The McDonald v. Chicago Decision is Just Hours Away

UPDATE: MCDONALD V. CHICAGO HAS BEEN DECIDED, AND IT IS A VICTORY FOR GUN RIGHTS! MORE INFORMATION HERE In a matter of hours, the United States Supreme Court is expected to rule on the constitutionality of the Chicago handgun ban.  Hopefully, the Court will find the handgun ban to a violation of the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution, ending the ability of state and local governments to infringe the right to keep and bear arms with impunity.  Once … Continued

Oak Park’s Handgun Ban Remains Ineffective

As I’ve mentioned many times before, Oak Park, IL still has a handgun ban.  Oak Park decided to keep that ineffective and likely unconstitutional law on the books, even as other Chicago suburbs such as Evanston, Morton Grove, Wilmette, and Winnetka wisely repealed their handgun bans in 2008. As the crime reports for the last couple of week show, the Oak Park handgun ban is continuing to infringe the rights of law abiding citizens, while failing to stop the armed … Continued

South African Store Owner Fends Off 4 Armed and Violent Robbers

As I’ve previously noted, I primarily write about armed self defense cases in the United States. This is because I’m an American, who focuses first and foremost on American gun and self defense rights. However, I also like to occasionally discuss armed self defense cases from around the world, such as this recent case from South Africa:

The 2010 Iowa Carry Annual Meeting (and video of me firing a Thompson submachine gun)

Yesterday, my fiance and I attended the 2010 Iowa Carry Annual Meeting in in Searsboro, Iowa.  The event was great, and included an Iowa concealed carry training class, machine gun rentals, and time to hang out with fellow firearms enthusiasts.  More on our day at the 2010 Iowa Carry Annual Meeting, including a video clip in which I fire a Thompson submachine gun, can be seen below:

Lack of Uniformity Shows the Injustice of Gun Control

As I’ve repeatedly and happily mentioned, last year I moved to Iowa and received a concealed carry permit.  The part of Iowa where I live is just a few miles from Illinois, and I am often in Illinois for work and recreation.  As a result, there are some days when I end up leaving my concealed carry pistol at home, since while I can lawfully carry in Iowa and many other states, carrying in Illinois would be a felony.  My … Continued

More on Guns and Race

I recently received an email about guns, the NRA, and racism.  Although I’ve addressed guns and race before, I feel compelled to take up the issue once more:

Armed Robber Shoots Cooperating Victim in the Mouth

As reported, a Chattanooga, TN armed robber victim handed over his money and offered no resistance, yet the robber still chose to shoot him in the mouth: The two men, Marcus Ramos Alonzo and José Lagos, told police they were driving when they noticed they were being followed by a white vehicle with several people inside. When they stopped at 2213 E. 14th St., a black male got out of the following vehicle and came up to them with a … Continued

Lou Dobbs on Gun Rights, Mexico, and Assault Weapons Video Clip

The video clip below discusses the Obama administration’s anti-gun stance, the ban on so-called “assault weapons” that President Obama and Attorney General Holder wish to see reinstated, and attempts by the Obama administration to blame American gun rights for the drug cartel violence in Mexico:

A Support Group for Individuals who have Used a Gun in Self Defense

Recently, a reader emailed me to ask about the possibility of creating a support group for those who have fired a gun in self defense.  The reader, who himself had to use a gun in self defense, knew that he was morally and legally right but found the experience to be emotionally burdensome and wanted to connect with other people who had gone through the same thing.  So, I’ve created the following group where those who used a gun in … Continued

Attend the Iowa Carry 2010 Annual Membership Meeting

Iowa Carry will be holding its 2010 annual General Membership Meeting on Saturday, June 19, 2010 at the Brownells Big Springs Shooting Complex, located at 4945 Highway 146 in Searsboro, Iowa. The day-long event will include training courses that will satisfy the requirements for Iowa’s new “shall-issue” law, firearm demonstrations, range activities, and a gun raffle.  Iowa Carry was instrumental in getting Iowa’s “shall issue” concealed carry law enacted, and they continue to advance the gun rights of Iowa residents.  … Continued

Guns 101: Shotgun Shells

This Guns 101 article addresses shotguns shells.  Included are three basic types of shotgun shotgun loads (slugs, buckshot, and birdshot):