East St. Louis Robber Shot in Self Defense

Published by the LearnAboutGuns.com Author on November 28, 2009 at 12:01 am
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As reported, one violent robber was fatally shot after he and three accomplices attempted to rob an East St. Louis, IL convenience store.

Police say that four armed robbers forced their way in through the locked front door of the Quality Market at about 3:00 AM.  The robbers are said to have rushed toward the 21 year old clerk, who grabbed his self defense pistol.  The robbers reportedly attacked the clerk, at which point one of the robbers was shot in the chest.  The uninjured robbers grabbed their injured accomplice and fled, according to police.  The injured robber reportedly died of his wounds at a nearby hospital, and two suspects who accompanied him to the hospital were arrested.

Once again, gun ownership has allowed a law abiding citizen to defend themselves from multiple violent criminals.  Had this store clerk not had a gun, the robbers may very well have harmed him for not having enough money, or perhaps just for the fun of it.  Make no mistake about it – robbery is a violent crime against the victim’s person, and a deadly threat to their life.  This is all the more true when, as here, a single victim is confronted by multiple attackers.

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  • Jaybuck

    This is a prime example of how most multiple perpetrators of assault & robbery plan to over power a victum. The mistake perps are making today is under estimating the many legally armed Illinois shop keepers that have elected to use a firearm in their personal self defense against a deadly force intent on committing a rape robbery or murder among many other heinous acts. When the CCW permits in ILL. become legal & are issued then the crime rate will slow in places like East St Louis… Join the ISRA & vote for Bill Brady for governor are two ways to expedite concealed carry in ILL.