Guns 101: Remember to Check Your Holsters for Wear

As previously discussed, a holster is what holds a handgun to your body.  If you are carrying a handgun, it belongs in a holster since tucking a handgun into a waistband is negligent.  It is important to routinely check one’s holster’s for wear and tear, as a failure of the holster when carrying can be dangerous and/or unlawful.

Guns 101: Holsters

A holster is what holds a handgun, and can be thought of as a combination between a gun accessory and a piece of clothing.  Holsters are essential to safely and effectively carry a handgun.

Guns 101: Barrel Length

Barrel length will affect many aspects of a gun.  The right barrel length for any given purpose will depend upon a variety of factors.  This article discusses barrel length considerations for firearms.

Firing options and thinking out of the box – by Mark LeClair

Over the past month or so, I’ve reprinted a few articles that were provided by Mark LeClair of Smart Tactics, a security consultation and instruction company.  Mark recently sent me another article, entitled “Firing options and thinking out of the box,” which can be seen below.  Just as interesting as the content of the article is the rather strong reaction that some people have had to the article’s advice about where one should aim.  I’ve found that heated debates and … Continued

Know Your Home Part II – by Mark LeClair

Below is an article by Mark LeClair of Smart Tactics, a security consultation and instruction company.  This is Part II of “Know Your Home” – Part I can be found here.

66 Year Old Woman Makes the Right Chioice After Suffering a Violent Robbery

Christine Hollar of Orangeburg, SC is a retired school teacher and grandmother who now owns rental property.  She was cleaning her property on Whitman Street during day when a male approached her, knocked her down, and began slamming her head against the ground.  The man then pistol-whipped Hollar in the back of the head, before taking her car keys and her purse.

Concealed Carry Holsters for Women Video Clip

I’ve had several women ask me for advice insofar as concealed carry holster options are concerned.  As a male, I can’t give first-hand advice as far as holsters and women’s clothing are concerned.  However, I can highly recommend the video clip show below, in which a woman discusses and demonstrates a variety of concealed carry (and open carry) holsters:

Reuse of Desiccants (moisture absorbers) to Protect Guns and Ammunition

A while back, I wrote a couple of articles that addressed the problem of humidity insofar as guns and ammunition are concerned, and how desiccants can solve that problem.  The first article, How to Protect Your Guns from Humidity, provided a brief overview of common humidity-mitigation approaches.  The second article, Long Term Ammunition Storage, addressed my preferred method of protecting ammunition during long term storage.  In response to these articles, a reader named John recently sent me an email, suggesting … Continued

Upcoming ISRA Disabled Shooting Competition in Downers Grove, IL

As I’ve previously mentioned, shooting is a great sport for those with disabilities.  The Illinois State Rifle Association and the Vaughan Chapter, Paralyzed Veterans of America, have teamed up to offer the first of what will be many shooting events for the disabled:

Guns 101: Shotgun Shells

This Guns 101 article addresses shotguns shells.  Included are three basic types of shotgun shotgun loads (slugs, buckshot, and birdshot):

My Response to an Anti-Gun New York Times Editorial

The New York Times recently published an anti-gun editorial, entitled “The Gun Lobby’s Long Shadow.” In that editorial, the author engages in the sort of anti-gun fear-mongering that has become all too common in the mainstream media, and also attempts to portray the “gun lobby” as a few aloof individuals, rather than a group of millions of law abiding, gun owning Americans.  Quotes from that editorial, and my responses, can be seen below:

Guns 101: Revolvers

This Guns 101 article provides basic information about revolvers, which are a type of handgun:

Teach Your Kids to Shoot Video Clip

Anti gun groups and individuals often suggest that children shouldn’t be taught about guns, on the theory that children who know how to use guns will end up harming themselves or others.  Such beliefs are unfounded.  Instead, as the Department of Justice found, children who are taught to shoot from a young age are less likely to misuse guns or commit other crimes than children who are not taught to shoot. As an added benefit, children who are taught to … Continued

Gun Safety Video Clip

I’ve previously discussed gun safety and responsible gun storage.  However, those are important topics, and I think the video clip below does a good job reinforcing those points:

Guns 101: a category with very basic gun information

A reader of this website recently suggested that I write some articles which provide very basic and simple gun information, geared towards those who don’t know much if anything about firearms.  I think that is a great suggestion, and the first such article will be published later today.  Regular readers who have no need for such beginner information can rest assured that I’ll space these articles out over time, so as to avoid boring you Click here to view Guns … Continued

Having Children is a Reason to Own Guns – not a reason to get rid of guns

I’ve heard of gun owners who decided to get rid of their guns when their children were born, on the theory that the guns were a danger to the children.  I find myself in wholehearted disagreement with such a decision, as it renders one’s household more vulnerable to criminals, and since proper gun storage and gun safety education virtually eliminate the risk that a child will find and misuse a gun:

Self Defense is All About the Victim – not the attacker

I recently received an email which discussed the idea that a crime victim might not be justified in using deadly force against an attacker, if that attacker were themselves a “victim” of their situation.  The idea was that shooting an uneducated and impoverished attacker in self defense might be wrong because the attacker is themselves the “victim of an unjust society.”  Even if, just for the sake of argument, the attacker really were the

The AR-15: The Modern Sporting Rifle

Below is a great video clip about AR-15-pattern rifles, which is produced by the National Shooting Sports Foundation.  The video clip does a nice job explaining how an AR-15 is properly called a “modern sporting rifle,” rather than an “assault weapon.”

Please Be Kind to Non Gun Owners Who Ask Gun Questions

I recently received an email from a woman who is not a gun owner, but who has attended gun education events and teaches womens’ self defense classes.  She asked a rather well respected gun educator a simple question about laser sights, which he could easily have answered.  Instead of answering, he rudely and dismissively told her that laser sights are something that he neither used nor recommended, then ignored her question.  This woman emailed me to ask that same question, … Continued

“Best Choices for Self Defense Ammo”

I would like to point out an excellent article entitled “Best Choices for Self Defense Ammo.” That article is the result of extensive testing of various self defense rounds, for handguns, rifles, and shotguns.  I would say it is one of the all around best self defense ammo reviews I’ve ever seen.

Weighing Self Defense Ammunition for Consistency

When facing attack by a violent criminal, the reliability of one’s self defense ammunition can be a matter of life or death.  If the round doesn’t fire, the crime victim can lose the opportunity to shoot the criminal before that criminal can harm them.  Even if the round does fire, an insufficient powder charge could prevent the firearm from cycling properly, leaving that crime victim unable to quickly fire a much-needed follow-up shot.  In the worst case, having a double … Continued

Self Defense in Low Light

Although criminals can attack at any time of day, they often commit robberies and home invasions under cover of darkness.  However, many gun owners are unaccustomed to shooting in the dark, since ranges tend to be well lit and/or open during the daytime hours.  Training in daylight, while helpful, does not fully prepare a person for the realities of shooting in self defense at night.  The solution to this problem is

Long Term Ammunition Storage

Prior to the current ammunition shortage,  I generally kept only a small amount of ammo at home.  I never really bothered to stock up, since I could always buy plenty of ammo at a reasonable price from my local gun stores.  But nowadays, ammunition is in short supply, and sometimes can’t be had at any price.  For example, I’ve wanted to go shoot my Springfield XD40 a few times this summer, but didn’t have any ammo (other than a limited … Continued

Ballistic Gel Testing Results

Ammunition used for self defense purposes must be carefully picked to ensure optimal performance.   A bullet that performs properly can be the difference between stopping an attacker in time, or dying at the hands of that attacker.  I’ve discussed, in general, my thoughts on the proper ammunition for such defensive purposes.  However I don’t have the time/resources to provide specific information about the performance of various different self defense round.  That is why I’m mentioning The Brass Fetcher website:

ISRA Range Open House

Below is a notice from the ISRA, discussing their 7th Annual Range Open House, which is on June 27, 2009.  All law abiding citizens are invited, including those who do not own a firearm and wish to shoot for the first time under the supervision of qualified instructors:

My Thoughts on the BedBunker Gun Safe

For the last couple of months, a spammer has been sending me unsolicited emails with links to the BedBunker gun safe, suggesting that I discuss their product on this website.  I’m more than glad to do so now, although I get the feeling that this review is not what that spammer was hoping for: 

The Onion on Hollow Point Bullets

One of my favorite websites is The Onion – a satirical “news” website/newspaper.  Unfortunately their latest video clip is something that I don’t find to be quite as funny as the rest of their work:

Keep Your Distance When Using a Gun in Self Defense

In movies and on the TV, it is common to see gun users get very close to the bad guy, often placing the gun against the bad guy’s body.  While I hope that neither I nor anyone who reads this article ever has to use a gun in self defense, properly using the gun in such a situation is vital.  Those who defend themselves using a gun should keep their distance from the criminal for a few reasons:

Brady Campaign’s Gun Control Rankings

The Brady Campaign, an anti gun rights organization, has rankings of gun control laws in each state.  Interestingly, the states with the strictest gun control laws don’t seem to be doing well when it comes their murder and crime rates:

Ballistics by the Inch

Those who are curious how barrel length affects the muzzle velocity of bullet should take a look at  Basically, a few guys fired thousands of rounds of ammunition from barrels of various lengths, measured the muzzle velocity, and put the information online

How Often Guns Should Be Cleaned

Following up on the article in which I addressed the fact that sometimes it is not wise to clean a gun, this article addresses my recommendations as to how frequently a gun should be cleaned.

Home Defense with Children in the House

For parents, the desire to protect their children from the horrible harm home invading criminals can inflict is a good reason to own a gun.  However having children, especially small children, means that extra care must be taken to ensure that children aren’t harmed by guns.  This article addresses my suggestions in this area:

Make Sure Your Gun Fits You Well

Having a gun that is comfortable for the user to hold and fire is important.  A gun that doesn’t fit the user will be unpleasant to shoot, and accuracy will suffer.  This article addresses such considerations when selecting a gun:

Gun Waiting Periods

In many areas, anti gun rights politicians and organizations have mandated waiting periods before a gun can be purchased.  They argue that his will provide time for an angry person to “cool off” so that they don’t go buy a gun and commit a crime, and that this time is needed to run a background check.  These arguments may seem persuasive at first, but are in fact rather weak and poorly reasoned; failing to prevent crime and instead leaving citizens … Continued

Bullet Weight vs. Velocity – striking the right balance is important

A rather contentious issue in the area of self defense is that of proper bullet weight/velocity – I would guess that this is second only to the “which caliber” or “which gun” question.  On one side is the idea that a lighter weight but faster moving bullet is superior, while others contend that a slower moving but heaver bullet is the better option.  This article addresses my thoughts on the issue: