My Response to a Comment on the San Bernardino Terrorist Attack

In response to my article “The Misguided Push for Gun Control After the San Bernardino Terrorist Attack” a comment was left by naksuthin, in which he or she argues that the fact the attackers didn’t use machine guns supports the idea that gun control works. I respectfully disagree, for the reasons discussed below.

The Terrorism Watch List and Guns

President Obama and other opponents of gun rights have seized upon the San Bernardino terrorist attack as a basis to justify more misguided gun control laws.  In particular, it is being argued that those on the Terrorism Watch List should be denied the ability to purchase a gun.  Such a proposal is ineffective as a means of trying to prevent terrorism, and is grossly unconstitutional and un-American.

The Misguided Push for Gun Control After the San Bernardino Terrorist Attack

The tragic loss of life, caused by terrorists in the San Bernardino attack, is being exploited by anti-gun politicians to push their misguided gun control agenda.  Gun control laws are ineffective at stopping terrorists from obtaining firearms, and instead serve only to ensure that the victims of terrorism (and other crimes) are left defenseless.

Rabbi Jen Feldman’s Misguided Push for Gun Control Laws

Rabbi Jen Feldman of the Kehillah Synagogue in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, recently spoke out in favor of anti gun laws.  Some of the Rabbi’s statements, other statements from related individuals, and my responses, follow:

My Daughter Deserves Safety Just as Much as President Obama’s Daughters

President Obama is a long-standing opponent of gun rights.  He has opposed concealed carry, going so far as to voice support for a Federal law banning concealed carry in every state.  One would be hard-pressed to find an anti-gun law that Obama hasn’t supported. At the same time, President Obama enjoys the armed security provided by the secret service.   His neighbors in Chicago are unable to park their cars near their own homes, and have to pass through security checkpoints, … Continued

Gun Control Fact Sheet from Gun Owners of America

Below is the Gun Control Fact-Sheet, created by Gun Owners of America. The original can be found here.  Mar 2004 Gun Control Fact-Sheet 2004 / From Gun Owners Foundation by Gun Owners Foundation 8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102 Springfield, VA 22151 1. Highlights * Guns are used 2.5 million times a year in self-defense. Law-abiding citizens use guns to defend themselves against criminals as many as 2.5 million times every year—or about 6,850 times a day.(1) This means that each … Continued

Woman Shot After Complying With Robber’s Demand for ATM Money

The sad shooting of WZTV reporter Erika Lathon – after she complied with a robber’s demands – once again demonstrates the fact that compliance is no guarantee of safety when facing a violent criminal. Nashville Police say in a statement that WZTV is offering the reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person who wounded reporter Erika Lathon late Thursday after she withdrew cash from a Bank of America ATM near downtown. Police said the … Continued

Gun Rights for Convicted Felons? – Part 2

Back in 2008, I wrote a brief article entitled “Gun Rights for Convicted Felons?”  In that article, I noted that a US Federal law (and various state laws) prohibit anyone convicted of a felony from possessing firearms*, and stated that

A Self Defense Gun Case from my Law Practice

As I’ve mentioned, I am an attorney who practices in the Quad Cities area of Illinois and Iowa, with a large percentage of my practice comprising criminal defense cases.  That practice has prevented me from updating this website for some time, however I remain committed to gun rights in both my personal and professional life.  I recently had the honor of representing a woman named Judy, who used her gun to defend herself, her sister, and her sister-in-law after they … Continued

Disarmed British Citizens Continue to be Killed Despite Requests for Help from the Police

A recent article from the BBC discussed how in 2009-2010, 16 people were killed in England and Wales, despite having contacted the police to request protection from a violent individual.  The news report noted that those 16 killings represented a near doubling from the previous year.  More information on that situation, and my thoughts about the wisdom of trusting the police to preserve one’s life, are below:

Remember: Armed Robbers Often Have No Mercy

I’ve previously discussed how robbers often harm even those victims who fully cooperate.  Along similar lines, I’ve mentioned how running from a robber can leave a crime victim no better off.  As a recent armed robbery from Cincinnati, OH shows, there are robbers who don’t even given their victim a chance to cooperate before opening fire:

Disabled Crime Victims Learn to Defend Themselves

I’ve repeatedly discussed cases in which armed disabled individuals were able to use a gun to defend themselves against violent criminals, as well as cases in which unarmed disabled individuals have suffered greatly at the hands of violent criminals.  I’ve also discussed how shooting is a great sport for those with disabilities, and how the shooting community is very accessible and welcoming towards disabled individuals.  Along similar lines, I would like to point out an excellent pair of articles, which … Continued

My Response to the NYT’s “More States Allowing Guns in Bars”

Earlier this month, Malcolm Gay’s article entitled “More States Allowing Guns in Bars” appeared in the New York Times.  The article, while not as outrageously anti-gun as some other articles, takes a dim view of concealed carry, and engages in unfounded fear mongering of the type that is all too common.  Quotes from that article, and my responses, can be seen below:

“Misrepresented gun statistics fire off unwarranted judgment”

I would like to point out an article entitled “Misrepresented gun statistics fire off unwarranted judgment,”  by Alexander Seymour.  This article was published in The Orion, a student newspaper for California State University.  In his article, Mr. Seymour draws attention to the Brady Campaign’s deceptive misuse of gun statistics, as well as the flawed reasoning behind the Brady Campaign’s gun control goals.  While I don’t agree with everything in that article, this article is a breath of fresh air – … Continued

Am I Hoping to Ever Use a Gun in Self Defense?

I was recently asked whether I hope that I’ll ever get the “opportunity” to use a gun in self defense, be it my concealed carry pistol or a home defense gun. The person who asked this question did so in all sincerity, and I gave the following sincere answer in return:

My Response to the Anti-Gun Article “Ready, Fire, Aim II…….” (Second Part)

I recently responded to an anti gun article entitled “Ready, Fire, Aim…….” The author of that article published a second article, entitled “Ready, Fire, Aim II…….” This second article is not as blatantly anti-gun, but still contains an abundance of misinformation and anti-gun rhetoric.  Quotes from that article, along with my responses, can be seen below:

If You Haven’t Done So Already, Please Join the NRA

I’ve previously discussed the importance of avoiding complacency and standing up for our gun rights by joining the NRA, so that American gun rights don’t vanish like British gun rights.  I would therefore like to ask that those who are not currently NRA members take a moment to join the NRA.  If you’re already an NRA member, then please consider giving an NRA membership as a gift. Joining the NRA is a great way to help protect our 2nd amendment … Continued

“Peter Hamm Lies”

I would like to point out an excellent article from Walls of the City, entitled “Peter Hamm Lies.” It addresses how the Brady Campaign tries to pass itself off as respecting the gun rights of law abiding citizens, while trying its best to make gun ownership and carrying illegal.

Why I Own “So Many” Guns

A friend recently asked me why I own “so many” guns.  (This friend is a gun owner himself – although he owns only a couple of guns and hasn’t fired one in years.)  So, I took a few minutes to explain to that friend why I own over a dozen guns.  Although I’ve already addressed why people own multiple guns in the abstract, I’ve decided to post the specific examples that I gave to that friend, in the hope that … Continued

Another Self-Contradictory Anti Gun Argument

When discussing guns and gun rights, I’ve noticed a recurring theme: Those who are unfamiliar with guns asserting two contradictory things: (1) guns are too difficult for an ordinary, law abiding, person to use properly in a self-defense situation, and (2) guns make it too easy for criminals to kill.  Allow me to explain:

“In Clarence Thomas’s gun rights opinion, race plays a major role”

Sticking with today’s topic of the intersection of guns, race, and McDonald v. Chicago, I thought I would also point out another article worth reading.  This one, by Courtland Milloy is entitled In Clarence Thomas’s gun rights opinion, race plays a major role.  An excerpt can be seen below:

A Must-Read Aricle About Guns and Race

I would like to direct everyone’s attention to a truly excellent article by Marcus Cole, entitled A Word of Thanks to Four Black Men and A Gun.  It addresses that author’s family’s experience with a violent racist attack, their resulting decision to buy a self defense gun, and historical and recent events centering on gun ownership and race.  Also included is a summary of the history of the privileges or immunities clause in the federal constitution, and Justice Thomas’ use … Continued

Gun Ownership is Patriotic

With many of us enjoying day off from work due to yesterday’s 4th of July holiday, today seemed like a good opportunity to note that gun ownership is patriotic and beneficial to the United States of America:

Lack of Uniformity Shows the Injustice of Gun Control

As I’ve repeatedly and happily mentioned, last year I moved to Iowa and received a concealed carry permit.  The part of Iowa where I live is just a few miles from Illinois, and I am often in Illinois for work and recreation.  As a result, there are some days when I end up leaving my concealed carry pistol at home, since while I can lawfully carry in Iowa and many other states, carrying in Illinois would be a felony.  My … Continued