Houston Police Allow Criminals Into Evidence Rooms – More than 30 Guns Stolen

The Associated Press reports that the Houston police department allowed convicted criminals into their evidence rooms, which contained guns.  I say “contained” in the past tense, because over an undisclosed period of time, more than 30 guns were stolen.In one case, the police believe that one employee stole a gun and then used it in an armed robbery for which he is awaiting trial.  No one has been charged for the theft of the guns at this time.

This shows the important of safe and responsible gun storage, even when the guns are stored in a police evidence room or other seemingly secure location.

This also shows that criminals will find a way to get guns from even the most unlikely sources, should the opportunity present itself to them.  Gun control laws, which will stop a law abiding citizen from having gun, won’t stop someone who is willing to steal from a police evidence room – but those same gun control laws will make sure the law abiding citizen is defenseless when the criminal robs them with the stolen gun.