Supreme Court to Hear Chicago Handgun Ban Case (McDonald v. Chicago)!

The United States Supreme Court has decided to hear the McDonald v. Chicago case, which will decide whether the 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms applies against state and local government, the same way it applies against the Federal government.  An NRA press release which provides more information is quoted below:

Armed Homeowner Shoots Threatening Burglar in Self Defense

As reported, Wetumpka, Alabama police say that at around 2:15 AM, a burglar broke in to a homeowner’s utility shed and tried to steal a trimmer and a chain saw.  The 64 year old homeowner, whose name has not been released, is said to have heard noises from the burglary attempt and gone out to investigate.  A struggle ensued, and the alleged burglar fled to his vehicle, which would not start.  At this point, police say that the burglar got … Continued

“Shocking” Anti Self Defense Bias

In a Valley Independent article entitled “Homicide charge shocker,” writer Jeff Pikulsky provides what I find to be a shockingly sensationalist, biased, and legally deficient report about a self defense shooting case. A summary of the facts, some background on the basic principles of law at issue, and my responses to that anti self defense article are below:

IL Man Shoots 2 Armed Robbers in Self Defense After they Choke Him and Hold His Wife at Gunpoint

As reported, two masked robbers entered the man’s Indianola, Illinois home, choked him, and held him and his wife at gunpoint.  The man’s wife told the robbers that she said she had expensive jewelry upstairs, and the robbers let down their guard while focusing on that jewelry box.  The homeowner used that opportunity to grab his handgun and fatally shoot the two robbers in self defense, saving himself and his wife.  A third suspected accomplice, who police say was in … Continued

Take this Illinois Concealed Carry Survey

Illinois State Representative Patricia Bellock has posed an online survey.  One of the questions asks whether you support concealed carry.  I would encourage IL residents to take this survey, and also contact their representatives to voice support for concealed carry.  As it stands, IL is the only state besides Wisconsin that has no concealed carry provision, and the ONLY state that bans both concealed carry and open carry.  Not surprisingly, criminals ignore the ban on carrying a gun, and prey … Continued

Elderly Man with Concealed Carry Shoots Armed Robber in Self Defense

As reported, Dayton, OH police say that a 72 year old man was driving down the road at 6 PM on Saturday, when 24 year old Phillip Anderson cut him off.  Anderson is alleged to have then jumped out of his car and pointed an AK-47 at the elderly man, saying “give me all you got.”  The 72 year old robber victim, who had a concealed carry permit, is said to have pulled out his own handgun and shot Anderson … Continued

Ormond Beach, FL Home Invaders Shot in Self Defense

As reported, Ormond Beach, FL Police say that 38 year old Christopher Young and 31 year old William Bell broke in to Dane Rollin’s house early in the morning, armed with handguns.  After breaking in, the two alleged robbers are said to have stolen money from Rollin, while threatening his life.  During the robbery, Rollin reportedly grabbed his self defense shotgun, and shot the two alleged home invaders in self defense.  Police reportedly found Young and Bell nearby, with multiple … Continued

San Diego Home Invader Shot in Self Defense

As reported, a home invader in his 20’s knocked on an apartment door on the 1400 block of Broadway, in San Diego, CA.  When an occupant opened the door, the home invader forced his way inside and used his handgun to threaten the occupants’ lives.  One of those occupants grabbed a shotgun, and shot the home invader in self defense.  The home invader was pronounced dead at Sharp Memorial Hospital about an hour later.  None of the apartment occupants were … Continued

“The Final Destination” Movie Perpetuates Myth about NRA Racism

Saturday night, my fiancé and I decided to go see a movie.  There wasn’t anything playing that we really wanted to see, but I noticed that The Final Destination was being shown in 3D. Since neither of us had yet seen a modern 3D movie in theaters, we settled on The Final Destination.  The movie wasn’t that great, as we sort of expected.  The 3D system wasn’t that great either, and left us both with mild headaches and eye strain.  … Continued

Pregnant Woman Holds Armed Home Invader at Gunpoint

As reported, a pregnant Mobile, Alabama woman held an armed home invader at shotgun point until the police arrived to arrest him. Randi Fairley, who is six and a half months pregnant, awoke at 4 AM when her unborn daughter began to kick.  Randi then heard a noise downstairs.  Investigating the sound, she found an intruder, and yelled at him.  Randi then grabbed a shotgun, and chased the intruder into the street.  The home invader allegedly pulled a handgun on … Continued

Armed Father Saves Himself and His Family from a Machete-Wielding Attacker

As reported, 38 year old Gary Bowers of Port Orchard, WA was camping with his wife and two young children along a remote bank of Wynooche Lake when a drunk man named Westin Wolff stumbled into their campsite, and began knocking over and throwing their camping gear.  Bowers thought a wild animal was in the campsite,a and fired a shot into the air to scare it off.  Emerging to find that it was in fact a drunk person, Bowers asked … Continued

Lessons to be Learned from the Tragic Murder of Meredith Emerson

A tragic murder from January 2008 teaches powerful lessons about self defense.  While researching and writing about this case was heartbreaking, I offer the following article in the hope that we as a country can learn from Meredith Emerson’s murder, so that this same fate doesn’t befall another innocent person.

Wellington, FL Home Invader Shot by Home Owner in Self Defense

As reported, a Wellington, FL home owner shot a violent home invader in self defense. Just before 11PM on Thursday, a home owner was in his house on the 1400 block of 12th Fairway when two men broke in.  The home owner told police that the home invaders attacked him, and that a struggle ensued.  The home owner was able to shoot one of the criminals in the chest, at which point both criminals fled.  A suspect with a gunshot … Continued

A Particularly Painful Negligent Shooting Case

As reported, a 15 year old Brooklyn, NY boy had a handgun tucked in his waistband while walking home at 1:30AM, police say.  The pistol began to slide out from his waistband, and he tried to catch it, but  instead of catching the pistol, the boy managed to squeeze the trigger, shooting himself in the penis, according to police.  The boy managed to make it home and told his mother, at which point she rushed him to the hospital for … Continued

Kenosha, WI Armed Robber Shot in Self Defense

As reported, two robbers walked in to the Jewelry Exchange last Wednesday afternoon. One of the robbers pointed a gun at the store owner, threatening his life. The owner quickly grabbed his own defense gun from under a desk, and shot the robber in self defense. The wounded robber and his unwounded co-conspirator then fled, leaving the store owner unharmed. Police found a wounded suspect laying in the grass about a block away, and expect that suspect to live. Police … Continued

74 Year Old Home Owner Shoots and Cuts 2 Violent Home Invaders in Self Defense

As reported, a 74 year old Lewes, Delaware home owner, whose name has not been released, returned to his home on the 19000 block of Bee Jay Ln to find an unexpected vehicle near his driveway.  The home owner also noticed that the front door to his home had been kicked in, and that the side door was open. Two home invaders approached the home owner at the side door to his house, and tried to explain their presence on … Continued

Cab Driver Shoots Armed Robber in Self Defense

As reported, a cab driver in Mecklenburg, NC shot an armed robber who posed as a passenger then pulled a gun on him.  Police say that 17 year old Renaldo Smith called a cab to an apartment complex, intending to rob the driver.  Seconds after getting in to the cab, Smith pulled out a gun and pointed it at the driver, threatening his life.  The cab driver grabbed his own gun, and shot smith in self defense.  By the time … Continued

Self Defense in Low Light

Although criminals can attack at any time of day, they often commit robberies and home invasions under cover of darkness.  However, many gun owners are unaccustomed to shooting in the dark, since ranges tend to be well lit and/or open during the daytime hours.  Training in daylight, while helpful, does not fully prepare a person for the realities of shooting in self defense at night.  The solution to this problem is

Hillsborough, NC Home Invader Shot in Self Defense

As reported, a 65 year old Hillsborough, NC homeowner opened fire in self defense, after finding 4 intruders in his living room. Police say that the homeowner, whose name has not been released, was at home when he heard his door being forced open. The homeowner grabbed his pistol and saw three intruders in his living room just after 11:30 PM. Fearing for his safety, the homeowner shot one of the home invaders in self defense, and all of the … Continued

Texas Homeowner Shoots Home Invaders in Self Defense

As reported, three 16 year olds and one 17 year old broke in to a house on Chestnut street in San Marcos, TX at 2AM, armed with a handgun and two pellet guns.  The homeowner heard the commotion from the break in, and grabbed his .40 S&W Glock handgun.  When the home owner opened his bedroom door to investigate, one of the criminals pointed a gun at him, police say.  Fearing for his safety, the home owner opened fire on … Continued

Obama and Nuclear Arms Control

The focus of this website is gun and other closely related matters.  I intentionally try to keep other issues away from this website, since I don’t want to detract from the gun-related message.  However a recent article in Newsweek, which relates to nuclear arms control and President Obama, seemed both interesting and somewhat related to the gun rights issue:

My Thoughts on the Judge Lefkow Tragedy and Her Comments

United States District Court Judge Joan Humphrey Lefkow was assigned a medical malpractice case filed by Bart Ross, an electrician.  Lefkow, acting as judge, dismissed Ross’ lawsuit, which apparently enraged him.  On February 28, 2005, Judge Lefkow returned to her home and found her husband and mother fatally shot in the basement.  Ross committed suicide a couple weeks later, and confessed to the murders in his suicide note.  DNA evidence also indicated that Ross was the killer.  However, it turns … Continued

Concealed Carry Permit Holder Saves Manager from Car Attack

As reported, 41 year old Loucinda Carroll and a friend went to the Sunfresh store to shoplift meat, and that the manager caught them in the act.  The manager is said to have followed the shoplifters to the parking lot to get their license plate, while yelling at them to stop and for someone to call the police.  Police say that Carroll drove the vehicle into the manager, striking her in the legs and pinning her to the hood of … Continued

3 Home Invaders Shot in Self Defense

As reported, a 26 year old man was outside his apartment when three attackers confronted him.  The man retreated to his apartment, however the criminals broke in to his home and continued to attack him.  Fearing for his safety, the man used his handgun to shoot the home invaders, killing two and injuring one.  The surviving suspect is expected to live, and face charges for this attack.

Armed Robber Shot by Pawnshop Manager

As reported, a pair of armed robbers entered the Central Pawn West pawn shop in Phoenix, AZ at about 11AM on Sunday, intending to rob it.  One of the robbers entered the store and pointed a gun at the throat of a 15 year old employee, threatening his life.  The owner of the store saw the robbery unfolding, and grabbed his own gun.  The owner then opened fire on the robbers, hitting one of them in the face and leaving … Continued

Chicago Cops able to Defend Themselves – Ordinary Citizens not so Fortunate

Chicago is a city of double standards when it comes to gun rights.  While ordinary citizens are deprived of the right to own a handgun for self defense, influential politicians exempt themselves from that ban.  Other politicians are also provided around the clock bodyguards at taxpayer expense, even when there is no threat to that politician’s safety.  Chicago cops are also allowed to carry a gun for self defense while off duty, but ordinary Chicago residents are denied the same … Continued

Nashville Man Shoots Home Invader in Self Defense

As reported, a Nashville, TN man used his gun to fend off two robbers who broke into his home Saturday night.  Police say that two robbers broke in to the man’s home on Lindy Murff Ct.  The homeowner grabbed his self defense gun and shot one of the home invaders in the chest.  Both criminals then fled to a nearby gas station, and tried to claim that they were themselves the victims of a robbery.  The wounded criminal was taken … Continued

Self Defense Proportionality

Legally (and morally) speaking, there is (generally) a proportionality limit when it comes to self defense.  Simply put,