“Gun Owners, Unite!” – Video Clip

Colion Noir tackles the fractured gun community and the need for a unified front against the anti-gun agenda. As the season comes to a close, Colion reflects on the conversations he had and the minds he changed, and discusses what it means to identify as a gun owner with Farran, Kandace, Richard Ryan and the town hall participants.

The Misguided Push for Gun Control After the San Bernardino Terrorist Attack

The tragic loss of life, caused by terrorists in the San Bernardino attack, is being exploited by anti-gun politicians to push their misguided gun control agenda.  Gun control laws are ineffective at stopping terrorists from obtaining firearms, and instead serve only to ensure that the victims of terrorism (and other crimes) are left defenseless.

“Here’s Why Someone Would Need To Own An ‘Assault’ Rifle”

I would like to point out an excellent article entitled “Here’s Why Someone Would Need To Own An ‘Assault’ Rifle.”  A couple of noteworthy quotes: The left keeps asking why anyone needs an “assault” rifle. Here’s one reason — in 2010, a Texas teen used a rifle similar to the one used in Newtown to defend his younger sister and himself from home invaders. In fact, when added together, knives, blunt instruments and the human body were responsible for more … Continued

What Makes a Gun an “Assault Rifle” Video Clip

I have written about the pointlessness of bans on so-called “assault weapons” before, and have also discussed how such firearms are rarely used by criminals anyway.  The video clip below reinforces those points quite nicely:

Rabbi Jen Feldman’s Misguided Push for Gun Control Laws

Rabbi Jen Feldman of the Kehillah Synagogue in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, recently spoke out in favor of anti gun laws.  Some of the Rabbi’s statements, other statements from related individuals, and my responses, follow:

Illinois SB681 Victory

As previously mentioned, Illinois’ Governor Quinn attempted to use his amendatory veto power to turn a quite reasonable pro-gun bill into a ban on so-called “assault weapons.” The good news is that, despite Governor Pat Quinn’s efforts, Illinois’ law abiding gun owners have prevailed:

IL Supreme Court Tells Appellate Court to Reconsider “Assault Weapon” Ban Lawsuit

Back in 2006, Cook County, IL (which includes Chicago and its surrounding suburbs) enacted a ban on s0-called “assault weapons“.  This ban is both vague and ambiguous, unreasonably restricting the right to keep and bear arms, while also making it difficult to impossible for gun owners to know what exactly they may lawfully own. The Illinois State Rifle Association sued, and the Illinois Supreme Court recently ruled that this case needs to be reconsidered, in light of the pro-gun-rights US … Continued

Lou Dobbs on Gun Rights, Mexico, and Assault Weapons Video Clip

The video clip below discusses the Obama administration’s anti-gun stance, the ban on so-called “assault weapons” that President Obama and Attorney General Holder wish to see reinstated, and attempts by the Obama administration to blame American gun rights for the drug cartel violence in Mexico:

“The Second Amendment has Nothing to do with Hunting” Video Clip

In the video clip below, Peter Schiff discusses how the Second Amendment’s purpose to provide protection against both governmental tyranny and criminals, rather than to only protect guns suitable for hunting.  Mr Schiff also briefly discusses the types of arms protected by the 2nd Amendment, and how firearms are the great equalizer:

“Don’t Let Obama’s Anti-Gun Silence Breed Complacency”

I would like to point out an article from American Thinker.  This article discusses the importance of remaining vigilant against anti-gun efforts at the Federal level, despite the fact that President Obama has yet to push his gun control agenda: It’s true that President Obama hasn’t advanced the gun control agenda. He hasn’t even sought a renewed ban on “assault” weapons. However, the idea that President Obama has more in common with Wayne LaPierre than with Sarah Brady is misleading. … Continued

A Gun Misrepresentation in Court

My new job has me spending a good deal of time in court, which is generally quite exciting and enjoyable.  However, a recent court proceeding that I observed reminded me that gun misinformation doesn’t stop at the courthouse door:

A Website Dedicated to the “Modern Sporting Rifle”

I’ve previously discussed how the AR-15 is properly called a “modern sporting rifle” instead of an “assault weapon.”  Along those lines, I would like to point out Modern-Sporting-Rifle.com, which is a website dedicated to this issue. . . . be an informed gun owner and to use the following facts to correct misconceptions about these rifles. Support the cause and banish the term Assault Weapon from any conversation. Replace it with “MSR” or Modern Sporting Rifle. [Read more here.]

The Truth about so-called “Assault Weapons'” Firepower Video Clip

I’ve previously discussed how bans on so-called “assault weapons” are irrational, and based upon the use of fear tactics by disingenuous politicians.  One myths is that these so-called “assault weapons” are more powerful and lethal than ordinary hunting guns.  As the video clip below shows, the rounds fired by “assault weapons” tend to be less powerful than those fired by ordinary deer hunting rifles that have been around for decades:

Face the Nation: “Assault Weapon” Debate

Below is a video clip from earlier this year, when the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre debated gun rights with Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell on Face the Nation.  Throughout the debate, Governor Rendell attempts to play on the myths surrounding so-called “assault weapons,” and Mr. LaPierre does an admirable job rebutting those statements.

The AR-15: The Modern Sporting Rifle

Below is a great video clip about AR-15-pattern rifles, which is produced by the National Shooting Sports Foundation.  The video clip does a nice job explaining how an AR-15 is properly called a “modern sporting rifle,” rather than an “assault weapon.”

Anti Gun Rights Dictionary

Those opposed to gun rights frequently misuse seemingly simple words, in an effort to advance their agenda.   Some of these terms, along with an explanation of how they are misused by anti gun rights groups and individuals, are listed below:

Guns, Drugs, and Mexico

For the last few months, I’ve been meaning to write an article discussing the drug-related violence in Mexico, but hadn’t gotten around to doing so.  My goal was to debunk the myth that US guns and gun owners are to blame for the violence in Mexico, and to discuss the inherent problems with our war on drugs.  However a recent article on Reason.com does an excellent job doing both, so I’ll encourage everyone to read that article.

Armed Detroit Woman Fends Off Home Invaders

As reported, a man noticed that his neighbor’s home was being broken in to by a trio of criminals at 5AM.  The man called the home owner’s cell phone to warn him of the impending home invasion.  The home owner was not at home, however his wife was, and so he in turn called his wife to warn her.  She grabbed a gun, and opened fire on the criminals as they climbed the stairs, missing but causing them to flee.  … Continued

A Follow-up Response to David Rosman’s Anti Gun Editorial

A while back, David Rosman wrote an anti gun editorial for the Columbia Missourian.  A reader of that editorial disagreed, and provided a link to LearnAboutGuns.com to show the effectiveness of so-called “assault weapons” for self defense purposes.  I then noticed this incoming link in my server logs, read Mr. Rosman’s article, and wrote my own rebuttal.  I recently received an email from David Rosman, in which he provided a link to his rebuttal to my rebuttal.  My response is … Continued

My Response to David Rosman’s Anti Gun Editorial

David Rosman wrote an editorial for the Columbia Missourian, in which he makes a variety of statements about guns and crime, most of which seem to show a lack of understanding about the issues at hand. My responses are below:

ISRA Alert: Anti Gun Forum in Wheaton, IL – Tomorrow

Below is an action alert from the Illinois State Rifle Association, regarding a California anti gun group’s attempt to blame law abiding Illinois gun owners for the crimes of criminals in this state and other states.  Law abiding gun owners in the area should attend and make our voices heard.

Fake Gun Rights Group Issues Press Release – Don’t Be Fooled

I’ve previously discussed the fake gun rights group, the American Hunters and Shooters Association.  Yesterday, I received an unsolicited email from their political director, Colin Rogero, in which they attempt to falsely pass themselves off as pro gun, while the facts show that they are as anti gun as it gets.

Mayor Daley’s Latest Anti Gun Plans

Chicago’s Mayor Daley is well known for his opposition to gun rights for individuals other than himself and his political allies. He supports Chicago’s handgun ban, and is fighting a court battle in an attempt to keep that ban, despite overwhelming evidence that the handgun ban doesn’t disarm criminals but instead leaves innocent people defenseless.   In keeping with his tradition of passing the buck, Mayor Daley has again decided to blame Chicago’s rampant crime on guns and the federal government:

Hurricane Guns?

Before each of the major hurricanes this year, I’ve seen people arrive at this site after searching for “hurricane gun”, and similar terms.  At first I attributed this to people worried about the wrongful gun confiscation after Hurricane Katrina, but upon further review it seems that was not what people were looking for:

The Importance of Unity on the Pro Gun Rights Front

I recently read about a few vocal gun owners that have become disillusioned with the NRA, and are suggesting that people join other pro gun organizations instead of the NRA.  Basically, their complaints are that the NRA is overly concerned about raising money for itself, or that it does not do enough to protect the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.  I happen to disagree with these complaints, however there is a much bigger issue at play – … Continued

It is Not About Hunting

When gun rights are debated, I see entirely too much emphasis placed on hunting and “sportsmen”, rather than on self defense:

A Very Unusual Home Invasion

When I mention home invasions as a reason to have a gun, I’m usually thinking of home invasions such as this or this.  However there was a quite unusual home invasion, in which dinner ingredients were the weapon used by the perpetrator:

Gun Rights Fit in With Liberal Ideals

Although anti gun rights laws are often associated with Democratic or liberal politicians, the idea of gun rights actually fit in with liberal values.

Facts About the “Gun Lobby”

When debating gun rights, I’ve had people suggest that the NRA is some evil organization whose goal is to profit from the shooting of innocent people.  This is flatly untrue hyperbole.  As discussed below, the NRA and other such pro gun rights groups are made up of millions of law abiding citizens who have come together to defend the constitutional right to own a gun.

Joe Biden’s Anti Gun Rights Record

Joe Biden, the running mate of Barack Obama, is one of the most anti gun rights politicians in Government, although Biden falsely tries to pass himself off as pro gun:

The “Minimum Needs” Gun Control Tactic

When discussing gun ownership rights and laws, I’ve heard some people argue in favor of magazine capacity restrictions, features of ordinary firearms, and limits on the number of guns one can own, (incorrectly) asserting that such restrictions won’t harm law abiding citizens.  I’ve previously discussed, from a technical standpoint, why such restrictions would not affect criminals, and would leave law abiding citizens confused about the law, and with guns that are less safe and less suitable for self defense.  This … Continued

Obama’s Anti Gun Rights Record

I was preparing to write an article discussing Barack Obama’s extensive anti gun rights record, but found this excellent post on the subject.  Simply put, Obama, like Joe Biden, is as anti-gun as it gets.

Bob Barr and the Gun Ban

George Dance as written a a great article addressing Libertarian presidental candidate Bob Barr and his support of gun control laws.  I must say I’m quite dissapointed to learn the extent of Barr’s gun control legislative history.  Read the article here.