Delivery Man Uses Pizza in Self Defense

Published by the Author on December 15, 2008 at 12:59 pm > Gun Related News > Delivery Man Uses Pizza in Self Defense

As reported, Eric Devictoria, a pizza delivery man in Florida, was confronted by an armed robber.  Devictoria was unarmed, but he did have a hot pepperoni pizza, which he threw in the armed robber’s face.  The temporarily blinded robber fired one shot, which missed the delivery man, who was able to escape unharmed.  Police later arrested 3 people suspected of participating in the armed robbery.

It is great that this delivery man was able to thwart the robber and escape uninjured – however this could have easily ended in tragedy.  A hot pizza can disorient a robber for a few seconds, but it didn’t prevent the robber from firing a shot, and would not have prevented a determined robber from chasing after and shooting the delivery man.  Guns are unique in that they can make it physically impossible for the criminal to continue their attack, and that is why there is simply no substitute for a gunArmed pizza delivery drivers are in a better position to defend themselves, compared to those that have only hot pepperoni for self defense.  Sadly, some pizza companies feel that their delivery drivers should be unable to defend themselves against armed criminals.

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