Ammunition Storage

Prior to the current ammunition shortage,  I generally kept only a small amount of ammo at home.  I never really bothered to stock up, since I could always buy plenty of ammo at a reasonable price from my local gun stores.  But nowadays, ammunition is in short supply, and sometimes can’t be had at any price.  For example, I’ve wanted to go shoot my Springfield XD40 a few times this summer, but didn’t have any ammo (other than a limited … Continued

72 Year Old NC State Senator Shoots Home Invader in Self Defense

As reported, police say that North Carolina state Senator Soles shot 22 year old Kyle Blackburn, as Blackburn and another suspect, B.J. Wright, allegedly broke into Soles home.  Blackburn was previously arrested in September 2008 for allegedly breaking into Soles’ home.  Blackburn survived, and was listed in fair condition at a local hospital.  Police are investigating, and District Attorney Rex Gore declined to comment about any possible charges this early in the investigation.

If Only 1 Victim Had Been Armed for Self Defense…

Victor Lamar Davis, a 27 year old California man, was recently convicted of sexually assaulting 7 women.  However prosecutors believe that figure is much higher.  Davis would often commit his crimes during burglaries, and some of the women were raped multiple times.  Davis faces 400 years to life in prison when he is sentenced on September 18, 2009 – yet no sentence will ever undo the harm that Davis inflicted upon his victims. However, had just one of his victims … Continued

Mischaracterizing Self Defense

The intro to a report by Fox on the recent self defense shootings in WI mischaracterizes self defense as vigilantism.  Fox’s statements, and the problems with those statements, are below:

Oak Park Armed Robberies Continue – despite the handgun ban

For a while, I wrote almost weekly about Oak Park, IL, which is one of the few municipalities that still has a handgun ban.  As would be expected, criminals in Oak Park ignore the handgun ban, and prey on the defenseless and disarmed victims.  Since moving out of Illinois, I haven’t written about the Oak Park armed robberies as often – but they certainly have continued:

Masked Robbers Shot by 2 Customers

As reported, 2 robbers, wearing masks and gloves entered a Milwaukee food store Tuesday morning at 10:45AM and announced that they were going to commit a robbery.  One or two customers then opened fire, hitting both robbers.  One robber died on the spot, and the other robber escaped a short distance down the street before dying from his wounds.  Police say that both suspects, whose names have not yet been released, had lengthy criminal records for armed robbery, weapons, and … Continued

Egyptian Crew Kills Pirates and Escapes

As reported, 34 Egyptian fisherman were captured by Somali pirates and held hostage since April.  The Egyptian hostages managed to overpower their pirate captors, killing 7, and escaping to safety.  Upon finding the bodies of 7 dead colleagues, the pirate spokesperson stated “We have found seven of our dead colleagues floating in the sea . . . The Egyptian crew members killed them … we used to welcome them and treat the Egyptians better than other hostages, but if we … Continued

Armed Milwaukee Man Shoots Armed Robber in Self Defense

As reported, early Thursday morning, the man was near 1st and Clark in Milwaukee, WI when a 19 year old and a 17 year old approach and threatened his life with a gun, as part of a robbery attempt.  The would-be victim was armed, and fired one shot, which killed one robber, 17 year old Kevin Ollie.  At this point, that robber unintentionally shot his 19 year old accomplice, who survived and is in police custody.  The robbery victim was … Continued

Husband and Wife Defend Themselves Against an Armed Robber

As reported, a criminal armed with a knife entered Ron Busy Corner, a store on the 5700 block of Juniper Bay Road in Horry County, SC, and pressed a knife to the back of the store owner.  The store owner and a customer struggled with the robber, while the store owners wife ran to get a pistol.  The store owner, his wife, and the customer managed to disarm the robber and hold him at gunpoint until the police arrived to … Continued

Lessons to be Learned From Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett’s Beating

As reported, Milwaukee, WI Mayor Tom Barrett was leaving the WI state fair on Saturday night when he heard a woman scream for help.  Barrett began calling 911, at which point the suspect turned on Barrett and began beating him with a metal pipe.  The suspect then fled, and Barrett was taken to a local hospital.  Barrett was listed in stable condition at the hospital, and police are seeking the suspect.  The woman was unharmed.  My thoughts are below:

New York Business Owner Shoots 4 Armed Robbers in Self Defense

As reported, 4 armed robbers entered the Kaplan Brother Blue Flame Corporation, a restaurant-supply business, and announced that they were going to commit a robbery.  One of the criminals then drew a handgun, and began to pistol whip an employee.  The 72 year old owner of the Harlem business grabbed his shotgun and opened fire in self defense.  Two of the robber were killed, and the other two were injured. The two surviving robbers fled, but police quickly apprehended a … Continued

Florida Home Invader Shot in Self Defense

As reported, a Florida man was at home when a burglar knocked on his door.  After the resident refused to open the door, the burglar is said to have gone around the house and then broken in through a window.  Realizing that his home was being invaded, the resident reportedly grabbed his gun and shot the suspect, who then fled.  Police found a suspect, Carlos Contreras, at a local hospital where he was allegedly seeking treatment for the gunshot wound.  … Continued

My First Unpleasant Gun Store Experience – Thoughts?

I’ve generally been quite happy with the gun stores and ranges I’ve been to, both in the Chicago and Quad Cities areas.  However that streak came to an end today, with a trip to B & B Shooting Supplies.  The story is below, and I’m curious what other people think of the situation and my reaction.

Guns at School: One Year Later

A year ago, the superintendent of a rural Texas school district decided to allow teachers to carry concealed firearms for self defense.  Predictably, the anti gun crowd was outraged, and predicted dire consequences.  However the school district stuck with the plan, and a year has passed with no bloodshed.  Instead, the Harrold Independent School District is safe and secure.

Belize City Armed Robber Shot in Self Defense

As reported, a resident of Belize City, Belize was standing in his own yard with three friends when an armed robber ran up to the man and threatened his life during a robbery attempt.  However this victim was one of the fortunate Belize City residents to have a lawfully owned gun for self defense.  The victim complied with the robber’s demands, before drawing his own gun and commanding the robber to stop and return his property.  The robber refused, drew … Continued

Violent Pizza Shop Robber Shot in Self Defense

As reported, an armed robber entered a Philadelphia, PA pizza shop,  at about 11:45 PM on Saturday. The robber is said to have threatened the life of the pizza shop owner, while demanding money. The shop owner reportedly grabbed his gun and fired in self defense. The robber was hit, and was listed in critical condition at a local hospital. Neither the shop owner nor any innocent bystanders were harmed.

Guns Provide Options

A recent comment on this website very correctly noted that guns provide options.  I thought I would take a moment to expound on that point, since it seems to be lost on those opposed to gun rights:

Armed Robber Shot by Texas Store Owner

As reported, a 911 caller reported an armed robbery at a store on the 3000 block of Gulf Street in Beaumont, TX.  The store owner stated that an armed robber who was dressed in black entered his store and threatened him with a handgun, before leaving the store with the stolen money.  The store owner grabbed his gun, and went into the parking lot to get the robber’s license plate.  At this point, the robber saw the owner and pointed … Continued

Another Flawed Anti Gun Argument

Taking a break from bar exam study a few weeks ago, I went to diner and a movie with two of my coworkers.  One of those coworkers is anti gun, and we and I have debated gun rights in the past.  (While we disagree, we do so amicably, and gun rights are about all we disagree about politically).  While debating gun rights over dinner, he stated that carrying a gun for self defense would not allow me to defend myself … Continued

Macon, GA Store Worker Stops Armed Robbers

As reported, Macon police say that three armed robbers entered a store on the 400 block of Woolfook Street around 10:30PM on Saturday. One of the robbers pointed a gun at a store worker, at which point a second store worker grabbed a shotgun. The worker and the armed robber exchanged shots, and the 3 robbers fled. Police found a suspect, 19 year old Laadrian Javonte Wilson, at a nearby hospital, suffering from a gunshot wound to the buttock. Wilson … Continued

Violent Carjacker Shot in Self Defense

As reported, a 74 year old man, whose name has not been released, was parked in front of his house, waiting to take his wife and daughter to the airport. An assailant, believed to be 18 years old, approached the man when he opened the car door, put a knife to the man’s throat, and threatened his life as part of a carjacking attempt. The man was able to grab his gun and shot the attacker twice in the chest. … Continued

Idaho Woman Defends Her Children from Home Invading Prison Escapees

As reported, an Idaho woman used her .22 caliber handgun to scare away two criminals who escaped from prison and tried to break into her home.  Cassidy Lockett, of Cottonwood, Idaho was at home with her young children when she noticed two men trying to break in.  She hid the children behind a couch, and grabbed her .22 caliber pistol.  By then, one of the home invading criminals was half way in to her home through a window.  She pointed … Continued

Why I Would Rather Defend Myself than Have the Police Open Fire in my Defense

I’ve previously discussed how protective orders don’t stop domestic abusers from harming their victims, and how the police often fail to arrive in time to save a victim.  However, as a recent tragic case from Arkansas shows, even once the police arrive, the victim isn’t necessarily any better off: