Robbery versus Theft: A Followup Discussion with Bill Dwyer

I’ve previously discussed how robbery is a violent crime against the victims person, and that this violence makes robbery far more serious than theft.  A couple weeks ago, I discussed the fact that Oak Park’s handgun ban doesn’t stop armed robbers from having a gun, but instead only ensures that law abiding Oak Park residents are deprived of the right to own a handgun for self defense.  I mentioned

Thank You

Today seemed liked an especially appropriate day for a thank you:

The AR-15: The Modern Sporting Rifle

Below is a great video clip about AR-15-pattern rifles, which is produced by the National Shooting Sports Foundation.  The video clip does a nice job explaining how an AR-15 is properly called a “modern sporting rifle,” rather than an “assault weapon.”

My Response to Mike Stanfill’s Follow-up Anti Gun Article and Statements

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a response to Mike Stanfill’s anti gun article entitled “Dum-Dum Nation.” A longtime reader (and contributor of gun-related news stories) named Anders emailed Mike Stanfill to express his polite disagreement with those inaccurate anti gun statements.  Anders and Mr. Stanfill exchanged a few emails; however the discussion soon degraded into little more than Mr. Stanfill launching personal attacks against Anders, and culminated with Mr. Stanfill producing a second (and equally flawed) anti gun … Continued

Oak Park, IL Armed Robberies Continue – despite the handgun ban

For a while, it was a weekly tradition for me to discuss the armed robberies and other gun-related crimes that plague Oak Park, IL (a suburb of Chicago that has a longstanding handgun ban.)  After I moved out of the Chicago area, I stopped writing about Oak Park’s ineffective handgun on a weekly basis.  But, as I said when I moved, gun rights for the residents of the Chicagoland area remain a goal of mine.  With that preamble out of … Continued

NRA Files Brief in McDonald v. Chicago

The NRA has filed its brief with the United States Supreme Court for the McDonald v. Chicago case, which involves a challenge to Chicago’s handgun ban under the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution.  The NRA’s press release, and a link to their brief, can be seen below:

The Anti-Gun Suicide-Prevention Training I Received at Work

As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m an attorney who works for the Federal Government.  One of the things that the Federal Government emphasizes is employee training; both in terms of training to better perform or jobs, as well as safety-related training that doesn’t really relate to our jobs.  In the interest of preventing suicides, our entire office was recently made to attend a 90 minute long suicide prevention class.  This class was given by a person (an attorney, coincidentally) who attempted … Continued

Opposing a Good Cause for a Misguided Reason

Earlier this month, a pink Smith & Wesson M&P pistol (which was customized to the specifications of chamion competitive shooter Julie Goloski Golob) was auctioned on by the seller Donna’s Store (donnasstore).  The seller of this pistol pledged to donate a portion of the proceeds to a breast cancer awareness charity.  Rather than acknowledging the commendable philanthropic effort on the part of the seller, and the benefit of arming more women for self defense, the Center for Media and … Continued

Year-Round Trap and Skeet in the Quad Cities: DLS Gun Club

As I’ve previously mentioned, my fiancé and I have been going trapshooting every week at the Oak Hills Gun Club in Blue Grass, IA.  Unfortunately, their weekly trapshooting closed for the season at the end of October, so we had to find a place that is open during the winter.  Last weekend, we went to the DLS gun club, and I’m happy to say that it is a great place to shoot trap (and skeet):

Burglar Steals Handgun from Chicago Police Deputy Superintendent’s Home

A daytime burglar reportedly broke in to the Chicago home of Steve Peterson, the third highest ranking member of the Chicago police department, and stealing a .375 magnum revolver, a 50″ plasma television, and other items.  The news report states that an unnamed police official said that the burglars may not have realized it was a cop’s home, and that the home owner “may have the full weight of the law behind him ready to track them down.” My thoughts … Continued

My Response to Mike Stanfill’s Anti-Gun Article Entitled “Dum-Dum Nation”

In his post entitled “Dum-Dum Nation,” Mike Stanfill makes a variety of anti gun statements that are factually inaccurate.  The article begins with the text “If America had the same, sane gun-ownership laws as the rest of the civilized world,” then proceeds with the following quoted statements. My response follow those quotes from his post:

Brady Campaign Issues Grossly Misleading Statement about Fort Hood Mass Shooting

The President of the anti gun Brady Campaign issued the following statement in response to the Fort Hood, TX mass shooting, in which a Army soldier illegally carried a gun on base and then opened fire on his fellow (unarmed) soldiers.  The alleged shooter, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, is reportedly believed to have opened fire in an act of revenge for what he perceived as American misdeeds against his fellow Muslims in other countries. The shooting was eventually stopped by … Continued

Grove City, Ohio Armed Robber Shot in Self Defense

As reported, police say that the robbery victim was walking his dog at about 11 AM, when an armed robber came up to him, displayed a gun, and demanded his wallet.  The robbery victim complied with the robber’s demands, while drawing his own gun.  At this point, the victim shot the robber in self defense, prompting the robber to flee to a nearby home, police say.  A suspect, Keith Walker Jr., was found laying on the ground and suffering from … Continued