Armed Woman Saves her Husband from 3 Armed Robbers

As reported, an armed robbery at Eddie’s Tire Shop was ended after the owner’s wife shot one robber and sent all three fleeing:

Police say that at around 9:30am, as the tire shop owner was preparing to deposit the week’s income at the bank, three armed robbers entered the shop and demanded money.  As the owner gave the robbers money from the register, his wife emerged from a back room and fired in her husband’s defense, striking one of the robbers in the leg and causing all three criminals to flee, according to police.  Neighboring businesses reportedly called 911 with a description of the vehicle, and then helped pick up the cash that had been scattered during the robbery.  No injuries to the store owner, his wife, or any bystanders were reported.

Sexist individuals like to suggest that women are unable to use guns for self defense.  Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is that when women are armed, they are in the best position possible to defend themselves and/or their loved ones.  A few examples: This armed woman used her gun to stop  violent ex who broke into her home and cornered her in her bedroom.  This ill but armed woman was able to fend off 3 home invaders, including one who came back to attack her again.  This armed woman was able to defend herself against a rapist who came back to rape her for a second time in a week.  This 85 year old armed woman held a young burglar at gunpoint and made the burglar call the police on himself.  This armed woman stopped an attacker who tried to ambush her.  This armed pregnant woman used a shotgun to scare away two home invaders.   This armed female school teacher used a gun to save herself from a convicted felon who broke into her home. As a final real-life example, this armed woman saved herself and her family from a pair of armed, kidnapping, home invaders. Armed self defense works – regardless of the crime victim’s gender.