Armed Laundromat Employee Shoot Armed Robber in Self Defense

Published by the Author on March 24, 2019 at 3:33 pm > Gun Related News > Armed Laundromat Employee Shoot Armed Robber in Self Defense

A laundromat employee in Country Club Hills, MO used his gun to shot an armed robber.

News reports say that at just after midnight, a pair of armed and masked robbers entered the Mally Laundromat on the 7400 block of West Florissant and pistol whipped the employee who was on duty.  The employee managed to get his own gun and shot one of the robbers, which caused the other robber to flee, according to police. The employee who had been pistol whipped, and the robbery suspect who had been shot in the chest, were taken to a local hospital.

Once again, guns are a valuable self defense tool.  Unarmed individuals can suffer a terrible fate when a criminal robs them, even if they fully cooperate with the criminal’s demands.  The same is true for those who try to run from the robber.

However, when crime victims are armed, they are often able to defend themselves. This armed barber shot an armed criminal who threatened him and his son, saving their lives.  This armed pet shop clerk shot an armed robber who threatened a fellow employee’s life, as well as his own life, preventing them both from being stabbed.  This armed pizza delivery man defended himself against 3 armed robbers, and walked away unharmed.  This armed citizen stopped a bank robber, while this armed Israeli citizen stopped a terrorist. Indeed, studies show that armed citizens stop criminals millions of times each year.

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