A 9-Shot .22 Revolver for Self Defense? No thanks

A recent article from the Bradenton Herald suggests that readers purchase a 9-shot .22 long rifle revolver for self defense purposes.  While I applaud any newspaper running an article supporting armed self defense, that advice is misguided.

Safety Course – by Mark LeClair

Below is an article by Mark LeClair of Smart Tactics, a security consultation and instruction company (Mark has also been kind enough to provide several other articles, which can be seen here.):

Firing options and thinking out of the box – by Mark LeClair

Over the past month or so, I’ve reprinted a few articles that were provided by Mark LeClair of Smart Tactics, a security consultation and instruction company.  Mark recently sent me another article, entitled “Firing options and thinking out of the box,” which can be seen below.  Just as interesting as the content of the article is the rather strong reaction that some people have had to the article’s advice about where one should aim.  I’ve found that heated debates and … Continued

Know Your Home Part II – by Mark LeClair

Below is an article by Mark LeClair of Smart Tactics, a security consultation and instruction company.  This is Part II of “Know Your Home” – Part I can be found here.

Know Your Home – by Mark LeClair

Below is an article by Mark LeClair of Smart Tactics, a security consultation and instruction company.  Mark was kind enough to provide this article Home Invasion Safety Part I, which was published earlier this month:

Home Invasion Safety Part I – by Mark LeClair

Below is an article by Mark LeClair of Smart Tactics, a security consultation and instruction company.  In the article, Mark discusses his home invasion safety recommendations that go hand-in-hand with self defense gun usage:

Situational Awareness is Vital to Self Defense

When it comes to self defense, I write mainly about how firearms are the most effective method of self defense yet invented by humanity.  I mention how guns allow everyone, including the elderly, the disabled, and the physically weaker members of society, to save themselves from even the strongest criminals.  However, guns alone are not enough to guarantee safety – Being aware of one’s surroundings is also vital:

“Best Choices for Self Defense Ammo”

I would like to point out an excellent article entitled “Best Choices for Self Defense Ammo.” That article is the result of extensive testing of various self defense rounds, for handguns, rifles, and shotguns.  I would say it is one of the all around best self defense ammo reviews I’ve ever seen.

Weighing Self Defense Ammunition for Consistency

When facing attack by a violent criminal, the reliability of one’s self defense ammunition can be a matter of life or death.  If the round doesn’t fire, the crime victim can lose the opportunity to shoot the criminal before that criminal can harm them.  Even if the round does fire, an insufficient powder charge could prevent the firearm from cycling properly, leaving that crime victim unable to quickly fire a much-needed follow-up shot.  In the worst case, having a double … Continued

Self Defense in Low Light

Although criminals can attack at any time of day, they often commit robberies and home invasions under cover of darkness.  However, many gun owners are unaccustomed to shooting in the dark, since ranges tend to be well lit and/or open during the daytime hours.  Training in daylight, while helpful, does not fully prepare a person for the realities of shooting in self defense at night.  The solution to this problem is

Long Term Ammunition Storage

Prior to the current ammunition shortage,  I generally kept only a small amount of ammo at home.  I never really bothered to stock up, since I could always buy plenty of ammo at a reasonable price from my local gun stores.  But nowadays, ammunition is in short supply, and sometimes can’t be had at any price.  For example, I’ve wanted to go shoot my Springfield XD40 a few times this summer, but didn’t have any ammo (other than a limited … Continued

Ballistic Gel Testing Results

Ammunition used for self defense purposes must be carefully picked to ensure optimal performance.   A bullet that performs properly can be the difference between stopping an attacker in time, or dying at the hands of that attacker.  I’ve discussed, in general, my thoughts on the proper ammunition for such defensive purposes.  However I don’t have the time/resources to provide specific information about the performance of various different self defense round.  That is why I’m mentioning The Brass Fetcher website:

Keep Your Distance When Using a Gun in Self Defense

In movies and on the TV, it is common to see gun users get very close to the bad guy, often placing the gun against the bad guy’s body.  While I hope that neither I nor anyone who reads this article ever has to use a gun in self defense, properly using the gun in such a situation is vital.  Those who defend themselves using a gun should keep their distance from the criminal for a few reasons:

There is No Substitute for a Gun

A visitor to this site recently left a comment suggesting that Mace, pepper spray, or some other less lethal self defense tool would work just as well as a gun, and that using a gun for self defense against a violent criminal is wrong.  I find both of those assertions to be untrue.  While Tasers, pepper spray, and other self defense tools have their place, none of them can match the ability of a gun to stop a criminal before … Continued

How Often Guns Should Be Cleaned

Following up on the article in which I addressed the fact that sometimes it is not wise to clean a gun, this article addresses my recommendations as to how frequently a gun should be cleaned.

Home Defense with Children in the House

For parents, the desire to protect their children from the horrible harm home invading criminals can inflict is a good reason to own a gun.  However having children, especially small children, means that extra care must be taken to ensure that children aren’t harmed by guns.  This article addresses my suggestions in this area:

Make Sure Your Gun Fits You Well

Having a gun that is comfortable for the user to hold and fire is important.  A gun that doesn’t fit the user will be unpleasant to shoot, and accuracy will suffer.  This article addresses such considerations when selecting a gun:

Bullet Weight vs. Velocity – striking the right balance is important

A rather contentious issue in the area of self defense is that of proper bullet weight/velocity – I would guess that this is second only to the “which caliber” or “which gun” question.  On one side is the idea that a lighter weight but faster moving bullet is superior, while others contend that a slower moving but heaver bullet is the better option.  This article addresses my thoughts on the issue:

Gun Cleaning Solvent, Protectant, and Oil Review

The question of which gun cleaning solvent, protectant, and lubricant to use is one that comes rather often.  This article addresses my thoughts and recommendations insofar as gun solvents/oils/protectants are concerned:

What is Gun Control? – an introduction to firearms regulation efforts

I was reviewing the search engine statistics for this website, and found that there were quite a few people searching for “What is Gun Control”?  I, and many readers of this website are quite familiar with gun control, however I thought an introduction to gun control might be helpful for some people:

Selecting a Defensive Revolver Caliber

The question of “which caliber” is one that is asked and debated quite frequently.  This article gives my opinion as to the proper revolver caliber for self defense purposes.

Tips for Selecting a Gun Case

I’ve bought a variety of gun cases, for transporting handguns, shotguns, and rifles. This article lists some tips that I have come up with for those choosing a gun case, based upon the lessons I’ve learned.

Features to Look for in a Gun Safe

As previously discussed, safe and responsible gun storage is essential. I’ve been asked what features I recommend for gun safes, which I discuss below:

Shotgun Shot Size Information

I see quite a few visitors searching for information on the size of shot in the various shotgun shells, such as 00 buck, #1 buck, #4 bird, etc., and the number of pellets in a one ounce 12 Gauge shell This article provides that information for lead shot.

Selecting a Shotgun Barrel Length

Different shotgun activities require different barrel lengths. This article addresses the recommended barrel lengths for various purposes, and the pros and cons of these barrel lengths.

Getting Used to Recoil: It just takes practice

In response to my articles on selecting a gun for home defense, taking a friend shooting for the first time, and facts about recoil, I have been asked how one can get used to the recoil generated by more powerful guns. Getting used to recoil is not too challenging, as this article explains.

Selecting a Defensive Pistol Caliber

Few topics are as hotly debated as the question of “which caliber”. This article addresses my thoughts on the topic for semi-automatic (autoloading) pistols, intended for self defense use.

How-to Store a Pump Action Gun in a Safe Yet Ready to Use Manner

Pump action shotguns and rifles are well suited to home defense, due to their reliability. An added benefit of pump action is that it makes storing the firearm in a relatively safe yet ready to use fashion easier. While this practice is likely obvious to those experienced with pump action firearms, it may not be as obvious for those more familiar with other action types, or those new to firearms. This article describes how to store a pump action firearm … Continued

The Effects of Porting a Shotgun Barrel

Porting, which refers to the addition of holes near the end of a shotgun’s barrel, can be a good addition to your home defense or sporting shotgun.  There are some drawbacks as well, and this article addresses both.

Home Defense Handgun Accessories

For a home defense or self defense handgun, simplicity and reliability are paramount. That said, there are several accessories which can provide the law abiding citizen with an advantage in a home defense situation, without adversely effecting the simplicity and reliability of the handgun.

Home Defense Shotgun Accessories

For a defensive shotgun, simplicity and reliability are paramount. That said, there are several shotgun accessories which can provide the law abiding citizen with an advantage in a home defense situation, without adversely effecting the simplicity and reliability of the shotgun.

Purchasing a Gun Online

Lawfully purchasing a gun online requires only a little bit more work than purchasing most other items online, and this extra effort can be worth the price savings.  Other times, the exact firearm that the buyer wants might not be available locally, especially when the gun in question is no longer in production, or is a high demand item that is in short supply.  This article describes the relatively simple process of legally purchasing a gun online.

Pros and Cons of Using Birdshot for Self Defense

I received an email from a reader of this site, telling me about the Taurus Judge, which is a revolver that can fire either the .45 Long Colt, or a .410 shotgun shell (often loaded with birdshot).  By chance I happen to have handled a Taurus Judge right before I read that email.  Below is is the email I received, along with my thoughts on the use of birdshot for home and automotive defense.

How to Disassemble, Clean, and Reassemble a Remington 870

Below is a how to guide on breaking down, cleaning, and reassembling a Remington 870, complete with pictures of each step. The shotgun pictured is a Remington 870 XCS Marine Magnum, but the steps will be the same for any of the Remington 870 family. The steps for other shotguns are similar as well.

The Basics of Gun Safety

There are a few basics of safe gun handling that everyone should know and abide by before they even consider touching a gun, much less firing one.  Safely exercising our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms requires that we be responsible, for our own safety and for the safety of those around us.

The Proper Ammunition for Home Defense

Selecting the right ammunition for home defense use is vital to effectively stopping an attacker and reducing the risk of injury to innocent bystanders. This article addresses recommendations for shotgun, handgun, and rifle ammunition. If you’re unsure as to what type of gun to get for home defense, see this article.

Safe and Responsible Gun Storage

Gun ownership is a sacred right, and with the exercise of the right to keep and bear arms comes the responsibility to safely and responsibly store those guns