A Summary of Police Brutality and Racism

The purpose of this page is to compile a convenient list of articles on police brutality, racism, protesting, and that situation in general. More specifically, I wanted to create a single page I could use when debating those issues online, and to have a good starting point for those who are new to the subject.

Yes, there is a real problem with police brutality and systematic racism.

Racism in police use of force.

Racism in our criminal courts.

Rape and sexual misconduct by police is widespread

More training is not the solution to police brutality

190 video clips of Police Brutality in the wake of George Floyd’s murder.

Police in America are so violent and trigger-happy that they are even killing each other.

Cops who commit crimes often avoid being held accountable.

Numerous videos of police brutality, racism and other official misconduct.

Counterarguments to common anti-civil-rights statements

There are many rumors and false accusations against BLM and protesters that are later proven untrue.

The problem with “All Lives Matter”.

“Black on Black” Crime.

“Why are you protesting for this criminal?”.

“Why don’t you protest for [Insert name here]”.

“Why don’t you join the police department and fix it?”

Blaming protesters for riots.

“If they are innocent they have no reason to fear or run from the police”.

For the people who are tired of protests and activism surrounding police brutality and racism.

Confederate statues are not “history”.

“Freedom of speech”.

Donald Trump

Trump, police brutality, and racism.

Differing sources of information and opinions

All opinions are not of equal value.

A great example of the ignorance and bigotry of people who oppose civil rights.

Why the video of a black person saying racism doesn’t exist is meaningless.

Hidden hate behind “back the blue” rallies – an example.

Supporting gun control is incompatible with opposing police brutality and racism.

Solutions to police brutality and racism

Concrete steps to fix the problem of police brutality in America.

Defund the police and reallocate certain responsibilities (and the associated budget) to other agencies that are better suited to handle those responsibilities.

Donate to fight police brutality and racism.

Gun Control is Not the Solution to Recent Civil Unrest and Violence from White-Supremacists

Reduce your dependence on Facbook. Facebook has done more to increase the spread of racism and support for police brutality than any other platform. Facebook also harms user privacy. To avoid that, I’ve setup a Mastodon server and anyone who is interested can create an account here for free. No ads, no facebook control over users/data. Signup here: https://newsocial.tech/invite/WzwDugb7

Protest! (This is not a link to click on to learn more as all I have to say on this subject is that everyone should participate in peaceful protests. Showing up matters. Find protests in your area, and attend those protests.)

Security advice for anti-racism activists

Communication security for protesters (and everyone really).

Civil rights activists need to be armed for self defense.

The rest of the articles I’ve written on police brutality and racism

I have written a lot more about police brutality and racism than what is discussed on this page. The entirety of the articles I’ve posted on this website can be seen here: All articles in the police brutality and racism category.