Armed Business Owner Stops Burglar

Published by the Author on September 2, 2013 at 6:24 pm > Gun Related News > Armed Business Owner Stops Burglar

As reported, the owner of a business used his gun to stop a burglar.

Police say that the burglar was in the process of breaking in to Lett Construction in Powell, TN when the owner of the business noticed the intrusion.  The business owner is said to have fired warning shots at the intruder, and one of those shots reportedly struck the intruder, who was apprehended and treated at a local hospital.  After being treated, the suspect was taken to the local jail for a pair of outstanding warrants, and charges for the alleged burglary are pending, according to police.

Once again, a law abiding citizen has used a firearm to defend themselves.  Had this business owner not been armed, they could have ended up injured or killed in their own place of business, as those who break in to steal are sometimes violent when there is nothing of value to take.  Luckily, the business owner was armed, and as a result this burglary ended with a suspect in custody and the business owner unharmed.

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