Violent Burglar Shot in Self Defense

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As reported, a computer technician who lives in Sugar Land, TX works the night shift, and sleeps during the day.  He was at home in his apartment when his dog began barking around noon.  He picked up his gun just in time, as a criminal broke in through a kitchen window.  The criminal rushed toward the man with a weapon that looked like a screwdriver.  The man fired in self defense, wounding the attacker, who then fled through the front door.  A suspect and his vehicle were found 10 miles away, after the suspect sought medical attention for his gunshot wound.  The would-be victim was unharmed.

Here we have yet another case where gun ownership has allowed a person to defend themselves against a violent attacker.  Anti gun groups like to suggest that if guns were banned, then violent crime and murder would vanish.  The fact is that criminals can commit their crimes with just about any tool, and that murder has been happening since long before the invention of firearms.  Had there been no gun in this situation, the violent home invader may very well have murdered this man.  Luckily, this man was armed, and didn’t suffer at the hands of a screwdriver-wielding criminal.

Once again, gun ownership saves lives, and helps take criminals off the street before they harm another more victim.

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