Teach Your Kids to Shoot Video Clip

Anti gun groups and individuals often suggest that children shouldn’t be taught about guns, on the theory that children who know how to use guns will end up harming themselves or others.  Such beliefs are unfounded.  Instead, as the Department of Justice found, children who are taught to shoot from a young age are less likely to misuse guns or commit other crimes than children who are not taught to shoot. As an added benefit, children who are taught to … Continued

Gun Safety Video Clip

I’ve previously discussed gun safety and responsible gun storage.  However, those are important topics, and I think the video clip below does a good job reinforcing those points:

A Unique Home Invasion and Self Defense Case – Video Clip

The video clip below discussed how 67-year old James Tillman of Sacramento, California used his gun to fend off the multiple burglars who broke into his home to steal his medical marijuana.  Mr. Tillman and his family, who were home at the time of the home invasion, were unharmed.  One suspect suffered non-life-threatening gunshot wounds, and the others fled:

The Truth about so-called “Assault Weapons'” Firepower Video Clip

I’ve previously discussed how bans on so-called “assault weapons” are irrational, and based upon the use of fear tactics by disingenuous politicians.  One myths is that these so-called “assault weapons” are more powerful and lethal than ordinary hunting guns.  As the video clip below shows, the rounds fired by “assault weapons” tend to be less powerful than those fired by ordinary deer hunting rifles that have been around for decades:

Chuck Norris on Gun Rights

The video clip below is an NRA ad featuring Chuck Norris.  It is over a year old now, but I still found it to be worth posting:

Face the Nation: “Assault Weapon” Debate

Below is a video clip from earlier this year, when the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre debated gun rights with Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell on Face the Nation.  Throughout the debate, Governor Rendell attempts to play on the myths surrounding so-called “assault weapons,” and Mr. LaPierre does an admirable job rebutting those statements.

R. Lee Ermey on Gun Rights Video Clip

Below is a video clip of R. Lee Ermey (the Gunny) discussing how gun control benefits criminals and harms law abiding citizens.  Having recently re-watched Full Metal Jacket (my fiancé had never seen it), as well as R. Lee Ermey’s new show Lock N’ Load, this video clip caught my attention.

Bullet Impacts at 1,000,000 Frames Per Second

Below is an interesting video clip, showing the impacts various bullets against paper, metal, and ballistic gel. I’ve seen slow motion bullet impacts before, but never at 1 million frames per second.

NRA Video: The Truth About Arms Trafficking in Mexico

The video clip shown below discusses the myth that America’s gun owners are responsible for the drug cartel related violence in Mexico.  In particular, the unfounded but widely repeated statement that 90% of the guns used in Mexican violence can be traced to the United States is debunked:

The Real Cause of Violence (courtsey of The Onion)

Anti gun individuals like to blame guns and other objects that looks vaguely like guns for the violence in society, despite the fact that violence has been around a lot longer than guns, and criminals use many other tools to kill.  However, as The Onion points out, it appears the real problem is violence in our dreams:

Another 911 Failure

In the video clip below, a Nashville, TN woman calls 911 to say that a violent ex-boyfriend is breaking into her home with a knife.  Despite multiple calls to 911 for help that spanned over 3 hours, the cops didn’t show up.  The 911 dispatcher even says “I really just don’t give a shit what happens to you” on tape.  The woman is only able to get help after 3 hours when she calls the Mayor’s office.

Caught on Tape: Man Defends Self Against 4 Armed Home Invaders

Four armed home invaders attacked a man in his Tuscon, AZ home.  Fortunately the man had a gun, and was able to scare the home invaders away, injuring at least one of them, who was soon captured by police.  His home surveillance system captured the attempted home invasion, and the video clip is shown below.  Once again, gun ownership saves lives.

Concealed Carry Self Defense on TV News Video Clip

The video clip below discusses one of the many cases where a citizen with concealed carry is able to defend themselves, rather than being a victim.  While this clip from about a year ago is generally good, I don’t like the way the reporter uses the word “retaliate” to describe the citizen’s use of a gun to save himself from an armed robber.  Self defense is not retaliation, as I’ve noted before.

Anti Gun Lie that Top them All Video Clip

I’ve previously discussed various overt and subtle cases of anti gun groups putting out misinformation, with the hope that uninformed voters will be scared into supporting gun control.  I’ve also talked about anti gun politicians who make baseless anti gun statements, all the while showing a lack of knowledge about the guns they are trying to ban.  However I’ve found a new example that tops them all:

Concealed Carry Self Defense Caught on Video

The video clip shown below is from a Columbus, Ohio motel’s security camera.  An armed robber entered the motel and threatened the people with a gun, while demanding money.  One of the clerks at the motel had a concealed carry permit, and was able to shoot the robber three times.  None of the innocent people were harmed, and the robber was first taken to the hospital, and then eventually to a jail cell.  This armed robbery had a much happier … Continued

Police Officer Attacked After Taser Fails to Stop Criminal Video Clip

A naked man was attempting to break in to a daycare center, and the police were called.  A police officer arrives, and uses her Taser to subdue to the man.  After a couple shocks from the Taser, the naked man is able to get up and tackle the cop, almost grabbing her gun.  Luckily, additional cops soon showed up and were able to arrest the man.  As I’ve said before, there is no substitute for a gun.

Another Reason Gun Bans Will Never Work – Illegal Arms Market Video Clip

The video clip below shows an illegal arms market in Pakistan, where firearms and ammunition are actually manufactured and then sold.  Those who think that banning guns will work should keep in mind that the people in this gun market are able to produce machine guns and ammunition using technology that is quite primitive by American standards.

Mexico’s Largest Gun Bust Video Clip

Mexican law enforcement recently completed the largest gun bust in their history.  The view clip below shows what was captured, ranging from pistols, to rifles, to grenade launchers.  A tip of the hat to Say Uncle.

Woman Shoots Rapist Who Came Back to Rape Her for a Second Time

As reported, a rape victim shot and killed an attacker in Cape Girardeau, MO when he broke into her home to rape her for a second time this week. The 57-year-old woman shot 47-year-old Ronnie W. Preyer, a registered sex offender, in the chest with a shotgun after he cut the power to her apartment and then broke through her locked basement door. Preyer had previously broken into the woman’s home, punched her in the face, and then raped her … Continued

Obama on Concealed Carry Video Clip

In the video clip below, Barack Obama states his opposition to concealed carry.  Obama supports the passage of a federal law that would take away concealed carry rights in every state that currently grants such a right:

Gun Control Has Cost Democrats Elections Video Clip

Gun control has cost the Democrats multiple elections, however the party leadership continues push ineffective gun control.  Gun rights fit in with liberal values, and the Democratic party leadership needs to support the individual right to gun ownership.

Insurance Companies Agree: Law Abiding Gun Owners Aren’t Dangerous Video Clip

Insurance companies spend a great deal of time to determine which activities are risky. They do so in order to charge an insurance premium that is high enough that they will make money, but low enough that people will still purchase the insurance from them. This video clip discusses how insurance companies have determined gun ownership by law abiding citizens poses so low of a risk that just a few dollars worth of insurance premiums can buy millions of dollars … Continued

The Anatomy of a Gun Control Law Video Clip

This video clip shows the process through which a gun control ordinance was passed in California, despite the city council’s recognition that identical ordinances have not reduced violence in other cities.  Instead, the end goals were to advance political careers and whittle away at gun ownership rights:

Followup on an Unsolved Home Invasion Murder Video Clip

Police are still looking for the people who broke into a Wyandotte County home in April and shot and killed a man. Jeffery J. Rogers, 25, was shot to death early on April 9 at a home near 84th Street and Tauromee Avenue. Police said they think the killers came as a group, possibly four or five people. This type of tragic situation is why I have a gun for self defense.

Joe Biden’s Anti Gun Rights Record

Joe Biden, the running mate of Barack Obama, is one of the most anti gun rights politicians in Government, although Biden falsely tries to pass himself off as pro gun:

911 Home Invasion Phone Call Video Clip

This is the audio from an actual 911 call made by a woman whose stalker broke into her home.  She called 911 and locked herself in her bedroom – with her handgun.  Incredibly, the 911 operator tells her “not to do anything too rash” to the stalker who just broke into her home and is approaching her!  After he attacks her physically and she repeatedly cries for the attacker to stop, she fatally shoots him in self defense. Minutes later, … Continued