The Solution to My First Unpleasant Gun Store Experience: A Local FFL (M&M Pawnbrokers)

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Last month, I wrote about an unpleasant gun store experience, and my decision to boycott that gun store.  That story now has a happy ending, thanks to a local FFL who has really impressed me:

Background on the unpleasant gun store experience

To briefly recap, I went in to B&B Shooting Supplies in Bettendorf, IA to try and purchase a Ruger 10/22.   They didn’t have it in stock, and had no idea how long it would take to get the rifle.  Knowing that it was available from an online gun store, I asked how much they would charge to perform the transfer.  B&B refused to perform the transfer for any price, effectively preventing me from purchasing the rifle that I wanted, because they didn’t want to give business to an online gun store.  I was rather shocked that B&B flat out refused to perform the transfer.  I certainly understood their desire to sell me a gun themselves.  I could have understand charging me $100 to transfer the $250 gun. In fact, I could even understand them refusing to perform the transfer if they had the rifle there for sale, or could get it at some definite time.   But, when they don’t have the gun in stock, and can’t even estimate when they will get the gun in stock, it is a different story –  especially since I was quite willing to pay a fee for the transfer.  What really irritated me was that I had spent over $2,000 at B&B in the previous two months alone, buying a Rock River Arms AR-15, hundreds of rounds of .223 ammo, hundreds of rounds of .40S&W ammo, thousands of rounds of .22 LR ammo, magazines, targets, cleaning supplies, and other gun accessories.  In my book, that sort of spending warrants decent customer service, rather than a conscious decision to treat a customer like nothing more than a walking wallet.  So, I decided to boycott B&B and take my business elsewhere.  More information on this situation, including B&B’s response to my letter that I sent them, my reply to that response, and background information on FFL transfers can be seen in this post and the comments below it.

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The solution – a local FFL

Irritated by B&B’s actions, I decided to take my business elsewhere.  I shifted my local gun/ammo purchases to Square Shooters, another gun store in the area.  I also went to’s FFL Holder search page and found a few local FFLs who would perform transfers, allowing me to buy guns from online gun stores.  I found a couple FFLs that would do the transfer for $25.00, which I found to be reasonable.  Then I found one FFL, M & M Pawnbrokers, who would perform the transfer for only $10.  In addition to having the lowest price, the gentleman from M&M took the time to fully answer my questions by email (and demonstrated a grasp on the English language that was far better than any of the other FFLs).  After discussing the details of the transfer, Brian from M&M and I ended up discussing gun and gun rights for a bit.  I then bought a Browning BT-99 (a single shot break open shotgun for trapshooting) from an online gun store, and had it shipped to M&M so that they could perform the transfer.  The shotgun was delivered around 1 PM by UPS, and I called an hour later to make sure they were ready to perform the transfer.  Brian said that he had already gotten the paperwork ready, and that I could stop by on my way home from work.  I got to M&M later that afternoon, and completed the transfer paperwork in about 2 minutes.  Brian and I then spent the next 15 minutes shooting the breeze about guns and a local gun range at which he volunteers.  He also printed off a map for me, and made sure I would be able to find the range.  We got so sidetracked that we both forgot about the $10 transfer fee, and I drove off without paying the fee.  I realized this after about 5 minutes, and of course immediately returned to M&M to pay the $10.  Since this was my first time dealing with M&M, I was concerned that my failure to pay for the transfer might be thought of as an intentional attempt to rip them off.  Luckily, my concerns were misplaced, and Brian didn’t seem to be concerned about it in the least.  Having paid the fee, I then drove home, feeling quite happy that I had found a FFL to give my business to.

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For anyone in the Quad Cities area that is looking for a local FFL who will perform transfers, I whole heartedly recommend M&M Pawnbrokers.  Not only is there transfer fee the lowest I’ve seen, but Brian is a certified Armorer, a competitive shooter, a firearms instructor, and an all around gun enthusiast.  He cares more about guns and gun owners than the money he makes from them, as my first experience dealing the M&M shows.  That is a welcome change from my unpleasant experience with B&B, where making a few dollars was apparently more important than the satisfaction of a customer who had already spent thousands of dollars at the store.

M & M Pawnbrokers Inc‎
1230 N Harrison St, Davenport, IA
Phone: (563) 322-3589‎
Email (through

Note: Given my negative experience with B&B, and the glowing recommendation I just gave M&M, I want to make clear that I was in no way compensated/paid to write the above article.

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  • Ken

    You have made my day. I love great happy stories like this.

    I don't ever plan on going to Iowa, but if I did, or was even in the area M&M sounds like a place to visit.

  • Lynda

    B&B's loss is M&M's gain. Just like it should be in a free society peopled by free-born citizens. You don't like the way someone does business, just up and make your purchases at a store which values your trade and treats you with dignity. Well done!

  • Michael

    I had the same problem with B&B as well as the we don’t give a sh&* attitude after spending over a grand in the store within the two weeks before that. I am going to check out M&M’s place and order with him.

    • The Author

      Yeah, that seems to be a common theme with B&B.

      I think you’ll like M&M. I’ve done 4 transfers through M&M so far, and each time Brian has been a pleasure to do business with. I know they also have some guns in stock at decent prices too, although I’ve only done transfers so far.

  • Jeff

    Well sounds like they really dont need the business. I have just opened my shop recently and in no way would turn anyone away. All of my wholesalers have web sites that i can track their inventory from and see if a particular gun is available within minutes of you asking. So i dont belive that they dont know when they will have it in stock. sounds like you are better off without them.


    b and b used to be a great gun shop then buck Dominick sold the shop and this guy bought the shop who didn't know a thing about guns or keeping his costumers i found the owner rude and knowledgeable and believe me i did thousands of dollars of business in that shop in short haven't been back since the first year they opened under the new owner…..m and m's owner is a cool guy and his father was i think a sheriff and was a wealth of knowledge and a really nice guy to talk to love going in that shop just to look at their stuff they always have something unusual!

  • JIM

    well its good to know his rude attitude (owner of b&b ) wasnt the reason for my lack of knowledge w/ hand guns when i had stopped in their back in DEC.10' I'm still shopping around and educating myself and will be exercising my right to own / and carry soon. ( NO THANKYOU, B&B ! )

  • Steven Eis

    I dealt with Butch at B & B for over 25 years clear back to the little bitty shed he had across from K & K hardware. He was awesome to deal with. I ran into him a while back and he is shooting for Winchester. The man is an amazing shot and has been shooting in local leagues forever!! ou are right on it with what you said about the new owners. I was the paramedic at one of the tracks that the race care he owned 117M and got to know him then. He also deals with my sister who is Scott County Courthouse as a bailiff and on patrol on the weekends. She really, really loves her job even after 20 years. Briam at M & M has put night sites on firearms for me I have a Sig Sauer Scorpian 1911 I am going to have him do a trigger job on. Trigger pull is only 5 pounds now so the springs are not what he is doing. I am having him put a skeleton trigger on it for me. He is amazing with Sigs. He has worked on Smith and Wessons and Glocks for me as well. Good gunsmith too!

  • Penny

    I know this is an old article but I felt since things stay online for what seems like forever that it only fair to show another side of B&B Shooting Supplies in Bettendorf, IA at this current day. I have went in there for Bows and Guns as well and have always been treated GREAT they have answered any and all questions and really make me feel comfortable in the store. Plus I feel after my research have gotten some really GREAT deals! And as for me when it comes to guns or Bows I will always buy from someone locally as I want to have what I am buying in my hands and check it out. And I want to support our local business owners.