The politiks of tragedy have become the tragedy of politics

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Below is a guest article contributed by “AMomymous” that is entitled “The politiks of tragedy have become the tragedy of politics.”

As usual and ad nauseum the first thing politicians do after a tragedy is call for gun control. Apparently, in their limited world view, you can’t say I’m sorry, offer your condolences and give people space and time to grieve. No, in their defense, because bad laws have to appeal to emotion and there’s a very small window when rage and emotion cloud and distort your, the public’s judgement, “ban em all, hell, kill em all’ visceral reactions, they have to act fast. Gun banning politicians, who understand they ‘re losing the battles of reason and common sense, routinely resort to passing anything that they can immediately after any tragedy. Damned be the truth; is it terrorism, we don’t care; is it mental illness; we don’t care… ban those guns and everything will be fine. Forget about root causes and unenforceable laws; this is ‘gun violence,’ an insipid and unremarkable term in reality, used mainly for its propaganda effect. Along those lines, we don’t say ‘hammer violence’ or ‘car or explosives violence’; because it would sound idiotic.

Lately, the Media has gone beyond its usual anti gun bias and editorialized incessantly after any shooting, in lockstep with the aforementioned politicians (not elected officials). For example, in the latest New York Daily News; I have never seen such garbage headlines from a general circulation paper in my life. Since about three, four years ago, in a clear and unconvincing quest to inject politics into any shooting, usually ending with Gun Control ( what a surprise) come up with nonsensical arguments. The latest Daily News extremely and ridiculously editorialized headline reads “God isn’t going to fix this” . It’s a screed, not an article, pontificating that the prayers of the candidates for the victims and families of the California shooting aren’t going to ‘fix’ the situation. In the editor’s small minds, political misdirection, crappy legislation and abdication of their journalistic responsibility to report the news impartially and fairly, will fix it. Really ?

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They run off the mouth about how Gun Control legislation will be the ultimate panacea to fix all these attacks, not explaining how terrorists and mentally unstable people are going to be cowed by laws whenthey’re intent on mass murder. California and France already have the laws they so desperately want and these laws did nothing, nothing at all, to stop or slow the attacks. Their latest headlines are about how the Gun companies are making millions off tragic shootings, with nary a mention of the thousands of guns, the overwhelming majority, that are used to stop bad guys daily. That’s like focusing on drive by shootings and saying we should ban the sales of cars and sue Ford, Toyota and GM for making these weapons of destruction. Talk about misguided prevention ‘solutions’.

A word to the editors, like a weatherman doesn’t make the weather, you don’t make the news; you’re supposed to impartially and factually report the news; you’re not God, no matter what your headlines say.

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