Masked and Armed Home Invader Shot in Self Defense

A masked and armed intruder was fatally shot in self defense by the owner of a Cartersville, KY home.

As reported, 40 year old Dallas Helton, of Paint Lick, KY, was allegedly wearing a ski mask and gloves, while carrying a crow bar, as he broke in to a Cartersville, KY home.  The owner of the rural home fired one shot in self defense, saving himself from violent attack, and fatally wounding the home invader.  The home owner then called police, who found two people waiting outside the home in a car.  Police reportedly arrested Tanya A. Fowler, the deceased home invader’s wife, and a juvenile identified as their son.  Fowler has reportedly been charged with complicity to commit burglary in the second degree, and the juvenile was released to the custody of relatives.

Home invasions are a serious threat to the safety of everyone in the home, since criminals often murder, rape, kidnap, and otherwise harm their innocent victims.  Had this man not had a gun for self defense, it is almost certain that the police would not have been able to respond quickly enough to save him from a crow bar wielding attacker.  Luckily, this man was armed, and as a result he was able to save his own life.  While any loss of life, even that of a violent criminal, is unfortunate, it is far better that loss of life fall on the aggressor, rather than their innocent victim.