15 Year Old Boy Uses His Father’s Gun to Save Himself and His Younger Sister

As reported, a 15 year old boy used his father’s gun to defend himself and his younger sister from a pair of intruders:

Police say that a 15 year old boy, who is the son of a Harris County, TX Sheriff’s Deputy, was at home with his 12 year old sister at about 2:45pm when a pair of criminals attempted to break in through the home’s front door.  After failing to gain entry through the front door, one of the home invaders reportedly broke open a window and attempted to enter, at which point the 15 year old boy grabbed and fired his father’s rifle, causing the intruders to flee.  A potential suspect, who was suffering from a gunshot wound, was reportedly found at a local hospital, and police are investigating.  The 15 year old boy and the 12 year old girl were unharmed, according to news reports.

When there is a gun in the home, and a child of sufficient maturity is able to access that gun in an emergency, that child is in the best position possible to defend themselves against violent criminals.  For example, this 11 year old boy was able to use his .22 rifle to save himself and his mother from violent home invaders – even after being shot by one of those.  As another example, this 16 year old boy was able to save himself from a violent home invader by firing in self defense.  Similarly, this young man was able to fend off a home invader by using his BB gun. The same is true for older students who are in college, such as this University of Arizona student who shot two violent home invaders in self defense, or this Georgia college student who used his gun to stop 10 murders and several rapes from being committed.

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To be clear, it is tragic that a boy this young had to endure a home invasion attempt and then fire a gun in self defense.  In a perfect world, no child would have to suffer that traumatic experience.  Sadly, we live in an imperfect world, filled with evil people who don’t think twice about harming innocents.  Given that fact, the outcome where a child defends himself and his baby sister against two criminals is far better than the terrible outcomes which could have occurred – and which do occur in all too many home invasions.