Communication security for protesters (and everyone really)

I wanted to throw out a suggestion as to communication security.

I believe (and hope!) that we are in a pivotal moment in civil rights history that may prove to be just as important as the work done in the 1960’s. While that is great, it also causes to me worry about governmental interference. Whether that is local police with those Stingray cell tower simulators that allow them to capture and spoof messages, or some more concerted effort at the national level with all of the resources that the Federal government has available, I think it would be a good idea to make use of encrypted communications wherever possible.

The good news is that the free Signal app that is available for both iPhone and Android does all of that quite well for both voice and SMS. If you install it, it will automatically encrypt text messages you exchange with other people who have signal installed. Your ability to message with people who don’t have signal installed is just like normal. There are also an encrypted voice call function.

So, my advice (I’m a lawyer whose B.S. degree was in Computer Science) is to make use of encryption whenever possible. That advice applies to everyone, whether you are a protester or not.  There is no reason not to use encryption for your texts and voice calls when it is easy and free.