Store Clerk Shoots Armed and Violent Robber in Self Defense

Published by the Author on June 27, 2010 at 12:01 am > Gun Related News > Store Clerk Shoots Armed and Violent Robber in Self Defense

As reported, a store clerk  used his gun to stop an armed and violent robber:

Police say that a robber entered the Sunny Food Store, located on Walkup Road in Monroe, NC, and displayed a gun as part of a robbery attempt.  One of the two clerks reportedly grabbed his own gun in self defense.  It is unclear who fired first; however the robber and clerk reportedly exchanged shots, and the robber was hit while the clerk was unharmed.  The robber fled, and a dead suspect was found down the street.  No injuries to the clerks or any innocent bystanders were reported.

Once again, gun ownership has allowed a law abiding person who was going about their peaceful business to defend themselves from unprovoked and violent attack. Had this clerk not been armed, he and his fellow clerk could have been harmed by the robber for not having enough money to steal, or for not handing the money over quickly enough, or perhaps just because the robber felt like harming someone that day. Make no mistake about it – robbery is a violent crime against a person’s body and life, not just a taking of their property. As such, robbery victims are legally and morally entitled to defend themselves with deadly force.

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