A Word from Otis McDonald

Below is a video clip by Otis McDonald, the plaintiff in the McDonald v. Chicago case which led to the end of the Chicago handgun ban.  In this video clip, he discusses gun rights, the upcoming election, the McDonald v. Chicago case, and more. He also endorses Bill Brady for IL Governor:

My Response to the Anti-Gun Article “Ready, Fire, Aim II…….” (Second Part)

I recently responded to an anti gun article entitled “Ready, Fire, Aim…….” The author of that article published a second article, entitled “Ready, Fire, Aim II…….” This second article is not as blatantly anti-gun, but still contains an abundance of misinformation and anti-gun rhetoric.  Quotes from that article, along with my responses, can be seen below:

If You Haven’t Done So Already, Please Join the NRA

I’ve previously discussed the importance of avoiding complacency and standing up for our gun rights by joining the NRA, so that American gun rights don’t vanish like British gun rights.  I would therefore like to ask that those who are not currently NRA members take a moment to join the NRA.  If you’re already an NRA member, then please consider giving an NRA membership as a gift. Joining the NRA is a great way to help protect our 2nd amendment … Continued

The McDonald v. Chicago Decision is Just Hours Away

UPDATE: MCDONALD V. CHICAGO HAS BEEN DECIDED, AND IT IS A VICTORY FOR GUN RIGHTS! MORE INFORMATION HERE In a matter of hours, the United States Supreme Court is expected to rule on the constitutionality of the Chicago handgun ban.  Hopefully, the Court will find the handgun ban to a violation of the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution, ending the ability of state and local governments to infringe the right to keep and bear arms with impunity.  Once … Continued

My Response to an Anti-Gun New York Times Editorial

The New York Times recently published an anti-gun editorial, entitled “The Gun Lobby’s Long Shadow.” In that editorial, the author engages in the sort of anti-gun fear-mongering that has become all too common in the mainstream media, and also attempts to portray the “gun lobby” as a few aloof individuals, rather than a group of millions of law abiding, gun owning Americans.  Quotes from that editorial, and my responses, can be seen below:

If You’re Not Already an NRA Member, Please Join Today

I’ve previously discussed the importance of avoiding complacency and standing up for our gun rights by joining the NRA, so that American gun rights don’t vanish like British gun rights.  I would therefore like to ask that those who are not currently NRA members take a moment to join the NRA.  If you’re already an NRA member, then please consider giving an NRA membership as a gift.

The Second Amendment Video Clip

Below is a video clip that discusses the history and purpose of the Second Amendment. It discusses the text of the Second Amendment, the tyranny that results when governments have a monopoly on arms, the moral right to self defense, and more:

McDonald v. Chicago Oral Arguments Transcript

For those who are interested, the McDonald v. Chicago oral arguments transcript can be downloaded here.  Also, some interesting commentary on the oral arguments can be seen here.

McDonald v. Chicago Oral Aguments Today

Oral arguments in the McDonald v. Chicago case are scheduled to begin shortly, with a decision in the next few months.  This case, which will determine whether the 2nd Amendment prevents state and local governments from violating the 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms, is right up there with D.C. v. Heller in terms of importance to our gun rights.  Hopefully, this case will be decided in a favorable way, finally putting an end to the injustice of … Continued

Oral Arguments Date Set for McDonald v. City of Chicago

As reported, the Supreme Court has scheduled the McDonald v. Chicago oral arguments for March 2, 2010. This case will determine whether the Chicago handgun ban is an unconstitutional violation of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. The Court will likely release its decision in late June or early July.

NRA Files Brief in McDonald v. Chicago

The NRA has filed its brief with the United States Supreme Court for the McDonald v. Chicago case, which involves a challenge to Chicago’s handgun ban under the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution.  The NRA’s press release, and a link to their brief, can be seen below:

The “Made in Montana” Gun Law

The state of Montana recently passed the Firearms Freedom Act, which allows firearms and ammunition manufactured and sold for use only within the state to be exempt from Federal regulation.  Such guns and ammo would be stamped “Made in Montana.”  The legal theory here is that the the Federal government has the power to regulate interstate commerce in firearms, but not purely intrastate commerce – meaning that there must be some crossing of state lines before the Federal government has … Continued

2nd Amendment Incorporation in the 9th Circuit: the Nordyke appeal

UPDATE: THE 9TH CIRCUIT HAS VACATED THE JUDGMENT IN THIS CASE, AND DECIDED TO REHEAR THE CASE EN BANC.  THIS CASE WILL NOT BE RE-DECIDED UNTIL AFTER THE US SUPREME COURT HEARS THE CHICAGO HANDGUN BAN CASE. Yesterday, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decided the appeal in the Nordyke case.  This case was about the ability of Alameda County, CA to ban gun shows on county property.  The court upheld the ban, but at the same time found that … Continued

Status Update on Second Amendment Incorporation Cases

A trio of Second Amendment cases that follow on the landmark D.C. v. Heller ruling are making their way though the courts, and we soon see the question of Second Amendment Incorporation answered.  SCOTUSBLOG has a good post discussing these cases for those that are interested.

The Most Biased Anti Gun Rights Interview I’ve Ever Seen

Scott Vogel is the Communications Director for the “Freedom States Alliance,” a (misnamed) anti gun group dedicated to disarming the law abiding citizens of the United States.  In his interview on BuzzFlash.com, he made a great many untrue statements regarding gun rights.  However it is the one-sided, anti gun rights, interview questions that really drew my attention.  I address the incredibly biased “interview” questions below:

Winnetka, IL Handgun Ban Repealed

As reported, the village of Winnetka, Illinois has repealed is 20-year-old ban on handguns, thanks to the NRA and 3 law abiding citizens who fought to restore their right to have handguns for self defense:

2nd Amendment Incorporation May Occur in the Nordyke v. Alameda case

In the historic D.C. v. Heller case, the Supreme Court made clear that the federal government cannot infringe the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms for self defense and other traditional lawful purposes.  One of the issues not addressed, however, was the incorporation of the 2nd Amendment into the 14th Amendment. Information about what “incorporation” means,why it is important, and what the Nordyke v. Alamenda case is about can be seen below:

Pacifism – a naive and dangerous approach to life

I noticed a link to LearnAboutGuns.com coming from this site, whose author states that she would rather “hold the burning end of a lit cigarette than a gun.” She describes herself as a Pacifist, and believes that it is wrong to use a gun in self defense, even to stop a would-be rapist and murder that breaks in during the night.  While I understand and share the respect for human life that underlies the Pacifist philosophy she embraces, I cannot … Continued

Bans vs. Regulations – sometimes there is no clear difference

It is a well understood principle that as a right becomes more difficult to (lawfully) exercise, fewer people will (lawfully)exercise that right.  This holds true for guns, and many of the so-called “reasonable restrictions” on guns actually amount to de facto gun bans:

Facts About the “Gun Lobby”

When debating gun rights, I’ve had people suggest that the NRA is some evil organization whose goal is to profit from the shooting of innocent people.  This is flatly untrue hyperbole.  As discussed below, the NRA and other such pro gun rights groups are made up of millions of law abiding citizens who have come together to defend the constitutional right to own a gun.

Attend the 2008 Gun Rights Policy Conference

The 2008 Gun Rights Policy Conference (GRPC) will be held in Phoenix, Arizona, on September 26, 27, and 28, at the Sheraton Crescent hotel. The theme of this year’s conference is “Elect Freedom!”

A Response to Senator Ulysses Currie’s Anti Gun Rights Statements

In a community newspaper, Maryland State Senator Ulysses Currie called the Supreme Court “blind to [the] consequences” of the recent District of Columbia. v. Heller decision, in which gun ownership for self defense was determined to be an individual right, independent of militia service.  Senator Currie, who is not an attorney himself, starts out by criticizing the legal rulings of our country’s highest court.  He then proceeds to suggest that the Second Amendment should be ignored by courts and legislatures, … Continued

Britain Needs Gun Rights – BritainNeedsGuns.co.uk

As I’ve previously mentioned, crime in England has skyrocketed since their passage of strict gun control laws.  The criminals still shoot innocent citizens, and gun smugglers bring illegal guns into the UK just as illegal drugs are imported.  The criminals who are willing to commit violent crimes such as murder are just as willing to violate a relatively minor gun control law.  Tired of seeing law abiding citizens at the mercy of criminals, Graham Showell decided to do something:

ABC’s 20/20: John Stossel Links Gun Control to Higher Crime Rates Video Clip

In this video clip, ABC’s 20/20 discusses the myth that gun control laws reduce crime. Instead, of showing a reduction in crime, John Stossel finds that gun control leads to an increase in crime, prevents law abiding citizens from defending themselves, doesn’t deter criminals, harms the weaker members of society, and paves the way for school shootings.  It is refreshing to see a major news outlet reporting these facts in a unbiased manner.

Heller Plantiff Files Lawsuit Against D.C.’s New Unconstutional Gun Restrictions

As Fox News reports, the plaintiff in the Supreme Court case that overturned the District of Columbia’s unconstitutional handgun ban has filed a new federal lawsuit against the city.  Dick Heller and two other plaintiffs claim that the city’s new gun regulations still violate their self defense rights, as guaranteed by the constitution:

Gun Rights for Convicted Felons?

The Gun Control Act of 1968, a US Federal statute, prohibits convicted felons from possessing firearms.  In the wake of the D.C. v. Heller Supreme Court decision, several lawsuits have been filed by convicted felons, seeking to regain their right to keep and bear arms for self defense and sporting purposes. Most of the people I’ve discussed this with are of the opinion that convicted felons should not be allowed to own guns.  I, however, have reached the conclusion that … Continued

A Response To Chicago Mayor Daley’s Recent Anti-Gun Arguments

While discussing the lawsuit which seeks to strike down Chicago’s ineffective and likely unconstitutional handgun ban, Mayor Richard Daley made a series of anti-gun arguments.  These arguments appear to be based upon faulty or non-existent reasoning, and make the utterly untrue assumption that law abiding citizens will generally misuse guns for no reason at all.  This article analyzes and rebuts Daley’s rather weak anti-gun arguments one by one:

Oak Park Armed Robberies Continue – despite the handgun ban

As the Wednesday Journal reports, there were an additional 3 armed robberies in Oak Park, IL this week.  This follows on the heels of many other armed robberies in Oak Park, which have continued unabated despite the more than 20-year-long ban on handguns.  

Wilmette Handgun Ban Abolished

As WBBM reports, the Wilmette, Illinois handgun ban was abolished last night by the 7-0 vote of the village board. The Wilmette village board should be applauded for removing this likely unconstitutional and proven ineffective handgun ban, which served only to hinder the ability of law abiding citizens to defend themselves:

Gun Control Myths and Facts

There is a lot of misinformation out there about gun control, gun rights, self defense, “assault weapons,” and the like. This article is intended to briefly set the record straight:

Nevada ACLU Supports Gun Rights

As I’ve previously mentioned, the national ACLU is opposed to gun rights, arguing that the right to keep and bear arms does not exist at all.  Thankfully, the Nevada ACLU has declared support for the Second Amendment:

Congress May Act to Enforce the D.C. v. Heller Gun Rights

Following the Supreme Court’s ruling that handgun ownership is an individual right, city officials in Washington, D.C. have been planning to obstruct D.C. citizens from exercising their right to keep and bear arms, despite the Supreme Court’s clear statements.  These plans included banning ordinary semiautomatic pistols by incorrectly defining them as “machine gun,” which is a definition that hard to propose with a straight face.  Thankfully, Congress may act to ensure the Supreme Court’s ruling is promptly followed by the … Continued

We Need “Criminal Control” – Not “Gun Control”

Rather than focus on the problem of crime, many gun control advocates cling to the abject failure that is gun control. This trend continues in the wake of the D.C. v. Heller case, where the Supreme Court found gun ownership to be an individual right. Rather than abandon the failed gun control laws that only serve to deprive law abiding citizens of the ability to defend themselves, some cities with handgun bans will now spend hundreds of thousands of taxpayer … Continued

The History Of Oak Park’s Handgun Ban – It’s all because of one shooting in Chicago

The Wednesday Journal, Oak Park’s local newspaper, ran an article discussing the history of Oak Park’s handgun ban. The facts: Oak Park’s handgun ban was the knee jerk reaction to a murder that was committed not in Oak Park, but Chicago. Two decades later, criminals in Oak Park commit shootings, robberies, and pistol whipping, while only Oak Park’s law abiding citizens obey the ban and are left vulnerable.

Oak Park Gun Ban Lawsuit Complaint Available Online

After the Supreme Court’s decision in D.C. v. Heller, upholding the right of law abiding citizens to have a handgun in their home for self defense, the NRA sued Oak Park and other cities with handgun bans.  For those who are interested in seeing the actual complaint against Oak Park, IL, which was filed in federal court, it can be downloaded here.

How A Handgun Saved Glen Soustek’s Life

The Tribune ran an article about Glen Soustek, a Roselle, IL man whose life was saved by his handgun.  This excellent article is an especially good read, given the recent lawsuits filed against Chicago, Oak Park, and other Illinois cities that violate the individual right to gun ownership for self defense.