ATM Robber Fatally Shot in Self Defense

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As reported, 18 year old Adrian Perkins and an accomplice went to the BB&T bank parking lot in Gastonia, NC at about 1:30AM on July 4th.  The men attempted to rob a citizen who was using the ATM.  Unbeknown to the criminals, that citizen was armed for self defense.  The would-be victim fired one shot, which fatally wounded Perkins.  The various news accounts of this self defense gun use don’t clearly state what happened to the victim or the accomplice, but it appears that the victim was unharmed and the accomplice escaped.

This is yet another of the many examples of armed self defense, and another reason why I support the right to own a gun.  Had this victim not been armed, he may have been shot for not having enough money, as criminals are known to do. Or, perhaps the criminals would have shot him just to be cruel.  Luckily for this man, he was armed and was able to save himself, rather than having to hope that the criminals would show mercy.

Society is also a beneficiary of this man’s self defense actions.  One violent robber is permanently off the streets – before he can harm another person.  Also, the accomplice just might give up his life of crime after experiencing an armed victim first hand.

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  • Frank

    I must agree. The gentleman at the ATM deserves a metal and a big Thank You from the city and state for eliminating one more scum bag criminals from our mist. At lest now they do not have to pay to imprison the moron a grave is cheaper anyway.