Guns 101: Revolvers

This Guns 101 article provides basic information about revolvers, which are a type of handgun:

Iowa Legislature Passes “Shall Issue” Right-to-Carry Legislation! – Contact Iowa Gov. Culver and Urge him to Sign this Legislation Into Law!

As reported, the Iowa House of Representatives passed Senate File 2379 by a vote of 81 to 15 and it will now head to Governor Chet Culver (D) for his consideration. SF2379 had previously passed in the Senate by a vote of 44 to 4. This bill is a huge victory for gun owners in the Hawkeye State and reinforces the legislature’s intent to treat the provisions of the Second Amendment as rights, not state-granted privileges. This NRA-backed bill would … Continued

Empirical Arguments in Favor of Gun Rights Shouldn’t be Necessary

During the last two years, I’ve written over 1,000 articles which argue in favor of gun rights.  I’ve discussed how gun bans don’t work in this country or other counties, and instead only ensure that law abiding citizens are defenseless against the still-armed criminals.  I’ve also discussed the benefits of gun ownership for self defense, and provided numerous examples of armed citizens saving themselves from violent criminals.  While I enjoy writing such articles, and plan to do so for years … Continued

Armed Bahamas Resident Shoots Violent Home Invader in Self Defense

As I’ve previously noted, I primarily write about self defense cases in the United States.  This is because I’m an American, who focuses first and foremost on American gun and self defense rights.  However, as the case below from the Bahamas shows, armed self defense saves crime victims all around the world:

Convicted Felon with Over 150 Arrests Allegedly Tries to Rob Chicago Woman

As reported, a convicted felon who has been arrested over 150 times in his life allegedly tried to rob a woman on a CTA Red Line train: At approximately 7 p.m. Monday, the 35-year-old victim was riding a northbound Red Line train, police said. When the train stopped at the Clark and Division station and the doors opened, Keith Anderson grabbed the victim by her clothing and attempted to take her briefcase, a release from police said. The victim was … Continued

California Jogger Jumps from a Cliff to Escape from a Rapist

As reported, a woman was jogging around Noon a couple weeks ago at Point Nume State Beach in Souther California, when a would-be rapist approached and grabbed her.  After struggling with her attacker for several minutes, she managed to break free.  In a desperate effort to escape, the woman ran and dove off of a cliff and then slid about 100 feet down a steep hillside.  The woman survived, and was taken to a hospital for treatment of her injuries … Continued

Important Reminder: Stand Up for Iowa Concealed Carry Reform TODAY

I previously discussed Iowa SF-2379 and HF-2528, which are two pending bills that would turn Iowa into a “shall issue” concealed carry state.  These bills, which are still pending, would prevent local sheriffs from arbitrarily denying Iowa’s law abiding citizens the right to carry a gun for self defense, as happens all to often.  If you are an Iowa resident, please click here to contact your representatives and urge them to support these important bills.

Armed Retiree Stops Home Invader

As reported, a retired homeowner from Stuart, Florida used his handgun to defend himself and his wife from an early morning home invader.

“Jogger killed by wolves shows wisdom of national park gun rule change”

I’ve previously discussed the need for concealed carry in national parks, so that law abiding citizens would be in the best position possible to defend themselves against violent criminals in our national parks.  However, two-legged attackers are not the only threat to those who visit national parks, as a recent article from Kurt Hofmann, the St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner, discusses:

“Don’t Let Obama’s Anti-Gun Silence Breed Complacency”

I would like to point out an article from American Thinker.  This article discusses the importance of remaining vigilant against anti-gun efforts at the Federal level, despite the fact that President Obama has yet to push his gun control agenda: It’s true that President Obama hasn’t advanced the gun control agenda. He hasn’t even sought a renewed ban on “assault” weapons. However, the idea that President Obama has more in common with Wayne LaPierre than with Sarah Brady is misleading. … Continued

My Response to Lara Marlowe’s Anti Gun Article

Lara Marlowe recently published an anti gun article on  The article calls Americans irrational for owning guns, and makes a variety of factually flawed anti gun arguments.  Relevant portions of the article, and my responses, are below:

My Responses to Starbucks Barista Erik Forman’s Anti Gun Comments

The Brady Campaign recently began targeting Starbucks, hoping to force the coffee retailer to prevent its law abiding customers from lawfully carrying a gun for self defense.  Starbucks responded that it is in the business of selling coffee, rather than gun regulation, and wishes to leave gun regulation to the government. Undeterred, anti-gun Starbucks employee Erik Forman made the following anti gun statements, with which I find myself in disagreement:

Kindergartner Suspended for Making Gun Shape with His Hand

A 6 year old Ionia, Michigan boy was reportedly suspended from kindergarten for making a pretend gun shape with his hand: When Mason Jammer, a kindergarten student at Jefferson Elementary in Ionia, curled his fist into the shape of a gun Wednesday and pointed it at another student, school officials said it was no laughing matter. They suspended Mason until Friday, saying the behavior made other students uncomfortable, said Erin Jammer, Mason’s mother. . . Jammer says her son isn’t … Continued

McDonald v. Chicago Oral Arguments Transcript

For those who are interested, the McDonald v. Chicago oral arguments transcript can be downloaded here.  Also, some interesting commentary on the oral arguments can be seen here.

South African Business Owner Shoots Armed Robber in Self Defense

I primarily write about self defense cases in the United States.  This is because I’m an American, who focuses first and foremost on American gun and self defense rights.  However, as the case below from South Africa shows, armed self defense saves crime victims all around the world:

McDonald v. Chicago Oral Aguments Today

Oral arguments in the McDonald v. Chicago case are scheduled to begin shortly, with a decision in the next few months.  This case, which will determine whether the 2nd Amendment prevents state and local governments from violating the 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms, is right up there with D.C. v. Heller in terms of importance to our gun rights.  Hopefully, this case will be decided in a favorable way, finally putting an end to the injustice of … Continued

Teach Your Kids to Shoot Video Clip

Anti gun groups and individuals often suggest that children shouldn’t be taught about guns, on the theory that children who know how to use guns will end up harming themselves or others.  Such beliefs are unfounded.  Instead, as the Department of Justice found, children who are taught to shoot from a young age are less likely to misuse guns or commit other crimes than children who are not taught to shoot. As an added benefit, children who are taught to … Continued

A Gun Misrepresentation in Court

My new job has me spending a good deal of time in court, which is generally quite exciting and enjoyable.  However, a recent court proceeding that I observed reminded me that gun misinformation doesn’t stop at the courthouse door:

Johnson County, MO Homeowner Fends Off Home Invader

As reported, a Johnson County, Missouri homeowner reportedly used his handgun to protect himself and his wife from a home invader. Police say that the the man and his wife were in their home at about 10 AM when they heard a noise outside.  Knowing that there had been a recent burglary next door, the homeowner reportedly grabbed his handgun, and went downstairs, where he found a burglar attempting to jimmy open the back door.  The homeowner is said to … Continued