Having Children is a Reason to Own Guns – not a reason to get rid of guns

I’ve heard of gun owners who decided to get rid of their guns when their children were born, on the theory that the guns were a danger to the children.  I find myself in wholehearted disagreement with such a decision, as it renders one’s household more vulnerable to criminals, and since proper gun storage and gun safety education virtually eliminate the risk that a child will find and misuse a gun:

More Untruthful Brady Campaign Propaganda

As I mentioned a couple days ago, a recent law was passed allowing Amtrak travelers to check their firearms with their baggage.  This change to the law does not allow passengers to carry their guns on their person while riding Amtrak.  Instead, it just allows guns to be check in locked baggage, away from the passenger compartment, the same way that guns can be checked when traveling by air.  Below is an email the Brady Campaign sent out about this … Continued

Omaha, NE burglar shot in self defense

As reported, an Omaha, Nebraska business owner used his gun to defend himself against a burglar who broke in at 4 AM. Police say that the owner of Preferred Auto Sales heard an unusual noise in his store, and investigated.  As he was walking through his store, a burglar is said to have emerged out from one of the aisles with his hand raised in a threatening manner.  Fearing for his safety, and believing that the burglar was armed, the … Continued

Self Defense is All About the Victim – not the attacker

I recently received an email which discussed the idea that a crime victim might not be justified in using deadly force against an attacker, if that attacker were themselves a “victim” of their situation.  The idea was that shooting an uneducated and impoverished attacker in self defense might be wrong because the attacker is themselves the “victim of an unjust society.”  Even if, just for the sake of argument, the attacker really were the

Armed Robber Shoots Victim who Fully Cooperated

As reported, a 67 year old St Louis, MO man was arriving at the medical center where he worked when an armed robber approached.  The robber is said to have demanded the man’s wallet and car keys, which the man handed over.  Despite having received the man’s full cooperation, the armed robber

Technical Problems for LearnAboutGuns.com [Solved]

There seems to be a problem with the scheduler for LearnAboutGuns.com, which is why no articles have been published for the last several days.  I’ve been out of town for the holidays, and didn’t notice the problem until just now… More information (for those who are curious) I write articles for LearnAboutGuns.com whenever I’m feeling motivated and have the time.  That means that on one day, I may write 4 articles, then go a few days without writing anything at … Continued

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas (to those who celebrate it).  Happy [insert appropriate holiday here] to those who don’t.  Regardless of

Face the Nation: “Assault Weapon” Debate

Below is a video clip from earlier this year, when the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre debated gun rights with Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell on Face the Nation.  Throughout the debate, Governor Rendell attempts to play on the myths surrounding so-called “assault weapons,” and Mr. LaPierre does an admirable job rebutting those statements.

Any Violent Attack Can Constitute a “Deadly Threat”

Those individuals who criticize a crime victim’s self defense actions often argue that the crime victim didn’t need to defend themselves with deadly force.  As part of their argument, those individuals will generally suggest that the attacking criminal wasn’t (yet) a deadly threat, and that the shooting of the criminal by the victim was therefore improper.  Firstly, I would note that not every state requires that there be a threat to one’s life before deadly force may be used. However, … Continued

Illinois Gubernatorial Candidates on Guns

The Republicans and Democrats who are vying to be the next Governor of Illinois recently answered a series of gun rights questions.  I would encourage every IL gun owner to read those responses and keep them in mind when voting.  The Illinois State Rifle Association’s response to those answers can be seen below:

An Open Letter to the Relatives of Criminals who were Shot in Self Defense

I’ve previously discussed how the relatives of criminals who are shot in self defense often blame the victim, and sometimes go so far as to make (baseless) legal threats against those discussing the self defense shooting.  My comments to the relatives of criminals who have been shot by their would-be victims are below:

Dead Criminals’ Relatives Attempt to Block Discussions of Self Defense

Each week, I discuss a tiny percentage of the armed self defense cases that occur.  My goals include raising awareness of the fact that armed citizens successfully defend themselves every day, pointing out the less obvious benefits of armed self defense, and debunking the anti self defense myths that pervade the mainstream media. Over the last few months, I’ve noticed more and more relatives and friends of dead criminals, who were fatally shot in self defense by their would-be victims, … Continued

“Laws make bad memorials”

I would like to point out an article from the National Post (a Canadian newspaper).  The article discusses how some individuals opposed to gun rights in Canada acknowledge that the long gun registration law is ineffective at preventing crime – yet continue to strongly support the law because they view it as a “monument erected to the memory” of

R. Lee Ermey on Gun Rights Video Clip

Below is a video clip of R. Lee Ermey (the Gunny) discussing how gun control benefits criminals and harms law abiding citizens.  Having recently re-watched Full Metal Jacket (my fiancé had never seen it), as well as R. Lee Ermey’s new show Lock N’ Load, this video clip caught my attention.

Colorado State University Bans Concealed Carry on Campus

Colorado State University (CSU) was one of the few schools that allowed students with concealed carry permits to carry on campus.  Last Friday, the CSU Board of Governors voted to ban concealed carry, despite overwhelming support for concealed carry from the university’s student government.  In doing so, the CSU Board of Governors ignored the tragics lesson taught by just about every mass shooting that our country has suffered:

Armed Self Defense Against Animal Attacks

Nowadays, armed self defense often involves a citizen using their firearm to stop a violent criminal, rather than an attacking animal.  However attacks by animals remain a real concern, regardless of where one lives.  A few examples illustrate this point:

“Arming ships beats UN whining”

The time that I would normally spend writing an article for this website was instead spent on a behind-the-scenes tour of an upcoming collectible gun action.  An attorney with whom I work in involved with the auction, and was kind enough to invite me over a few days before the auction starts.  It was truly amazing to handle firearms that were older than our country, and to realize that some of them were worth more than 10 years of my … Continued

Oral Arguments Date Set for McDonald v. City of Chicago

As reported, the Supreme Court has scheduled the McDonald v. Chicago oral arguments for March 2, 2010. This case will determine whether the Chicago handgun ban is an unconstitutional violation of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. The Court will likely release its decision in late June or early July.

Supporting Armed Self Defense and Opposing Capital Punishment is Not Hypocritical

I recently conversed with a coworker about the issue of armed self defense, and expressed my support for the right of law abiding citizens to use a gun to defend themselves.  This same coworker knew that I was strongly opposed to the death penalty, and thought that my support of armed self defense and opposition to capital punishment were hypocritical.  As I explained to that coworker, there is no hypocrisy in supporting armed self defense and opposing capital punishment: