Gun Control is Not the Solution to Recent Civil Unrest and Violence from White-Supremacists

Children learning to shoot firearms safely and legally

If you think that being unarmed or supporting anti-gun laws is a prudent response to recent events (e.g. the attack on the capitol and the risk of white supremacist violence) then your thought process is defective.

Remember, there are more guns than people in this country, and 2020 set records for gun/ammunition sales. The violent people you worry about are already armed to the teeth, and it is laughable to think they would obey a gun control law when they are willing to disobey so many other laws (like the law against murder). As an attorney who has handled murder cases and felon in possession of firearms cases, allow me to assure you that people who want guns will get them, and no law will ever change that.

So, if you want to actually do something productive about the issue of violence, I would suggest starting by ensuring that you and your loved ones can defend yourselves. The police aren’t going to save you from violence, and neither will gun control laws. So, I invite you to learn about guns, get your permit to carry, get a gun, and practice using it. Teach your children and other relatives how to be safe and responsible gun owners. When it comes to children, studies have shown that children who are taught safe and lawful gun ownership are less likely to be involved in gun-related crime than children who do not receive that education.

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If you’re an Iowa resident and don’t have your Permit to Carry Weapons, you can take the online training class I created. It gives you all the training you legally need in order to apply for your Iowa Permit to Carry Weapons. Go to to take the class. Even if you’re not an Iowa resident, the class will give you information on guns and armed self defense. You can also see the gun safety and gun rights website I created 12 years ago at to get started on your safe and responsible gun ownership journey.