Restore the Iowa National Guard’s Ability to Carry

From the IFC: After the July 16th murder of four US Marines and one sailor in Chattanooga, Tennessee governors of seven states — Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wisconsin — have issued orders that members of their state’s National Guard be armed in the wake of yet another domestic terrorist attack targeting US service members. It’s high time Iowa’s National Guard has their ability to carry restored. Iowa Governor Terry Branstad has right and the ability to re-arm Iowa’s Guardsmen. … Continued

Individual Iowa Permit to Carry + Iowa & Illinois Gun Laws and Self Defense Class

I have been an NRA Instructor for nearly as long as I have been an attorney. Several years before becoming an NRA instructor, I created this website with the purpose of advancing gun rights and gun safety knowledge. Over the years I have given the Iowa Permit to Carry Weapons class to employees, friends, relatives, and others. Sometimes I’ve given one-on-one classes, and other times I’ve had groups up to a dozen people at once. As an attorney, I have represented … Continued