Wal-Mart Expands Gun and Ammunition Offerings at Hundreds of Stores

As reported, Wal-Mart is expanding its gun and ammunition offerings at hundreds of its stores.  This is a reversal of Wal-Mart’s recent trend of scaling back gun-related merchandise: The latest news, according to The Wall Street Journal, is that Wal-Mart will reload gun sales by cutting back on electronics floor space to make room for rifles, shotguns and ammunition at hundreds of U.S. stores. . . Wal-Mart stopped selling guns and ammo at most of its U.S. stores five years … Continued

(Almost) the Right Response to a Tragedy

Motivated in part by the assassination attempt on Gabrielle Giffords, the Texas legislator is considering a bill that would grant expanded concealed carry rights to certain state officials.  While this is a far better reaction than those that historically follow a high profile gun-related crime, it still leaves much to be desired:

Armed Georgetown, WA Employee Stops 2 Intruders

As reported, a pair of intruders were stopped by an armed employee late on Friday night. Police say that just before 11:30 PM, a pair of burglars entered Sharp’s Outdoor Power Equipment, located on the 5900 block of 4th Avenue in Georgetown, WA and confronted an employee.  Acting in self defense, the employee reportedly grabbed and fired his gun, striking one of the suspects and causing the other to surrender.  The suspect who was shot is said to have died … Continued

I’m Back

Several months ago, I left the law firm where I was working as an associate attorney and formed my own law firm, Puryear Law P.C. Since doing so, I’ve been quite busy with both legal work and the administrative matters that come along with running a business.  Business has been excellent, and the firm has grown rather rapidly.  I’ve had to add both employees and office space to keep pace the firm’s growth, which has not yet leveled off.  However, … Continued