Examples of Armed Self Defense

Published by the LearnAboutGuns.com Author on January 30, 2009 at 12:03 am
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I often end up searching through the LearnAboutGuns.com archives to find a particularly relevant armed self defense example to mention when writing a new article.  Until now, I didn’t have a single page where all of of the self defense stories that I’ve written about could be found, which meant that I was wasting time tracking them down.  So, I created a new Self Defense Example tag page, where all such stories can be conveniently found.

I thought I would point out this page in case it helps anyone who is, say, debating gun rights and needs a convenient source of examples of armed self defense.  I would also like to make a couple points clear about my tracking of self defense stories:

1. I started LearnAboutGuns.com in the early months of 2008, so these self defense examples only go back that far.

2. The self defense examples I mention only represent a tiny fraction of the total self defense cases out there.  This is because most of the approximately 2,500,000 self defense gun uses each year go unreported to the police.  Many of the self defense gun uses that are reported to the police don’t make the news.  Of the self defense gun uses that do make the news, many do not appear online on Google News, which is where I tend to look for self defense stories. On top of that, I only write about a small percentage of those self defense stories that do make it to Google News, as I only have so much time to spend on this website, and I write about lots of other things besides self defense gun uses.

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