Senator Kay Bailey On Gun Rights Video Clip

Senator Kat Bailey does and excellent job explaining why the Second Amendment protects and individual right to keep and bear arms, independent of service in the militia.

The Purpose of the Second Amendment Video Clip

This video clip is one of the most compelling personal accounts about guns and self defense that I have ever seen. Texas state representative Dr. Suzanna Gratia-Hupp’s parents were killed by an insane gunman while her gun was out in the car – left there because of the laws restricting concealed carry at that time. She gives some very moving and bold testimony about the REAL purpose of the Second Amendment: Self defense, and how the gun control laws only … Continued

Metal Storm Video Clip

This video clip shows a variety of fully automatic firearms from Metal Storm Ltd, a research company that specializes in electronically fired, stacked projectile weapon technology.  The cartridges are lined up one after the other in gun’s barrel, and fired by an electrical signal.  The rate of fire can exceed 1,000,000 rounds per minute.  My favorite is actually a Metal Storm handgun, which fires 3 rounds in rapid succession – before the gun recoils from the first round!

Pointlessness Of Magazine Capacity Restrictions Video Clip

The video clip below shows how quickly a magazine can be reloaded, even by those who are relatively new to firearms (such as these cadets). Further proof that the “assault weapons” bans are ineffective and simply another way to whittle down the Second Amendment.

How To Prevent All Gun Related Crime Video Clip

This satirical video clip has the solution for preventing murder, armed robbery, rape, home invasions, school shootings, racist attackers, and psychopathic killers.  Personally, I’ll stick with having a shotgun for home defense.

Brady Campaign Lies #2 Video Clip

In this video clip, the Brady Campaign is shown spreading misinformation about Florida’s “stand your ground law” which allows law abiding citizens to defend themselves against life threatening attack by criminals.

Glock Complete Disassembly and Reassembly for Cleaning Video Clip

This video clip demonstrates the steps to completely disassemble and reassemble a Glock pistol, which is good to know for detailed cleaning.  Note that it is not necessary to dismantle a pistol to this great of a degree for the cleaning that should be done after every firing.

Brady Campaign Lies #1 Video Clip

In this video clip, Paul Helmke (president of the Brady Campaign) disavows the 1994 “assault weapons” ban on the Lars Larson show, then appears on national television days later and urges for a reinstated assault weapons ban.

Right To Carry Video Clip

This video clip discusses the history of “shall issue” concealed carry laws in the United States, and has interviews with people whose lives were saved by the right to carry a concealed firearm.  The myth that concealed carry will lead to O.K. Corral style shootouts in the streets is also demonstrated to be false.

Rubber Band Gun Video Clip

Although the focus of is generally a serious discussion of guns, gun rights, and self defense, this article is decidedly light hearted.  Below is a video clip of a rubber band machine gun, with a rate of fire in excess of 40 rubber bands per second.  Called the “Disintegrator,” this rubber band launcher has two counter rotating cylinders, driven by electric motors.  The video clip can be seen below:

Taurus Judge Video Clip

This video clip shows the Taurus Judge, a revolver chambered for .410 shotgun shells as well as .45 Long Colt. I also discuss the Taurus Judge in greater detail here.

Home Invasion and the Importantance of Firearms Video Clip

This video clip includes an interview with a woman whose suffered an attempted home invasion, which was caught on tape.  The home invaders wore gloves to avoid leaving behind finger prints, and cut the phone line to prevent the home owner or the security system from calling the police.

Various Machine Gun Shoot Video Clip

This video clip shows the staff at Impact Guns firing a Thompson sub machine gun, an AK-47, an H&K G36, an Uzi, an H&K MP5, a Sig 551, and a FN P90.  It is a great video demonstrating proper (and lawful) firing of fully automatic firearms.

The Danger of Gun Control Video Clip

This video clip discusses how almost overnight, the citizens of Britain lost their gun rights after 2 high profile shootings.  Collectors with guns that were hundreds of years old and worth thousands of dollars were forced to turn in their firearms for destruction.  Olympic target shooters were forced to travel to another country to practice their sport.  Still others had to hand over firearms given to them by long-since-dead parents, to have the barrels and receivers chopped apart.  This is … Continued

ABC’s 20/20: John Stossel Links Gun Control to Higher Crime Rates Video Clip

In this video clip, ABC’s 20/20 discusses the myth that gun control laws reduce crime. Instead, of showing a reduction in crime, John Stossel finds that gun control leads to an increase in crime, prevents law abiding citizens from defending themselves, doesn’t deter criminals, harms the weaker members of society, and paves the way for school shootings.  It is refreshing to see a major news outlet reporting these facts in a unbiased manner.

Wrongful Gun Confiscation After Hurricane Katrina Video Clip

After Hurricane Katrina, various police agencies in Louisiana wrongfully and unlawfully confiscated the firearms of law abiding citizens, leaving them at the mercy of criminals who took advantage of the hurricane to commit crimes.  This video consists of interviews with several law abiding victims of firearms confiscation, including a woman who was thrown to the ground and punched by police.

AR-15 Disassembly and Reassembly for Cleaning Video Clip

Proper cleaning is important to keep all firearms functioning reliably, however it seems to be especially important for the AR-15. This video clip demonstrates the steps to disassemble and reassemble your AR-15, for cleaning.

Politician Wants to Ban Barrel Shrouds But Doesn’t Know What They Are Video Clip

In this video clip, Congresswoman McCarthy went on TV to argue in favor of gun control, but didn’t even know what the so called “assault weapon” feature she wanted to ban looks like or does.  When asked what a barrel shroud did, she first dodged the question, then incorrectly stated that criminals frequently use weapons with such a feature, then made a wrong guess as to what a barrel shroud does and where it goes on a gun.  It is … Continued

Belt Fed .22 Caliber Machine Gun Video Clip

This video clip shows a scale model of the air cooled 1919A4 Browning machine gun, chambered for .22 long rifle cartridges.  This belt fed .22 caliber machine gun holds its ammunition in disintegrating nylon beltlinks that can be assembled, disassembled, and reused.  It is a rather interesting project for sure.

Auto Assault 12 (AA-12) Automatic Shotgun Video Clip

I’ve added a new “video clips” section to, and the first video clip featured is that of the Auto Assault 12. This is a drum fed, gas operated, fully automatic 12 ga. shotgun.  Firing at 300 rounds per minute, this shotgun comes standard with a 32 round magazine.  The AA-12’s gas system absorbs a large portion of the recoil generated by fully automatic shotgun fire.  This combat shotgun is intended for military use, allowing soldiers to more effectively and … Continued