Pawn Shop Employee Shoots Robber Who was on a Crime Spree

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As reported, a pawn shop employee used his handgun in self defense against a man who police say was in the middle of a crime spree:

Police say that a man entered Alamo Jewelry and Loan in West Covina, California with what appeared to be a rifle, and began shouting orders as part of a robbery attempt. An employee reportedly grabbed his self defense gun and fired one shot, which struck the robber and caused him to flee. Police later arrested a suspect, reportedly identified as 24 year old Rudy Barbosa of El Monte, California.

According to police, the incident at the pawn shop was just one of many crimes committed that day.  Police say that at 5 AM, Barbosa robbed a 7-Eleven store at 3243 Santa Anita Avenue in El Monte, using a knife and taking Lottery tickets and cartons of cigarettes. Police then allege that at 9 AM, Barbosa carjacked a victim in downtown L.A. at knife point, then stabbed a man in an unprovoked attack at a jewelry store. Next, police say that Barbosa drove to the 4600 block of Santa Anita Avenue in El Monte where he is accused of breaking into a garage. El Monte police reportedly found Barbosa driving nearby and chased him several blocks until he crashed into another car at Santa Anita Avenue and Bodger Street, at which point he was apprehended.

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This is yet another one of the countless cases where an armed citizen was able to defend themselves against violent attack , and yet another reason to own a gun for self defense.

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