Armed Son Saves Himself and His Father From 2 Violent Home Invaders

As reported, 69 year old Peter Gilmore was at his Port Charlotte, FL home, along with his 25 year old son James.  At about 10 PM, there was a knock on the front door, which Peter went to answer.  A pair of masked home invaders, armed with a knife and a tire iron, are said to have kicked the door open and rushed inside.  One of the robbers reportedly held a large knife to Peter’s face, and threatened to kill … Continued

Anti Gun Newspaper Admits Concealed Carry Fears Were Unfounded

In a recent article, the Jefferson City, MO News Tribune made the commendable choice to acknowledge the fact that their fears about concealed carry were unfounded, and that expanded gun rights laws have in fact enabled law abiding citizens to defend themselves against violent criminals:

Bullet Impacts at 1,000,000 Frames Per Second

Below is an interesting video clip, showing the impacts various bullets against paper, metal, and ballistic gel. I’ve seen slow motion bullet impacts before, but never at 1 million frames per second.

Anti Gun “Study” Filled with Flaws and Bias

A study conducted by Charles Branas, who is a beneficiary of the anti gun Joyce Foundation, concluded that possessing a gun makes one 4.46 times more likely to be shot, and that guns rarely allow their owners to effectively defend themselves. I find this study’s methodology to be incredibly flawed, as it effectively lumps law abiding gun owners together with gang members who illegally carry guns and use them to commit crimes, and draws no distinction between the self defense … Continued

Armed Forest Grove, OR Woman Fends Off Rapist

As reported, police say that the 23 year old woman, who lives in a suburb of Portland, was asleep in her home last month when an intruder entered and tried to rape her.  The woman reportedly grabbed a .22 caliber rifle from near her bed, and began firing in his direction.  The rapist fled, and no one was injured.  Police reportedly arrested a suspect, a 53 year old drifter named Floyd Dale Elliott, shortly thereafter. The victim is said to … Continued

Anti Gun Rights Dictionary

Those opposed to gun rights frequently misuse seemingly simple words, in an effort to advance their agenda.   Some of these terms, along with an explanation of how they are misused by anti gun rights groups and individuals, are listed below:

Armed Schroeppel, NY Woman Saves Herself and Her Son from a Violent Burglar

As reported, an upstate New York woman used her handgun to defend herself and her son from a burglar who attacked them as they returned home. Police say that 48 year old Deanna Candee and her 25 year old son Adam Candee came home to find 39 year old Timothy Hartigan burglarizing their home.  When Hartigan realized that the home’s occupants had returned, he reportedly attacked Deanna and Adam, and a struggle ensued.  Deanna is said to have gotten her … Continued

Please Be Kind to Non Gun Owners Who Ask Gun Questions

I recently received an email from a woman who is not a gun owner, but who has attended gun education events and teaches womens’ self defense classes.  She asked a rather well respected gun educator a simple question about laser sights, which he could easily have answered.  Instead of answering, he rudely and dismissively told her that laser sights are something that he neither used nor recommended, then ignored her question.  This woman emailed me to ask that same question, … Continued

Shreveport, LA Home Intruder Shot in Self Defense

As reported, police say that at about 3AM, an armed home invader kicked down the front door of a house on the 1100 block of Oak Grove Lane and proceeded inside.  The homeowner, one of the three people asleep inside the house, was awakened by the noise and grabbed his self defense handgun.  When the home invader came to the homeowner’s bedroom door, the homeowner opened fire in self defense.  The home invader was hit multiple times, prompting him to … Continued

The Flawed Economic Argument Against Gun Ownership

A recent comment from an anti gun individual suggested that guns should be banned in the USA in order to save money.  I’ve also heard similar comments from other opponents of gun rights.   The full comment, and my response to that flawed argument, are below:

Armed Brewton, AL Home Invader Shot in Self Defense

As reported, police say that 33 year old Jeremy Paul McCall broke in to a house on Highway 31 North in Brewton, AL at about 3 AM on Monday.  The homeowners awoke to find McCall bursting in to their bedroom, according to police.  McCall is said to have pointed the handgun at the homeowners, at which point one of the homeowners fired one round from his own handgun in self defense.  Police arrived to find McCall dead, and the homeowners … Continued

Lakeland, FL Man Shoots Armed Robber in Self Defense

As reported, a Lakeland, FL man used his handgun to fend off two robbers, one of whom was pointing a shotgun at his face.  Police say that Johnny Preston was in his front yard, readying his cargo van for work, when he noticed two men staring at him from a slow moving car.  Preston reportedly grabbed his handgun from inside the van and wrote down the license plate number of the car, before going back to loading his van.  When … Continued

Guns are Not the Problem

In a  good percentage of the article on this website, I’ve discussed how guns are wrongfully blamed for society’s woes, which are properly attributed to violent individuals rather than inanimate objects.  A terrible case from Florida, involving a 15 year old boy who was set on fire, really drives that point home:

Serial Robber Fatally Shot by Concealed Carry Permit Holder

As reported, a robber in Philadelphia, who had already victimized two other people that evening, approached his third victim just after midnight.  The robber reportedly shoved the victim against a vehicle, threatened him, and demanded money.  The victim, who was armed for self defense, drew his handgun and shot the robber, ending the attack.  A bystander called 911, and police arrived to find the robber dead and the victim unharmed.  The victim had a concealed carry permit, and police say … Continued

New York Mayor Bloomberg’s Latest Anti Gun Stunt: Misinformation on Gun Shows

Last week, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg held a press conference and claimed that an undercover investigation proved 74% of gun show sellers were breaking the law and selling to criminals.  I was preparing to write an article explaining why that statement is untrue, and how this is just another disingenuous publicity stunt, when I learned that the NRA had already done a great job explaining those points.  That NRA article is quoted below:

Early Morning Texas Home Invader Shot in Self Defense

As reported, police say that shortly after 5 AM on Thursday, 24 year old Cardell Deon Joseph broke in through the front door of a home on the 11400 block of South Foster Road, in Bexar County, TX.  The home owner, whose name has not been released, is said to have shot Joseph once in self defense, striking him in the ribcage area.  Joseph then fled to a nearby vehicle, which he drove a short distance before crashing, according to … Continued

Smith & Wesson Model 610 Revolver (10mm and .40 S&W) Review

Below is my review of the Smith and Wesson Model 610 revolver, which is chambered for two cartridges traditionally reserved for semi-automatic pistols: 10mm Auto and .40 S&W.  It is a firearm that I’ve wanted to own for quite a while, and just recently was able to find and buy.

Wanted Fugitive Shot in Self Defense by Grocery Store Owner

As reported, Newport News, VA police say that Barry Lee Hooker, who had two outstanding warrants for assault and battery, entered White’s Grocery Store on the 3300 block of Chestnut Avenue with an accomplice.  The two robbers, who were wearing masks and carrying a shotgun, threatened the store owner and an employee, according to police.  As one of the robbers walked around the counter, the store owner is said to have grabbed a gun and shot Hooker in self defense.  … Continued

Tuscon, AZ Car Wash Robber Shot in Self Defense

As reported, a 50 year old man in Tuscon, AZ was washing his car at the self-service car wash on East 22nd Street, near South Beverly Avenue at about 4:30 PM.  An armed robber is said to have approached the man, pulled out handgun, and threatened the man’s life.  The victim reportedly drew his self defense gun and shot the robber, causing the robber to flee to a get-away vehicle driven by a suspected accomplice.  Shortly thereafter, a suspect arrived … Continued

“Best Choices for Self Defense Ammo”

I would like to point out an excellent article entitled “Best Choices for Self Defense Ammo.” That article is the result of extensive testing of various self defense rounds, for handguns, rifles, and shotguns.  I would say it is one of the all around best self defense ammo reviews I’ve ever seen.

Violent Northwest Houston, TX Burglar Shot in Self Defense

As reported, Mark Brown returned to his Houston, TX home at about 9:30 AM, and heard an unusual noise that sounded like a burglar.  Brown is said to have grabbed a shotgun from his bedroom.  The burglar then reportedly jumped out of a bedroom closet and rushed towards him, causing Brown to fear for his safety.  Brown fired in self defense, fatally wounding the intruder and saving himself, police say.  Brown, who has lived on the same street for the … Continued

A Negligent (not “Accidental”) Shooting Makes a Man’s Terrible Week Even Worse

An elderly year old home invasion victim suffered a painful and terrible experience at the hands of armed robbers.  After the robbery, he very wisely chose to become a gun owner so that he would be able to defend himself in the future.  Unfortunately, what appears to be negligence turned what should have been a safe and productive gun use lesson into another painful experience when the 80 year old man was shot in the hand by his own son.  … Continued

Armed NC Man Defends Himself Against a Revenge-Seeking Home Invader

As reported, police say that 61 year old Carlton L. Burgess of Lumberton, NJ had some sort of unknown dispute with Marcel Alston of Halifax, NC back in 1988.  It is said that the two men had not seen each other in several years, until Burgess came to Alston’s home at 7AM and knocked on the door, waking him up.  When Alston opened the door, Burgess promptly began beating the man, leaving a gash on his head, according to police.  … Continued

Armed California Man Defends Himself Against 3 Home Invaders

As reported, two females and one male broke into David Massey Yuba City, CA home.  Massey reportedly discovered one of the female home invaders in his kitchen, grabbed his gun, and chased the suspects from his home.  The suspects are said to have gotten into to a Ford Explorer parked in Massey’s circular driveway, then driven the vehicle towards Massey, prompting him to fire into the vehicle in an attempt to stop it and save himself.  The explorer rolled on … Continued

Weighing Self Defense Ammunition for Consistency

When facing attack by a violent criminal, the reliability of one’s self defense ammunition can be a matter of life or death.  If the round doesn’t fire, the crime victim can lose the opportunity to shoot the criminal before that criminal can harm them.  Even if the round does fire, an insufficient powder charge could prevent the firearm from cycling properly, leaving that crime victim unable to quickly fire a much-needed follow-up shot.  In the worst case, having a double … Continued

NRA Video: The Truth About Arms Trafficking in Mexico

The video clip shown below discusses the myth that America’s gun owners are responsible for the drug cartel related violence in Mexico.  In particular, the unfounded but widely repeated statement that 90% of the guns used in Mexican violence can be traced to the United States is debunked: