Planes Crashes and Killings by the Police

When a Boeing 737 crashes, you don’t see people rushing to “Back Boeing” or talk about how being a pilot is such a hard job. Instead, you see people mourn the loss of life and then demand an impartial investigation into what happened so that any accidents, mistakes, errors, or crimes can be appropriately addressed. That is why the various design defects and pilot errors in the Boeing 737 have been detected and corrected, thereby saving many lives. That is why in most years, 0 people die in airliner crashes in the USA.

When the police kill someone (as happened locally yesterday), there is a vocal contingent of people who start “backing the blue” and talking about how being a cop is such a hard job. If those people were present in aviation to impede progress the way they impede progress on police brutality and racism, we would have airliners falling out of the sky every week.