Chicago Students Petition State Legislature for Additional Ineffective Gun Control Laws

As CBS News reports, Chicago high school students are collecting signatures in order to petition additional ineffective gun control laws.  Specifically, they are petitioning for the ban on standard capacity magazines that that Illinois legislature is considering.

It should be obvious that the criminals willing to commit murder and violate Chicago’s handgun ban will have no compunction about violating such a state ban on standard capacity magazines.  There is simply no justification for forcing such ineffective gun gun control laws on the rest of the state of Illinois.  Instead, these high school students should be petitioning for effective enforcement of the existing laws against murder, and a repeal of the Chicago handgun ban so that Chicago’s law abiding citizens can defend themselves.  A petition to address the social problems that are the real cause of Chicago’s violence would also be a great way for these students to spend their time.

Almost as distrubing is the fact that the CBS Article dedicates almost no time to the viewpoint of Illinois gun owners.  In fact, well under 10% of the article discusses the downsides of such anti-gun-rights legislation, and at the very end of the article.  Anti gun media bias at its finest.