“Gun Owners, Unite!” – Video Clip

Colion Noir tackles the fractured gun community and the need for a unified front against the anti-gun agenda. As the season comes to a close, Colion reflects on the conversations he had and the minds he changed, and discusses what it means to identify as a gun owner with Farran, Kandace, Richard Ryan and the town hall participants.

Guns 101: Shotgun Shells

This Guns 101 article addresses shotguns shells.  Included are three basic types of shotgun shotgun loads (slugs, buckshot, and birdshot):

Why Laws that Ban Handguns but Allow Long Guns (shotguns/rifles) are Still Wrongful

I recently received an email from a gentleman who asserted that long guns (rifles/shotguns) are more effective for self defense than handguns, and that it therefore stands to reason that a handgun ban is reasonable so long as citizens are permitted to own long guns.  This is a viewpoint that I’ve heard before, espoused by those note that criminals use handguns more than any other type of gun, and believe that a handgun ban is therefore the appropriate governmental response.  … Continued

A Unique Home Invasion and Self Defense Case – Video Clip

The video clip below discussed how 67-year old James Tillman of Sacramento, California used his gun to fend off the multiple burglars who broke into his home to steal his medical marijuana.  Mr. Tillman and his family, who were home at the time of the home invasion, were unharmed.  One suspect suffered non-life-threatening gunshot wounds, and the others fled:

Year-Round Trap and Skeet in the Quad Cities: DLS Gun Club

As I’ve previously mentioned, my fiancé and I have been going trapshooting every week at the Oak Hills Gun Club in Blue Grass, IA.  Unfortunately, their weekly trapshooting closed for the season at the end of October, so we had to find a place that is open during the winter.  Last weekend, we went to the DLS gun club, and I’m happy to say that it is a great place to shoot trap (and skeet):

“Best Choices for Self Defense Ammo”

I would like to point out an excellent article entitled “Best Choices for Self Defense Ammo.” That article is the result of extensive testing of various self defense rounds, for handguns, rifles, and shotguns.  I would say it is one of the all around best self defense ammo reviews I’ve ever seen.

San Diego Home Invader Shot in Self Defense

As reported, a home invader in his 20’s knocked on an apartment door on the 1400 block of Broadway, in San Diego, CA.  When an occupant opened the door, the home invader forced his way inside and used his handgun to threaten the occupants’ lives.  One of those occupants grabbed a shotgun, and shot the home invader in self defense.  The home invader was pronounced dead at Sharp Memorial Hospital about an hour later.  None of the apartment occupants were … Continued

Ballistic Gel Testing Results

Ammunition used for self defense purposes must be carefully picked to ensure optimal performance.   A bullet that performs properly can be the difference between stopping an attacker in time, or dying at the hands of that attacker.  I’ve discussed, in general, my thoughts on the proper ammunition for such defensive purposes.  However I don’t have the time/resources to provide specific information about the performance of various different self defense round.  That is why I’m mentioning The Brass Fetcher website:

Sarasota Armed Robber Shot in Self Defense

As reported, a Sarasota, Florida man drove to his house, and stepped out of his vehicle to unlock his fence, when a black pickup truck pulled up behind him.  A criminal, who was armed with a shotgun, stepped out of the truck and ordered the man to lay on the ground.  The man acted as though he was complying with the criminal’s demands, but then grabbed his concealed handgun.  The man opened fire on the armed criminal, striking him in … Continued

Long Island Store Owner Takes Pity on Violent Robber

As reported, a Long Island store owner was working the register on May 21, 2009, when a bat wielding robber entered, and started swinging.  The robber yelled for the store owner to hand over money, at which point the store owner pulled out his shotgun.  The robber immediately dropped to his knees and began begging for forgiveness, blaming the bad economy for his decision to rob the store.  The store owner forgave the robber, and even handed him $40 plus … Continued

Ammunition Shortage

Since Obama‘s election, there has been a nation wide ammunition shortage.  The Chicago-area gun stores where I bought ammo raised their prices about 25%, and would only sell me 3 boxes at a time, but they always had ammo to sell.  I’ve read about more severe shortages in blogs, and seen discussions about it on various forums, but until recently I didn’t really experience the shortage myself.  That changed yesterday:

Baseball Bat Wielding Home Invader Shot in Self Defense

As reported, an 18 year old man armed himself with an aluminum baseball bat went to an apartment in Fort Worth, looking for a person that he didn’t like.  The bat wielding man pounded on the patio door, and ordered the would-be victim to come out.  The would-be victim’s roommate opened a door to see what was going on, and the bat-toting man forced his way inside the apartment, advancing on the man whom he dislike.  The would-be victim fired … Continued

Apartment Renter Fends Off 4 Home Invaders with His Shotgun

As reported, four men kicked in an apartment’s door in Sacramento, CA.  The apartment renter grabbed his shotgun, and opened fire in self defense.  The four men fled, and the home owner was unharmed.  Police blocked off the neighborhood and began a thorough search for the men, however it is unclear whether they were apprehended.

Violent Armed Robber Fatally Shot by Texas Business Owner

As reported, two armed robbers entered Larry’s Game Room in Atascosa County, TX and began by firing a shoot into the ceiling.  The men then demanded money, while forcing a female employee to the floor and pointing a shotgun at her.  The business owner heard the robbery and emerged from a back room with his .40 caliber pistol.  He fatally shot the shotgun-toting robber in the head, at which point the other robber (who had a pistol) fled.

Poor Parenting (before and after a shooting)

As reported, a 4 year old boy became upset when a 17 year old stepped on his foot.  The 4 year old left the room in an angry manner, saying that he was going to get a gun, but his relatives thought he was joking.  He walked to a bedroom in the home, and took a 20 gauge single-shot shotgun out from a closet.  He then took a single birdshot shell from a drawer, and loaded it into the chamber.  … Continued

Make Sure Your Gun Fits You Well

Having a gun that is comfortable for the user to hold and fire is important.  A gun that doesn’t fit the user will be unpleasant to shoot, and accuracy will suffer.  This article addresses such considerations when selecting a gun:

An Unintentional Shooting Death In Chicago

As reported, A 16 year old male was ordered held Monday on involuntary manslaughter and weapons charges in the unintentional death of his friend, 16 year old Arthur Tyler, who was fatally shot in Chicago’s South Side Englewood neighborhood around 2:30am on Sunday. The teenager who is charged allegedly told police he unintentionally shot Tyler as they were playing with a shotgun he believed was unloaded.  My thoughts on this entirely preventable shooting are below:

Gun Waiting Periods

In many areas, anti gun rights politicians and organizations have mandated waiting periods before a gun can be purchased.  They argue that his will provide time for an angry person to “cool off” so that they don’t go buy a gun and commit a crime, and that this time is needed to run a background check.  These arguments may seem persuasive at first, but are in fact rather weak and poorly reasoned; failing to prevent crime and instead leaving citizens … Continued

Couple Fights off Two Home Invaders Armed with a Shotgun

Two suspects, one armed with a shotgun, reportedly kicked in the door of a Blue Mound home around 12:30 a.m. Wednesday and confronted a woman inside, according to police. The woman (Kellie Hoehn) and her husband (Keith Hoehn) managed to fight off the home invaders, disarm them, and shoot them with their own shotgun. One home invader, Dakota Benoit, 21, collapsed in the street and died at the scene, according to police.  The other suspect, John Pierson, 25, allegedly ran … Continued

Gun Cleaning Solvent, Protectant, and Oil Review

The question of which gun cleaning solvent, protectant, and lubricant to use is one that comes rather often.  This article addresses my thoughts and recommendations insofar as gun solvents/oils/protectants are concerned:

The “Minimum Needs” Gun Control Tactic

When discussing gun ownership rights and laws, I’ve heard some people argue in favor of magazine capacity restrictions, features of ordinary firearms, and limits on the number of guns one can own, (incorrectly) asserting that such restrictions won’t harm law abiding citizens.  I’ve previously discussed, from a technical standpoint, why such restrictions would not affect criminals, and would leave law abiding citizens confused about the law, and with guns that are less safe and less suitable for self defense.  This … Continued

Britain Needs Gun Rights – BritainNeedsGuns.co.uk

As I’ve previously mentioned, crime in England has skyrocketed since their passage of strict gun control laws.  The criminals still shoot innocent citizens, and gun smugglers bring illegal guns into the UK just as illegal drugs are imported.  The criminals who are willing to commit violent crimes such as murder are just as willing to violate a relatively minor gun control law.  Tired of seeing law abiding citizens at the mercy of criminals, Graham Showell decided to do something:

Taurus Judge Video Clip

This video clip shows the Taurus Judge, a revolver chambered for .410 shotgun shells as well as .45 Long Colt. I also discuss the Taurus Judge in greater detail here.

Auto Assault 12 (AA-12) Automatic Shotgun Video Clip

I’ve added a new “video clips” section to LearnAboutGuns.com, and the first video clip featured is that of the Auto Assault 12. This is a drum fed, gas operated, fully automatic 12 ga. shotgun.  Firing at 300 rounds per minute, this shotgun comes standard with a 32 round magazine.  The AA-12’s gas system absorbs a large portion of the recoil generated by fully automatic shotgun fire.  This combat shotgun is intended for military use, allowing soldiers to more effectively and … Continued

Criminal Opens Fire in Tennessee Church

A criminal reportedly opened fire in a Knoxville, Tennessee church, where a group of children were performing a play.  The criminal, who used a shotgun, is reportedly thought to have targeted the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church because it is very liberal, and allowed gay ministers and gay marriages. Churchgoers dived for cover under pews, but nine members of the congregation were hit before a group of them managed to tackle the gunman as he reloaded. At least two people, … Continued

Buy a Gun Now – since when you need one, it will be too late

Purchasing a gun now is a prudent choice, given the fact that when you actually need the gun, it will be too late to buy it. I am not speaking of the world ending or other unlikely events (no, I don’t believe society will collapse any time soon) but rather about events that can and do happen, when it helps to have a gun: