NRA’s Wayne LaPierre Responds to Mexican Ambassador’s Anti-Gun and Anti-NRA Remarks

I’ve previously discussed the ongoing drug cartel violence in Mexico, and the unreasonable attempts to blaming American gun owners for that situation. Recently, the Mexican ambassador has rekindled the debate, blaming the NRA and law abiding gun owners for that country’s internal violence and drug cartels. In the video clip below, Wayne LaPierre discusses the situation:

Misleading News Headlines Portray Armed Crime Victim in Unfair Light

In previous articles, I’ve discussed the bias against guns and armed self defense that is prevalent in the news media.  A recent case from Chicago, in which an elderly woman used her handgun in self defense and was then smeared by the local media, highlights this problem:

My Response to the NYT’s “More States Allowing Guns in Bars”

Earlier this month, Malcolm Gay’s article entitled “More States Allowing Guns in Bars” appeared in the New York Times.  The article, while not as outrageously anti-gun as some other articles, takes a dim view of concealed carry, and engages in unfounded fear mongering of the type that is all too common.  Quotes from that article, and my responses, can be seen below:

John Lott Discusses Anti-Gun Medical Journal Bias

In the video clip below, John Lott – the author of More Guns, Less Crime – discusses recent anti-gun articles that have appeared in medical journals, and the bias that is apparent in those articles:

Boycott AON Insurance Corporation for its Anti-Gun Fundraising

AON, a large insurance corporation, is holding a fundraiser for the Brady Campaign, which is the nation’s largest anti-group.  This fundraiser will take place on October 4, 2010 in a club located in AON’s headquarter’s building in downtown Chicago.  I find it sad that AON is using its corporate resources to undermine our constitutional right to gun ownership and advance the interests of a group such as the Brady Campaign.  I, for one, will speak with my wallet, and see … Continued

“Misrepresented gun statistics fire off unwarranted judgment”

I would like to point out an article entitled “Misrepresented gun statistics fire off unwarranted judgment,”  by Alexander Seymour.  This article was published in The Orion, a student newspaper for California State University.  In his article, Mr. Seymour draws attention to the Brady Campaign’s deceptive misuse of gun statistics, as well as the flawed reasoning behind the Brady Campaign’s gun control goals.  While I don’t agree with everything in that article, this article is a breath of fresh air – … Continued

My Response to the Anti-Gun Article “Ready, Fire, Aim II…….” (Second Part)

I recently responded to an anti gun article entitled “Ready, Fire, Aim…….” The author of that article published a second article, entitled “Ready, Fire, Aim II…….” This second article is not as blatantly anti-gun, but still contains an abundance of misinformation and anti-gun rhetoric.  Quotes from that article, along with my responses, can be seen below:

My Response to the Anti-Gun Article “Ready, Fire, Aim…….”

An anti-gun article entitled “Ready, Fire, Aim…….” was recently published by the Dunfermline Press. This article, written by an author identified as “Across the Pond,” is filled with anti-gun misinformation. Various quotes from the article, and my responses, can be seen below:

Another Self-Contradictory Anti Gun Argument

When discussing guns and gun rights, I’ve noticed a recurring theme: Those who are unfamiliar with guns asserting two contradictory things: (1) guns are too difficult for an ordinary, law abiding, person to use properly in a self-defense situation, and (2) guns make it too easy for criminals to kill.  Allow me to explain:

Race, Personal Responsibility, and Self Defense: A Follow-Up Discussion about the Self Defense Shooting of Hakeem Birch

Back in November of 2008, I discussed the self defense shooting of 19 year old armed robber Hakeem Birch by his victim, a barber shop owner in Philadelphia, PA.  Recently, relatives of that deceased robber have come to this website and left a variety of comments- including personal attacks, legal threats, and demands that I remove that article.  Most interesting, Diante Pryer seemed to suggested that Hakeem Birch’s decision to engage in the violent crime of armed robbery was not … Continued

More Chicago Injustice

A pair of home invasions, which both recently took place on the South Side of Chicago, highlight the injustice (and ineffectiveness) of the Chicago handgun ban.

Kindergartner Suspended for Making Gun Shape with His Hand

A 6 year old Ionia, Michigan boy was reportedly suspended from kindergarten for making a pretend gun shape with his hand: When Mason Jammer, a kindergarten student at Jefferson Elementary in Ionia, curled his fist into the shape of a gun Wednesday and pointed it at another student, school officials said it was no laughing matter. They suspended Mason until Friday, saying the behavior made other students uncomfortable, said Erin Jammer, Mason’s mother. . . Jammer says her son isn’t … Continued

A Gun Misrepresentation in Court

My new job has me spending a good deal of time in court, which is generally quite exciting and enjoyable.  However, a recent court proceeding that I observed reminded me that gun misinformation doesn’t stop at the courthouse door:

My Response to an Anti Gun Article from a Feminist Website

In an article entitled “Women pack gats,” a feminist writer makes a variety of anti gun statements while lamenting the fact that more and more women are becoming gun owners.  In the process of doing so, she displays blatant racism and a lack of knowledge on the issue of guns.  Quoted sections of that article, and my responses, are below:

“The Truth about the Brady Campaign and their use of suicide statistics in Wyoming”

I’ve previously discussed the misperceptions surrounding guns and suicide, including the anti gun suicide prevention training I received at work.  Along those lines, I would like to point out an article from Wyoming Gun Owners, which discusses the Brady Campaign’s attempt to misuse suicide statistics to justify their gun control agenda: About .02 percent of the population of Wyoming committed suicide and of that number 77% used a firearm to do so . . . [The Brady Campaign] take[s] this … Continued

Anti Gun Critics’ Dire Predications about Youth Hunting Program Proven Unfounded

In August 2009, Wisconsin created a Mentored Hunting program to allow children 10 years of age and older to go hunting with responsible adults.  Under the program, the child and their adult mentor must stay withing reach of each other, and carry only one gun between themselves (about two dozen other states have similar hunting laws).  When the program was announced critics suggested that children would die, and called the new law “irresponsible.” The statistics from the first hunting seasons … Continued

More Untruthful Brady Campaign Propaganda

As I mentioned a couple days ago, a recent law was passed allowing Amtrak travelers to check their firearms with their baggage.  This change to the law does not allow passengers to carry their guns on their person while riding Amtrak.  Instead, it just allows guns to be check in locked baggage, away from the passenger compartment, the same way that guns can be checked when traveling by air.  Below is an email the Brady Campaign sent out about this … Continued

Face the Nation: “Assault Weapon” Debate

Below is a video clip from earlier this year, when the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre debated gun rights with Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell on Face the Nation.  Throughout the debate, Governor Rendell attempts to play on the myths surrounding so-called “assault weapons,” and Mr. LaPierre does an admirable job rebutting those statements.

An Open Letter to the Relatives of Criminals who were Shot in Self Defense

I’ve previously discussed how the relatives of criminals who are shot in self defense often blame the victim, and sometimes go so far as to make (baseless) legal threats against those discussing the self defense shooting.  My comments to the relatives of criminals who have been shot by their would-be victims are below:

Robbery versus Theft: A Followup Discussion with Bill Dwyer

I’ve previously discussed how robbery is a violent crime against the victims person, and that this violence makes robbery far more serious than theft.  A couple weeks ago, I discussed the fact that Oak Park’s handgun ban doesn’t stop armed robbers from having a gun, but instead only ensures that law abiding Oak Park residents are deprived of the right to own a handgun for self defense.  I mentioned

My Response to Mike Stanfill’s Follow-up Anti Gun Article and Statements

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a response to Mike Stanfill’s anti gun article entitled “Dum-Dum Nation.” A longtime reader (and contributor of gun-related news stories) named Anders emailed Mike Stanfill to express his polite disagreement with those inaccurate anti gun statements.  Anders and Mr. Stanfill exchanged a few emails; however the discussion soon degraded into little more than Mr. Stanfill launching personal attacks against Anders, and culminated with Mr. Stanfill producing a second (and equally flawed) anti gun … Continued

The Anti-Gun Suicide-Prevention Training I Received at Work

As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m an attorney who works for the Federal Government.  One of the things that the Federal Government emphasizes is employee training; both in terms of training to better perform or jobs, as well as safety-related training that doesn’t really relate to our jobs.  In the interest of preventing suicides, our entire office was recently made to attend a 90 minute long suicide prevention class.  This class was given by a person (an attorney, coincidentally) who attempted … Continued

Opposing a Good Cause for a Misguided Reason

Earlier this month, a pink Smith & Wesson M&P pistol (which was customized to the specifications of chamion competitive shooter Julie Goloski Golob) was auctioned on by the seller Donna’s Store (donnasstore).  The seller of this pistol pledged to donate a portion of the proceeds to a breast cancer awareness charity.  Rather than acknowledging the commendable philanthropic effort on the part of the seller, and the benefit of arming more women for self defense, the Center for Media and … Continued

Burglar Steals Handgun from Chicago Police Deputy Superintendent’s Home

A daytime burglar reportedly broke in to the Chicago home of Steve Peterson, the third highest ranking member of the Chicago police department, and stealing a .375 magnum revolver, a 50″ plasma television, and other items.  The news report states that an unnamed police official said that the burglars may not have realized it was a cop’s home, and that the home owner “may have the full weight of the law behind him ready to track them down.” My thoughts … Continued

My Response to Mike Stanfill’s Anti-Gun Article Entitled “Dum-Dum Nation”

In his post entitled “Dum-Dum Nation,” Mike Stanfill makes a variety of anti gun statements that are factually inaccurate.  The article begins with the text “If America had the same, sane gun-ownership laws as the rest of the civilized world,” then proceeds with the following quoted statements. My response follow those quotes from his post:

Brady Campaign Issues Grossly Misleading Statement about Fort Hood Mass Shooting

The President of the anti gun Brady Campaign issued the following statement in response to the Fort Hood, TX mass shooting, in which a Army soldier illegally carried a gun on base and then opened fire on his fellow (unarmed) soldiers.  The alleged shooter, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, is reportedly believed to have opened fire in an act of revenge for what he perceived as American misdeeds against his fellow Muslims in other countries. The shooting was eventually stopped by … Continued

Anti Gun Newspaper Admits Concealed Carry Fears Were Unfounded

In a recent article, the Jefferson City, MO News Tribune made the commendable choice to acknowledge the fact that their fears about concealed carry were unfounded, and that expanded gun rights laws have in fact enabled law abiding citizens to defend themselves against violent criminals:

Anti Gun “Study” Filled with Flaws and Bias

A study conducted by Charles Branas, who is a beneficiary of the anti gun Joyce Foundation, concluded that possessing a gun makes one 4.46 times more likely to be shot, and that guns rarely allow their owners to effectively defend themselves. I find this study’s methodology to be incredibly flawed, as it effectively lumps law abiding gun owners together with gang members who illegally carry guns and use them to commit crimes, and draws no distinction between the self defense … Continued

Anti Gun Rights Dictionary

Those opposed to gun rights frequently misuse seemingly simple words, in an effort to advance their agenda.   Some of these terms, along with an explanation of how they are misused by anti gun rights groups and individuals, are listed below:

New York Mayor Bloomberg’s Latest Anti Gun Stunt: Misinformation on Gun Shows

Last week, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg held a press conference and claimed that an undercover investigation proved 74% of gun show sellers were breaking the law and selling to criminals.  I was preparing to write an article explaining why that statement is untrue, and how this is just another disingenuous publicity stunt, when I learned that the NRA had already done a great job explaining those points.  That NRA article is quoted below:

A Negligent (not “Accidental”) Shooting Makes a Man’s Terrible Week Even Worse

An elderly year old home invasion victim suffered a painful and terrible experience at the hands of armed robbers.  After the robbery, he very wisely chose to become a gun owner so that he would be able to defend himself in the future.  Unfortunately, what appears to be negligence turned what should have been a safe and productive gun use lesson into another painful experience when the 80 year old man was shot in the hand by his own son.  … Continued

NRA Video: The Truth About Arms Trafficking in Mexico

The video clip shown below discusses the myth that America’s gun owners are responsible for the drug cartel related violence in Mexico.  In particular, the unfounded but widely repeated statement that 90% of the guns used in Mexican violence can be traced to the United States is debunked:

“Shocking” Anti Self Defense Bias

In a Valley Independent article entitled “Homicide charge shocker,” writer Jeff Pikulsky provides what I find to be a shockingly sensationalist, biased, and legally deficient report about a self defense shooting case. A summary of the facts, some background on the basic principles of law at issue, and my responses to that anti self defense article are below:

Concealed Carry Permit Holder Saves Manager from Car Attack

As reported, 41 year old Loucinda Carroll and a friend went to the Sunfresh store to shoplift meat, and that the manager caught them in the act.  The manager is said to have followed the shoplifters to the parking lot to get their license plate, while yelling at them to stop and for someone to call the police.  Police say that Carroll drove the vehicle into the manager, striking her in the legs and pinning her to the hood of … Continued

Chicago Cops able to Defend Themselves – Ordinary Citizens not so Fortunate

Chicago is a city of double standards when it comes to gun rights.  While ordinary citizens are deprived of the right to own a handgun for self defense, influential politicians exempt themselves from that ban.  Other politicians are also provided around the clock bodyguards at taxpayer expense, even when there is no threat to that politician’s safety.  Chicago cops are also allowed to carry a gun for self defense while off duty, but ordinary Chicago residents are denied the same … Continued

Another Meritless Anti Self Defense Argument (that is all to common in Chicago)

Criminals in Chicago violate the ineffective and misguided handgun ban on a daily basis.  Often times, those criminals are aiming for a rival gang member or other criminal, but end up shooting an innocent child.  That appears to be what happened Saturday afternoon at a South Side block party, where a 2 year old child was shot by a criminal.  One of the anti gun readers of the news website where the shooting was reported had the following to say, … Continued

Favoring the Criminal at the Expense of the Innocent

As reported, Paul Stolarz was a 45 year old homeless man who lived in Chicago.  He had a history of arrests for minor crimes, and had previously spent a couple days in jail.  On Thursday afternoon, he brandished a knife in the Chicago loop.  Cops were called, and they ordered him to stop and drop the knife.  Stolarz refused, and the cops pepper sprayed him.  Not stopped by the pepper spay, Stolarz ran and then grabbed an 80 year old … Continued