Burglars for Gun Control Video Clip

The senseless gun violence of homeowners against criminals must end! George recounts the traumatic night when his friend and partner-in-crime Larry lost his life while breaking into the home of Michelle, a woman who used an actual GUN to defend her child.

Concealed Carry Holsters for Women

A while ago I was teaching an Iowa permit to carry weapons class and a woman asked me about concealed carry holster options.  One of the videos that I recommended to her from youtube is shown below:

“Gun Owners, Unite!” – Video Clip

Colion Noir tackles the fractured gun community and the need for a unified front against the anti-gun agenda. As the season comes to a close, Colion reflects on the conversations he had and the minds he changed, and discusses what it means to identify as a gun owner with Farran, Kandace, Richard Ryan and the town hall participants.

Colion Noir “Fear Mongering” – Video Clip

Colion Noir breaks down the ambiguous ‘fear mongering’ accusation that undermines real world perspective. Mr. Noir addresses the reality of gun control, and how we must be vigilant to protect our gun rights.

Colion Noir: “Gun Control Won’t Fix This” – Video Clip

Colion Noir talks about the execution of 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee in broad daylight in Chicago. He wonders if the kids who killed Tyshawn Lee had criminal records and asks if we don’t enforce our laws against perpetrators of terror, then who are the laws for? Inner-city violence isn’t a gun problem — it’s about people — and “gun control” is nothing more than a massive distraction taking the focus away from very real issues.

Dana Loesch: “Obama: Commander in Deceit” – Video Clip

On January 5, 2016, the president unveiled his executive order plans to force gun control measures down America’s throat. Dana Loesch strikes back at the president’s extreme overreach by shedding light on his dishonest history of enforcing existing gun control legislation. The “Commander in Deceit” continues to empower and enable gang members, felons and repeat offenders … while the only people he continuously punishes are law-abiding citizens.

Safe Haven: Gun Free Zones – Amanda Collins rape – Video Clip

The film includes an interview with Amanda Collins, a college student at the University of Nevada, Reno, who was raped one night in October 2007 while walking to her car after a night class. Collins said she could have stopped her attacker had she been carrying her gun, which the school prohibited.

American Sniper Chris Kyle’s Wife Taya Challenges President Obama at CNN Gun Control Town Hall – Video Clip

CNN Guns In America Town Hall. American Sniper Widow Tells Obama ‘We Can’t Outlaw Murder’ The first question for President Obama comes from Taya Kyle, the widow of Chris Kyle, on whom the book American Sniper was based. She worries that the laws will not be followed by the murderers. “Would it be a better use of our time to give people hope in a different way?” She says that America is at an all-time low for murder rate.

What Makes a Gun an “Assault Rifle” Video Clip

I have written about the pointlessness of bans on so-called “assault weapons” before, and have also discussed how such firearms are rarely used by criminals anyway.  The video clip below reinforces those points quite nicely:

NRA Response to Justice Bryer’s Anti Gun Statements – Video Clip

United States Supreme Court Justice Bryer recently stated that he believed that the founders of this county would have allowed gun control.  Given that Justice Bryer voted against gun rights in D.C. v. Heller and McDonald v. Chicago, I can’t say I was too surprised to hear that statement.  However, I find myself in great disagreement with the idea that the framers of the constitution would have supported gun control.  The video clip shown below has an excellent discussion of … Continued

John Lott Discusses Anti-Gun Medical Journal Bias

In the video clip below, John Lott – the author of More Guns, Less Crime – discusses recent anti-gun articles that have appeared in medical journals, and the bias that is apparent in those articles:

Concealed Carry Holsters for Women Video Clip

I’ve had several women ask me for advice insofar as concealed carry holster options are concerned.  As a male, I can’t give first-hand advice as far as holsters and women’s clothing are concerned.  However, I can highly recommend the video clip show below, in which a woman discusses and demonstrates a variety of concealed carry (and open carry) holsters:

AK-47 vs AR-15 Video Clips

Below is an excellent series of video clips by nutnfancy, addressing the reliability/durability, ballistics, firepower, ergonomics, weight, operation, accuracy, accessories/versatility, optics, value, and track records of the AK-47 and the AR-15:

Attorney and Author Stephen Halbrook Discusses the Nordyke Case

Below is a video clip in which author and attorney Stephen Halbrook discusses the Nordyke v. Alameda case (which I have previously mentioned). The outcome of this case, which deals with a gun show ban, will likely have profound effects upon our gun rights from coast to coast:

Sig P239 Semiautomatic Pistol Review

A reader of this website recently requested that I review the Sign P239, a semiautomatic pistol.  Unfortunately, I don’t own one of these pistols, and don’t have any friends who own one either.  However, the following video review by Nutfancy does a great job discussing this handgun:

“The Second Amendment has Nothing to do with Hunting” Video Clip

In the video clip below, Peter Schiff discusses how the Second Amendment’s purpose to provide protection against both governmental tyranny and criminals, rather than to only protect guns suitable for hunting.  Mr Schiff also briefly discusses the types of arms protected by the 2nd Amendment, and how firearms are the great equalizer:

Gun Safety Video Clip

I’ve previously discussed gun safety and responsible gun storage.  However, those are important topics, and I think the video clip below does a good job reinforcing those points:

Corbon DPX Video Clip

Below is a video clip in which the Corbon DPX (9mm this time) is discussed and tested.  While the testing is less scientific than the testing I referenced in the last article about the Corbon DXP, it seemed worth posting:

Face the Nation: “Assault Weapon” Debate

Below is a video clip from earlier this year, when the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre debated gun rights with Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell on Face the Nation.  Throughout the debate, Governor Rendell attempts to play on the myths surrounding so-called “assault weapons,” and Mr. LaPierre does an admirable job rebutting those statements.

Bullet Impacts at 1,000,000 Frames Per Second

Below is an interesting video clip, showing the impacts various bullets against paper, metal, and ballistic gel. I’ve seen slow motion bullet impacts before, but never at 1 million frames per second.

NRA Video: The Truth About Arms Trafficking in Mexico

The video clip shown below discusses the myth that America’s gun owners are responsible for the drug cartel related violence in Mexico.  In particular, the unfounded but widely repeated statement that 90% of the guns used in Mexican violence can be traced to the United States is debunked:

The Real Cause of Violence (courtsey of The Onion)

Anti gun individuals like to blame guns and other objects that looks vaguely like guns for the violence in society, despite the fact that violence has been around a lot longer than guns, and criminals use many other tools to kill.  However, as The Onion points out, it appears the real problem is violence in our dreams:

The Onion on Hollow Point Bullets

One of my favorite websites is The Onion – a satirical “news” website/newspaper.  Unfortunately their latest video clip is something that I don’t find to be quite as funny as the rest of their work:

Concealed Carry Self Defense on TV News Video Clip

The video clip below discusses one of the many cases where a citizen with concealed carry is able to defend themselves, rather than being a victim.  While this clip from about a year ago is generally good, I don’t like the way the reporter uses the word “retaliate” to describe the citizen’s use of a gun to save himself from an armed robber.  Self defense is not retaliation, as I’ve noted before.

Anti Gun Lie that Top them All Video Clip

I’ve previously discussed various overt and subtle cases of anti gun groups putting out misinformation, with the hope that uninformed voters will be scared into supporting gun control.  I’ve also talked about anti gun politicians who make baseless anti gun statements, all the while showing a lack of knowledge about the guns they are trying to ban.  However I’ve found a new example that tops them all:

Police Officer Attacked After Taser Fails to Stop Criminal Video Clip

A naked man was attempting to break in to a daycare center, and the police were called.  A police officer arrives, and uses her Taser to subdue to the man.  After a couple shocks from the Taser, the naked man is able to get up and tackle the cop, almost grabbing her gun.  Luckily, additional cops soon showed up and were able to arrest the man.  As I’ve said before, there is no substitute for a gun.